Preventing Media Library Duplication on Windows Phone

Some Windows Phone users have reported issues with the media library on their devices. In these instances, some songs in the media library are being duplicated, doubling files and wasting precious storage space. Here is how to prevent file duplication in the media library on Windows Phone.

1. Take your USB cable and connect your Windows phone to your computer via the USB cable.

2. On Windows Explorer, browse to your phone's music folder.

3. Copy all of your songs from that folder to other directory as a backup.

4. Delete all all of your songs after making the back up.

5. After deleting the songs, set the option "Hidden Files and Folder" and "System Files" from Hidden to show on your computer: (Open Folder and Search options >> View tab >> Select ‘Show Hidden files, folders and drives’).

6. Go back to the storage/folders of your device from the computer. You will see "Album" and "Artist" Folders.

7. Navigate to "Album" folder and delete everything in there

8. Navigate to "Artist" folder and delete everything in there

9. Next, go back to your phone's music folder.

10. Create a New Folder. (You can rename it if you want)

11. Once created, copy all your songs into this newly created folder.

12. Wait for it to finish.