How to Use Swype Keyboard

It’s hard to imagine that years ago people had to repeatedly tap their phone’s number buttons to get letters in order to form words for texting. Now, built-in keyboards on smartphones are the norm, with users tapping a virtual keyboard to text and the keyboard guessing several potential words, even as you type them like Google does when you’re searching keywords. Texting is even easier now with Swype keyboard, and the following tutorial will show you how to use this type of keyboard.

1. Setting up- Most Android phones have Swype installed by default. Some may have to download the keyboard. To enable Swype, go to your phone’s Language and Input under Settings. Change your input method to Swype if you have it already or have it installed.

2. Swyping words- To Swype a word when texting, place and hold your finger on the first letter of the word. Slide your finger to the subsequent letters, releasing when the word is finished.

3. For capitalized words- Manually tap the arrow icon to bring up capital letters. Tap the first letter, then slide your finger over the remaining letters.

4. Double letters- For words with double letters, such as the word letter, slide your finger through the word as normal, but make a circle around the t after you swipe through it the first time to duplicate it. It may take some time to get used to it, but once you master it, you’ll be texting faster than you ever thought possible.