Conditional Excel Automation

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Oct 15, 2015
200 200 500 200 200
500 500 200 500 500
600 600 800 600 600
100 100 100 100 100
200 200 200 200 200
1600 1600 1800 1600 1600

The Table is wrong, it's just a format for visual help.

Conditon 1- Where all the values from A2:A6 and C2:C6 should be same
Condition 2- All the total's of A,B,C,D should be same in all Conditions
Condition 3- Where the values in E2:E6 should be in such a manner that E2- C2 should be a positive number not a negative number, and the total of C Should be also the same as of total B.
Condition 4-Again the same situation is repeated again in terms od C to D and then again to D to A, I want to automate the whole process where when I enter the figures in A the rest of the figures must be calculated automatically

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May 9, 2015
Hoisting possible homework to others is not going to help you.
However, as far as I can see, based on your directions, doing it is impossible.
Column A is pretty much values, whose sum is counted at bottom.
Column C is pretty much same as column A (since values must be same, total is same also)
Column E gets more tricky since you want to compare it's value (which it doesn't have yet) to value of Column C and if C is greater, make it positive even if it should be negative. This is still doable the prefix +/- that is but... the actual number value that goes to E is still an enigma. IF value is just E-C as you mentioned and it cannot be negative so scratch the - it would be always same as in C or.. always 0
In any case, E2 column would pretty much have =IF(C2>0;C2;-C2) in there to take out the possible - prefix.

It all gets pretty cloudy at "total of C should also be same as total of B" You are aware that you already made Column C mirror column A in all values as condition1? There is no real way to take a sum of B2:B6 and have same result unless B2:B6 is also identical to A2:A6
Why the redundancy? it serves no purpose to have two identical columns, B and C
C to D column totals should also be identical??? third copy of A2:A6 data?
and D should also be identical to A? yep, four identical columns...

So only tricky part is the E column where supposedly you want to get the actual value of A (C is a copy of A) without it's +/-prefix

B2 =A2
B3 =A3
B4 =A4
B5 =A5
B6 =A6
B7 =SUM(B2:B6)
C2 =A2
C3 =A3
C4 =A4
C5 =A5
C6 =A6
C7 =SUM(C2:C6)
D2 =A2
D3 =A3
D4 =A4
D5 =A5
D6 =A6
D7 =SUM(D2:D6)
E2 =IF(C2>0;C2;-C2)
E3 =IF(C3>0;C3;-C3)
E4 =IF(C4>0;C4;-C4)
E5 =IF(C5>0;C5;-C5)
E6 =IF(C6>0;C6;-C6)
E7 =SUM(E2:E6)
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