Upgrading the RAM in a Lenovo IdeaPad

Been experiencing sluggish system performance with your Lenovo IdeaPad lately? There could be numerous causes for this issue, but the most likely culprit is an insufficiency of RAM. The steps provided below will tell you how to upgrade the RAM on your system so it will run faster in the future.

Step 1: Find out a few specs about your IdeaPad so you know which RAM (and how much) to go buy. Typically, IdeaPad laptops use DDR3 SDRAM and are limited to two slots, but the total RAM capacity may vary. Google your model number and “RAM capacity” to find out how much memory your system can take. Try to put equally sized RAM sticks in each slot, so if the limit on your laptop model is 8GB, you should buy a pair of 4GB RAM sticks for the job.

Step 2: Shutdown your IdeaPad, unplug all peripherals, and remove the battery. Find a spot to work where you won’t build up a static charge, and touch something metal before starting work to ground any electricity that may be in your body.

Step 3: Turn the device over so that you are looking at the bottom with the empty battery slot on the far end from where you are working. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, unscrew the screws that attach the right-hand part of the casing to the computer. There should be five of them. Remove the cover carefully.

Step 4: You should now see your RAM at the bottom right corner of the laptop. There are two small clips on either end of each RAM stick. Unfasten them, and carefully remove the RAM, angling each stick out of the slot by pulling it up and toward the battery side of the device.

Step 5: Reverse the steps above to insert your new RAM into the system (top stick first, bottom one second), and put your device back together. Don’t forget to fasten the RAM back into place.


Replacing the RAM on your Lenovo IdeaPad is a great way to supercharge its performance and extend the life of the machine. Just make sure you are being careful when you take apart your computer to add the new RAM; you don’t want to damage any internal components.