Zoom in the Browser on Your Laptop with Windows 8

The default display settings of all web browsers that you install on any operating system (including the built-in Internet Explorer) work for most people. But people with bad eyesight or with any other disabilities might find it difficult to read the contents that are displayed in the web browser.

Web browsers from different developers may have different options and shortcut keys to modify the display settings, this tutorial focuses on the built-in Internet Explorer web browser in Windows 8.

In order to zoom in the web browser display (in other words, to increase the size of everything that is displayed on the web browser), the simplest way is to use a simple combination of key on the keyboard and the mouse wheel.

Here is how:

    ■Log on to your Windows 8 computer with any account.
    ■From the Start screen, click the Internet Explorer tile.

    ■Once they Internet Explorer app initializes, open any website of your choice by typing its URL in the address bar.
    ■After the website opens up, press and hold the Ctrl key on the keyboard, and while holding the key down, move the mouse wheel up to zoom in to the web browser.

    ■Likewise, you can move the mouse wheel down while pressing and holding down the Ctrl key to zoom out.
    ■Once you are satisfied with the web browser’s display settings, you can release the Ctrl key, and start using the mouse wheel to scroll the pages up or down normally.