Updating Sony NEX-6 Firmware

Your Sony NEX-6 camera, like other digital cameras, comes with firmware that helps you operate the device. Updating firmware will ensure that your camera performs at its optimum level. Here are the steps to take to update the firmware on your Sony NEX-6.

Step 1:
Make sure that your camera battery is fully charged. If not, you can either charge the battery or make sure the camera is plugged in while you execute the update.

Step 2:
On your laptop or personal computer, go to the Sony Support website. Choose the NEX-6 firmware update and download the files to your computer.

Step 3:
Connect your camera to the computer via USB.

Step 4:
Go to the camera’s Setup menu and select USB Connection. Choose Mass Storage to make sure that the USB is configured properly.

Step 5:
Run the firmware update on your computer. Follow the steps on your computer screen. This will remove the old firmware and install the new update.

Step 6:
On your camera screen, Click OK. On your computer screen, you will Click Run. This will complete the update.

Once the update is finished, you can always check to make sure that the updated firmware was installed. Go to the Setup Menu and select the Version option. This will display the current version of firmware that is running on your camera. Check to make sure it is the version that you just installed.