MS Outlook No Longer Prompts Before Deleting Objects Permanently

MS Outlook 2013 is MS Offices’ e-mail client used for management of your personal information which are mainly organized in the form of e-mails. MS outlook manages data quite efficiently by storing it on system’s local disk and maintains backups regularly.

MS Outlook contains information that is of prime importance, and this information should not be removed permanently without your consent. If no prompts are shown in Outlook before deleting a file permanently, it is possible that some files may get deleted accidentally.

The default configuration of prompting before deleting data permanently is necessary so that you would not lose any information that is important to you. Sometimes when you are managing your mails, it is quite possible that you select a number of mails for permanent deletion in order to recover the space. In this process some mails or data that are important may also get deleted accidentally:

If your Outlook 2013 is also not prompting you before deleting files permanently, you will have to change the settings by following the below described steps sequentially:

    ■Initialize MS Outlook program from the Start menu.

    ■On the interface window, select FILE from the menu bar.


    ■On the Info page, select Options from the left pane.


    ■On the Outlook Options box, choose Advanced from the categories on the left pane.


    ■On the box, scroll down the bar till the Other section appears, check the Prompt for confirmation before permanently deleting items checkbox.


    ■Once you are done, hit OK to save the preferences.

    ■Restart MS Outlook from the Start menu, and you will see the prompt message when you try to permanently delete the files.

The above steps clearly describe that you can save your information from being deleted permanently with the prompts. The default configuration of prompting before deleting is to ensure that you are alerted before the deletion occurs, so that your valuable information may not get permanently removed by accident.

Basically, prompting gives you another chance to double check the file before deleting. The default configuration of prompting before deleting should always be left turned ON, so that you get a chance to maintain your valuable data in a stable state.
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