Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Safe Mode


Booting a device in safe mode is an excellent troubleshooting tool. Safe mode allows you to turn on your device with third-party apps disabled. By doing this, you can easily identify and uninstall apps that may be causing software problems on your phone. Booting in safe mode does not automatically fix software problems on its own, but it is a great place to start if you suspect your phone has a software issue.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to start your phone in safe mode.

1. Ensure that your device off
2. Press and hold the Power button. The device will turn on and the model name (Galaxy Note8) will screen will appear.
3. When the SAMSUNG logo screen appears, release the Power button.
4. Immediately after releasing the power button, press and hold the Volume Down key.
5. When the see you word Safe Mode appear, release the Volume Down key.

Your phone is now in safe mode and all third-party apps are disabled. You can now begin diagnosing your phone’s software issues.

If you are in safe mode and your problem still persists, then the issue may be the phone’s pre-installed app(s) or even the firmware itself, in which case you may need to explore other troubleshooting methods. However, if while in safe mode the problem is fixed, then you have just confirmed that the issue is caused by one or more third-party apps. Now you can simply uninstall the apps one by one until the problem stops.