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    My new laptop keeps crashing if i keep it on to long

    When i'm on my laptop (MSI GP72 6QF leopard pro) to long like 1.5 days or so it starts to flash the screen and get to insane cpu and memory usage. this time I got more info and it told me my memory is full. what can I do? the video shows you what happened the picture is the usage in TM...
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    Solved! LenovoG505 blue screen with cursor only

    Have LenovoG505-blue screen with cursor only. Have tried 20 seconds without power or battery. Tried F8 nothing is happening..please
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    Getting BSOD when launching Google Chrome

    I am frequently getting BSOD when I launch Google Chrome, I recently overclocked my CPU but I am not sure if this is a problem. (I have Win 10 if you wanna know) A message in BSOD is BAD_POOL_CALLER. Here are dumps: BTW I am writing this...
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    Laptop random BSOD, then restart into weird terminal

    Hello, this my first time posting. And I hope someone can help. About a year ago I bought a new laptop. It's an Acer Aspire E 15, E5-553G-1986. It has a Amd A12-9700p cpu, Amd radon R8 M445 DX 2gb graphics with crossfire, 8 gb DDR4 ram, an ssd and a hdd. Running Win 10. The problem is that...
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    System loggin issues

    I have lenovo laptop.My laptop shuts down after i enter password in login screen with a blue screen showing ur system does not shut down i can open them in safe mode.plz anyone give some idea to rectify this issue
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    Blue screen with nothing on it, no cursor or text, just blank.

    I recently did a windows update on my laptop, i clicked update & restart. The laptop will turn on with the company logo, but will go to a blank blue screen. If i press enter, or f8 it goes to a black screen.I tried ctrl + alt+ delete, taking the battery out, holding power button down for 15...
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    Lenovo y50 blue screen VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR nvlddmkm.sys

    My Lenovo y50 pc keeps on having the error VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR nvlddmkm.sys which relates to the nvidia graphics card. I have updated it to the most current driver and games are literally unplayable before my pc blue screens.