How to Transfer Files to New Kindle E-Readers

When you get a new Kindle e-reader, Amazon makes it easy to access your library from your new device. Once your new Kindle is synced up to your account you should have access to everything you have purchased. If this is not the case, however, you can transfer files manually.

Step 1
First you want to download your library to your computer. You will need to go to the “Manage your Content and Devices” page which you can do by clicking here. Find the file you want to transfer and click the “Actions” button. Now you should see an option that says “Download and Transfer via USB” that you should click on.

Step 2
From here you can choose the device you want to transfer the file to. Click “Download” and then “Save File” when prompted. The file will download and save to your computer.

Step 3
Connect your Kindle to your computer using the USB cord it came with. This will put your Kindle into charge mode and allow you to access the files on the device. When you open your Kindle drive you will see a folder that says “Documents” –this is the folder you will move your file to.

Step 4
Find the file you downloaded earlier. It should be in your Downloads folder unless you saved it elsewhere. Right click the file and select the “Copy” option. Go back to your Kindle drive documents folder. Right click inside that window and select “Paste.” The file has been successfully added to your Kindle. Remember to eject the device before unplugging it.

Transferring files manually is easy. Just download the file you want from your online library, hook your Kindle up to your computer, and then copy and paste the file into the correct folder.