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    Robotic Process Automation

    which is the RPA training institute in India?
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    Solved! Newbie from Aus needs help re home automation....we are a bit slow down here -))))

    G'day everyone... Im just about to finish off my new house and have put a huge list together in my wants for home automation. I have read, watched videos, looked at a heap of poduct reviews to the point my head is about to explode...... I apologise if this has been asked previously...... Has...
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    PC Veteran Desires for Tune-up / Virus Removal / Diagnostic software

    I'm reposting this because it was recommended to me that I would get more traffic in this forum for the idea. Hello all! I've been using this site for years, yet have never made an account due to the fact I've been selfish and only wanted questions answered rather than giving back. I've been...
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    Selenium in MacBook Air 2017

    Hi Guys, Can someone please tell me if Selenium Automation tool works as expected on MacBook Air 2017? I'm not sure as I'm new to both Mac as well as Selenium. Should I go ahead with Mac or stick to Windows for Selenium? Thanks in advance!
  5. L

    Need help in finding a smart home installer

    How do you find a smart home or home automation installers near you? Can you recommend a website to me? Thank you
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    Neato Botvac Connected Review: A Great Little Butler

    Need extra help around the house? The Neato Botvac Connected is as reliable as it is capable. Neato Botvac Connected Review: A Great Little Butler : Read more
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    connect room tv to speakers in ceiling

    I have 3 rooms. each room has a smart TV and speakers in the ceiling. The speakers wire back to a central location. The central location has cat5, coax (cable tv), and the speaker wires. I want to be able to keep one remote in each of the 3 rooms to control the audio and video for that room...
  8. hyzzle

    Solved! url downloading automation software

    I am wondering if there is any software out there that I can input a domain name and have it crawl around in a guided manner and download videos by their url? I'm not talking of getting around security in websites, I'm talking about if I have authority to be in the website and download the...
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    The Best IFTTT Applets

    IFTTT applets are simple "if this, then that" statements that help you link devices and automate your life. Here are some of our favorites. The Best IFTTT Applets : Read more
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    Automate your garage with a smart home automation system

    Automating your garage with a smart home automation system essentially means using a smart door opener, motion sensors for lights and a security camera so you can monitor who comes and goes. Considering we tend to store some big ticket items in our garages, it makes sense to invest a little in...
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    Which smart home automation protocol is right for you?

    We have smart TVs, smartphones and smart cars, so why not smart homes too? The smart home industry is still in its infancy. Like any new industry, every manufacturer thinks it knows best and brings its own standards to the market. In the smart home automation market, those standards are based...
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    Nissan Self-Driving Chair Can Spare You From Standing in Line

    Nissan is using its tech from autonomous cars in chairs that can save you from unnecessary physical strain by moving you along in line while sitting. Nissan Self-Driving Chair Can Spare You From Standing in Line : Read more
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    PC Controlled Setup

    So i've set up a home theatreish system in my bedroom with a projector and the works but I want a one button solution to turn it all on, I can set up a universal remote and what not but there are still 2 issues 1. How do I get my computer to open chrome on the second display, Netflix, and then...
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    How to make a C# console app terminate on the press of the "Esc" Button

    hi Guys I was watching a video on YouTube from a channel called Barnacules Nerdgasm about how to make a Prank software the problem is that there is a piece of code the tells the app to close when ever a key then enter is pressed which is "Console.Read();" please correct me if I am wrong so after...
  15. J

    How to automate your home with your Android phone and Google Voice

    Home automation is the Next Big Thing, with companies across the world all developing devices and apps to make our lives easier and free from the mundane. Did you know Google owned smart thermostat company Nest? Or that Apple has developed an entire home automation system? Me neither until now...
  16. P

    Conditional Excel Automation

    A B C D A 200 200 500 200 200 500 500 200 500 500 600 600 800 600 600 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 1600 1600 1800 1600 1600 The Table is wrong, it's just a format for visual help. Conditon 1- Where all the values from A2:A6 and C2:C6 should be same...
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    Outdoor Ip-cam which can take a phote each day

    Hello experts I need a High Quality IP-cam with WIFI and Time Lapse. My goal is to be able to take a high quality photo of my bee houses in the garden each day at 11.00 AM in high quality. Do not need video or any other surveillance feature, just a sharp pict. Hope someone can recommend...
  18. J

    Pixel shader 3.0

    Hey guys i'm looking to play a new game (to me) called automation and for it you have to be able to run pixel shader 3.0. Could someone tell me how old a laptop can be to run this particular program please as my current advent 5301 is not suitable so i'm going to but a newer second hand one but...
  19. N

    Program that automatically presses a key when changes occur

    Hello! I am looking for a program that automatically presses a key on the keyboard when predetermined text appears on the screen/in the web browser. This change always happens at the same spot on the same part of the screen, so i suppose the program could look for changes/colour- changes...
  20. R

    Automate mass download and installation of software

    Hi there, I recently had to reinstall Windows 8 for multiple reasons and I have a few hundred (yeah I know) programs that I had to reinstall. As I was doing this I was of course very bored so my mind was wondering and I ended up thinking about the inconceivable amount of things that are possible...
  21. G

    Google Reveals Cuter, Safer Self-Driving Car

    Google's driving home the message of safety with its plans to develop automated cars. Google Reveals Cuter, Safer Self-Driving Car : Read more
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    Automation decompressing archives

    Hello, I have a big .rar file that is compressed (in one partition), within which is fifty .rar files. I would like to know if there is an automation method to extract these archives at once (and not 50). I read stuff about lines winrar commands and batch but I have not managed to solve my...
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    uploading cds to itunes

    hello all, i am wondering if anybody has figured out a way hook up a 300 cd changer to itunes to upload the cds automaticly. also i am using windows xp and have a rca to usb converter box to hook the cd changer up to the pc.
  24. T

    Is automatic transfer or access from a digital camera as pictures are taken possible?

    Hi, tomshardware members! I seek a digital camera of sufficient megapixels to read part numbers on 3 cm by 1 cm RAM labels, and that will allow me to immediately have photos accessible by the attached computer, without having to shut this camera off. My research so far has led me to the...
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    Security Concerns Drive Adoption of Home Automation

    According to survey results released by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), 62 percent of online consumers interested in learning more about home automation said that they they primarily look at safety and security such technology can provide. Security Concerns Drive Adoption of Home...
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    What is your preffered automation software/language?

    I am investigating scripting our office's computer imaging process and was hoping you guys could help. My main issue is ensuring the computer has completed its task before giving it more commands. (windows update, serial verification, etc.) Is there a good way or even a hacky way to get...
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    Using macros for computer automation

    Hello. I am quite new in computers. Lately my computer was running slow, and i was told by a friend that i should defragment my disk (i have windows xp pro). I didnt know how to do that, so i looked for online guides. I came across this page -...
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    What is the best task automation software for Windows Vista?

    I'd like to use this to accomplish tasks, mouse clicks and keystrokes, both online and off-line. I need it to be as precise and accurate as possible!
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    M-3700 Software

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I have a Tascam M-3700 desk. I know JL Cooper made software for this board to display the VCA automation. Does this software work for a PC or is there any other similar software for this board and PC? If such an animal exists do you know how I...
  30. B

    what is the best vocal compressor?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) hi I always used to record my vocal track without any outbord compressor and use volume automation in daw after recording vocal and the result was good to me.. but I have to normalize the track it's terribe.. and eventually i am considering...
  31. H

    site stats

    Since the stats are sitting on my server, I was thinking about picking up where NecroScope left off. All of the formulas are in an Excell file, I was just wondering about how to have some sort of automation or what have you to pull the info off of the SETI servers. If Necroscope would fill me...