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    Solved! Non-Continous PDF Page Editing

    Anyone know of a PDF editor that allows for non-continous page replacement? None of the software I tried have it- Adobe Acrobat DC, and all similar alternates, insist on continuous page replacement, doesn't allow me to skip pages.
  2. A

    Which version of Acrobat for a school?

    A school I work for needs to be able to make some additions to a PDF plan of the building, to update it in line with some recent changes. To the best of my knowledge, Acrobat is the best software for editing PDFs, but when I've been looking at subscription options, I'm a little confused by the...
  3. C

    Acrobat Reader DC: Strange behaviour when searching for left or right paren

    In Acrobat Reader DC 2019.008.20074, under Windows 10, when I search for ")" (left paren), it finds the next occurrence and highiights it, but it also places a blue rectangle around a larger area of the text (containing the left paren). When I move the mouse pointer into the rectangle, it...
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    Solved! How can I edit text in PDF. I downloaded the free trial version Acrobat DC with editing abilities. I still cannot change wor

    How can I edit text in PDF. I downloaded the free trial version Acrobat DC with editing abilities. I still cannot change words even when clicking on edit PDF and edit Text
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    Install Adobe Acrobat Xi Pro from USB Flash Driver

    hi I need to install Adobe Acrobat XI Pro to my laptop that doesn't have CD drive. I only have the installation pack in the CD. Can I copy all the files from CD to USB flash driver and install it from there? Which files should I click to run the installation? Many thanks.
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    acrobat display problem

    hello guys, when i open any pdf, acrobat opens it minimized and i have to go full screen to get it to normal workspace. i think that happened after i used the monitor with my laptop. now when i use the monitor with desktop pc it display like this.
  7. kep55

    Get Acrobat button to work in Chrome & Firefox

    We have an Adobe Acrobat form that has three embedded buttons - Pay online, Submit form, Print form. (A second form omits the pay button.) The pay button opens a link to an online payment site. The print button prints the form. The submit button is supposed to open the users default email...
  8. R

    DC incompatibilty with older versions of Adobe

    Others without DC cannot open my .pdf files I am using Office 16 and Adobe Acrobat XI Pro and other people (without DC) cannot open .pdf files that I generate or manipulate
  9. J

    Koda AIO scans not recognized

    Trying to scan 5 pages as jpegs and I am unable to open them with any of my numerous program. Includes Acrobat, Quark, Power Point, etc.
  10. K

    Adobe Acrobat Professional Crash

    Recently I am encountering problems with PDF files which have been converted via 'Save as' in Ms Word. These files have been crashing when I have opened them in Adobe Acrobat Professional Version IX. Any ideas how do I solve this?
  11. wanamingo

    Adobe acrobat PDF generated in the United states displaying incorrect characters for foreign customers.

    The company I work for has to send documents to a few customers overseas in PDF format. We have never had an issue before with how we do this. Recently one of our customers in UAE has been telling us that the documents we send dont always display correctly. Numbers may swap to characters or...
  12. M

    Associated File Types Changing Automatically

    Good morning, We have 9 computers in our Engineering Department. I have Adobe Reader DC installed on them all for viewing pdf's. I also have Adobe Acrobat installed on each machine for editing. We have 2 seats of Acrobat, so we can use it when needed. I went in Default Programs>Associate...
  13. K

    Adobe Acrobat/Reader question -- student to student?

    I need to print my resources/articles for a research paper-- they are adobe reader files (pdf). I'm sure the hilights will print (though.. the school printer is black and white so a bit wary of how that will turn out)-- my question is though, will the pop up notes i place on text print on the...
  14. T

    Is bundled/OEM Acrobat XI upgradable?

    Is bundled Acrobat software (i.e. not bought directly from Adobe) eligible for an upgrade? (My Acrobat XI standard came with a scanner.) Kind regards (PS Category for Adobe software? Didn't know which one to choose.)
  15. S

    Adobe Acrobat Updater

    I've been having an issue for awhile now, but ignored it because I was planning to have all new stuff, but due to being sent a bad HDD, I ended up using my old one for my new build. I do NOT have adobe acrobat. I have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and CS5.1 as well as Adobe Flash Player 11. Every time I...
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    Adobe Acrobat Pro 7 in Win 8.1

    If you can't open Acrobat (not reader) Pro 7 in Win 8.1 simply go to Settings, Change PC Settings and Log OUT of your Microsoft account.
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    I try to transfer images to my Picture file, only blank pages appear. What is the problem?

    Cannot print pictures that were supposedly transferred to my files. Only blanks appear. I have Adobe Acrobat.
  18. J

    Adobe CS6 REinstallation problem

    I have a legit version of CS6. I have tried to re-install since Acrobat Pro stopped after mistakenly installing READ XI. Now it tells me to install adobe application manager but both version * and 9 installations hat asking for Adobe advisor which tells me its been discontinued! I get...
  19. R

    Windows cannot find C\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\AcroRd32.exe

    this appears when i try to open acrobat...any help?
  20. M

    Delete pdf files on

    When I create a pdf file using my Adobe account it is stored on the site & I cannot find a way of deleting it from there once it's of no use to me.
  21. B

    Adobe Acrobat 3D and Windows 7

    Hi there, I had a Windows XP machine with Adobe Acrobat 3D v 8.1 running, the hard drive went out. No I have Windows 7 Pro (64) and reinstalled Adobe Acrobat 3D v 8.1 and it will not start, the splach screen opens, but after 5 minutes I get the Acrotray will not open and it closes. Any...
  22. kep55

    Acrobat will not start

    I installed Acrobat Pro recently. When I tried to start it, nothing happens. The arrow icon adds an hourglass but nothing happens. There are no entries under services or processes. I uninstalled it, ran CCleaner, and used Advanced Uninstaller to uninstall it. I reinstalled it and still nothing...
  23. R

    laptop for school

    hey guys, i need advice for buying laptop less than 350 usd i must be intel,i use it for typing,browsing,reading adobe acrobat reader. DON'T USE MIR
  24. N

    QUestion about Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Okay, this is a two part question, first part may sound stupid but forgive me, :p. First off, how do I write up/make an adobe acrobat file? I am very interested in writing/making an e-book, but I'm not familiar with reader at all. Secondly, what are some sites/ways I can upload it and share...
  25. R

    " Acrobat failed to connect to a DDE server" :'(

    Hello, i have a problem and really need your advice..hix...i installed an PDF application ( PDF password remove Tool), then, nothing can be opened by Acrobat reader and a notice like this appeared "Acrobat falied to connect to a DDE server". what should i do right now, pro? I have a lot of PDF...
  26. Tulo2low

    Problem editing text in Acrobat X

    Hello, I am trying to delete a few numbers in a pdf file. I used the recognize text tool and now I'm able to highlight all of the text. I click at the end of word and the cursor remains blinking just as it would in a text editor. However when i press backspace, the cursor moves as if the text...
  27. G

    Adobe Releases LeanPrint Software to Save on Ink, Paper

    Adobe announced plug-ins for major applications such as Acrobat, Acrobat Reader, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, as well as browsers that fine-tune print jobs on laser, inkjet and networked printers. Adobe Releases LeanPrint Software to Save on Ink, Paper : Read more
  28. scottjo64

    Adobe Acrobat standard 8 installtion

    Hi there, I recently and reluctantly, had to restore my Dell using the system restore. Everything is gone of course and I'm reinstalling software. I have my Acrobat V8 original disk but I cannot find the sleeve with the serial number. I've looked everywhere of course, I called tech...
  29. buwish

    Adobe Acrobat X Review

    Anyone here try or buy Adobe's latest PDF creator yet? I figured that I'd give it a try to see if it was an improvement over Acrobat 9 that I own, so I downloaded a trial copy via Adobe's website. If you've read any reviews, you've probably seen that it really isn't worth upgrading from Acrobat...
  30. G

    Foxit PDF reader?

    Anyone have input on using Foxit PDF reader? I have just setup a new PC with Windows 7 and am in need of a PDF reader. I know I could use Acrobat. But am just wondering about the other alternatives out there. Thanks!
  31. I

    Adobe Acrobat Update

    Acrobat automatically downloaded an update that I don't want to install. I have disabled the automatic update feature to keep it from downloading updates automatically in the future. My question is how do I keep the update that is already downloaded to my computer from installing. There is a pop...
  32. exfileme

    Adobe Investigating Reports of Acrobat Exploits

    Oh yay! Hackers have found a new exploit in Adobe Reader and Acrobat. Adobe Investigating Reports of Acrobat Exploits : Read more
  33. exfileme

    Adobe: We're Fixing the Acrobat Reader Issue

    After F-Secure told the public to avoid using Acrobat Reader, Adobe said that it is currently working on security fixes. Adobe: We're Fixing the Acrobat Reader Issue : Read more
  34. exfileme

    F-Secure Says Stop Using Acrobat Reader

    F-Secure is claiming that Adobe's default PDF reader is insecure, and advises Internet users to use alternate programs. F-Secure Says Stop Using Acrobat Reader : Read more
  35. G

    Adobe Acrobat 9: PDF Gets Movie Support, Goes SaaS

    San Jose (CA) - Adobe today released a new version of its document management software Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat 9: PDF Gets Movie Support, Goes SaaS : Read more
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    Quicktime and Acrobat

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Does anybody know of any software that allows you to view quicktime files on the PDA. Also, any software that can view adobe PDF files. Thanks, Jasper
  37. camieabz

    Adobe Acrobat 4.0

    Is there a way to copy the contents (usually just text) from Adobe .pdf files? A pal ended up having to copy & paste 250 pages of a document he wanted to edit and print in MS word. <b><font color=blue>~scribble~</font color=blue></b> :wink: <A HREF=""...
  38. R

    What is the Adventage of using Adobe Acrobat

    What is the Adventage of using Adobe Acrobat And what is the different between Adobe Acrobat 4.0 & Acrobat Reader 5.0
  39. T

    pdf edit ?

    Does anybody knows how to edit a pdf document, because acrobat reader only views it? Maybe you know a location for that software too ? THANX ! God made Arrakis to prepare the faithfull ones...
  40. H

    Adobe Acrobat 4.5

    Hello, At my job I do ALOT of scanning and capturing thru Adobe Acrobate 4.5. Soon we will be getting new computers (currently have PII's) and was hoping for some suggestions on what type of Processor, speed, RAM and/or any other tips to make the process of capturing documents faster. I'm...