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    Blue screen showing on tv after plugged into outlet

    I have a vizio e48-D0 smart tv & when i plug in the tv, it turns on then shows the Vizio logo then it shows a background of a mountain, then it changes to a blue screen & stays on the blue screen. If i turn it on manually using the power button on the side of the tv i have to hold it for a few...
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    Huawei X Pro crash - won't boot

    So I have had a Huawei Matebook X Pro i7 for about a month now. Today it started randomly not responding to peripheral inputs for 5 seconds or so at a time and then came up with a blue screen error and crashed. When it eventually booted up again it couldn't log into my user account (even though...
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    BSOD After Startup

    [Moderator Note: Moved post to Laptop Tech Support.] My laptop gets a BSOD around 2 minutes after start up everytime I turn it on and in the technical info of bsod it says this STOP :0x00000024 WinmonFS.sys PC specs Windows 7 64 bit Intel i7-5500U 8GB ram 4GB NVIDIA GEFORCE 920M
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    hello i have a question

    The problem is that i keep getting blue screen after i install windows. I know that its not the hardware because i have had windows before. I tried installing windows 7/10 but nothing worked. The bluescreen apperas after it finalizes. When it restarts it loads forever and then gets a bluescreen...
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    Dell Inspiron 15 3000 laptop has ble screen, no cursor after puppy stepped on keyboard???

    Puppy stepped on keyboard of Dell Inspiron 15 and now just a blue screen and no cursor??
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    Old laptop bsod problem

    I have an old laptop running window 7, Idk why but I've been randomly getting the blue screen of death, It's not my laptop and there are a lot of junk programs in it. I want to buy an Ssd and install windows 10 on it with zero programs but I'm afraid the actual laptops keyboard and track pad...
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    Repeated Freezing While Gaming on laptop and Sometimes Blue Screen.

    Hello! I have been having this problem for quite sometime and have no idea what is going on. I would be so so thankful if anyone could help me out. I think it may have something to do with my graphics card or heating but I do not have much knowledge in that area. So i have a lenovo y510p which...
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    Repair my Vizio TV

    Repair my Vizio TV. Model 701i-A3...what can I do to repair a blue screen
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    Acer Aspire Blue Screen

    Last night I did a hard reset on my laptop (Acer Aspire E 15) by holding down the power to turn it off, however, when I turned it back on, 'please wait' showed at the bottom of the Acer loading symbol. After this screen comes a blue screen which reads: 'Choose your keyboard layout'. When...
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    Windows 10 Update stalled or stuck

    Windows 10 update began normally with the blue screen and % tracker and said it would restart multiple times but now stuck on screen with ASUS logo. How long should I wait to see if it continues? What steps can I take if it is stuck like this for hours???
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    Video scheduler internal error BSOD, with clean install

    I just bought a ASUS ROG GL553V laptop. Because it only have 4 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD, and with 4 GB of RAM cant run many games, so i decided quickly to upgrade to 16 GB. I bought and...
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    Blue screen image on my laptop

    My acer aspire e1572g laptop won't open when installing winsows 10 crashed @ 81%. When i tried opening it, a blue screen is shown with the following: "We couldn't complete the updates Undoing chamges Don't turn off your computer" What ahould i do? I needed my pc sooo much! Thanks
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    Endless BSOD loop

    Cyberpower PC laptop crashed to BSOD in the middle of playing GTA V last night. Loop persists endlessly. No error code given at BSOD, simply says registry error. Cannot boot to safe mode. Cannot boot from USB. BSOD occurs immediately after BIOS screen ends. System ram and NVME M.2 SSD are...
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    GTX 1060 (Laptop) works only on battery power and crashes when AC power is connected

    I have spent tons of time trying to figure this issue out and have been searching the internet for a solution to no avail. The Issue: My laptop crashes when I open up a game on AC power but not on battery. When I reconnect AC power when playing a game on battery power it will crash soon after...
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    NVIDIA GPU not working!

    Hello guys! So here is my problem. Long story short, I updated my laptop Win 10 to latest build, 1803 and everything was working fine, till one day that I got a notification from Nvidia GeForce Experience that a new drive update was available. So like always, I downloaded the driver and...
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    using my gpu causes BLUE SCREEN crash in windows 10

    hi guys, i have a lenovo y700 15" with a gtx 960m 4gb few months ago i freshly installed windows 10 in my laptop ,everything was fine until windows updated itself and installed my gpu drivers which caused this issue which i thought were faulty and removed them and reinstalled then found out...
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    Recommend me a new laptop.

    I want to buy a new laptop as my old one is literally breaking apart (plastic coming off from everywhere) and occassional BSOD's. My old laptop is: Lenovo z510: -Intel i3-4000M (2.4 GhZ) -GeForce GT740M -8GB RAM I want to buy a new laptop as cheap as possible. I just want it to be good for...
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    Lenovo G50-80 won't boot up! Hard disk error.

    My 2 years old Lenovo G50-80 laptop suddenly won't boot normally. It goes into automatic repair and then shows a blue screen with the following error-: The os couldn't be loaded as a critical system driver is missing or contains errors File:\windows\System32\drivers\sacdrv.sys Error code...
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    Blank bue screen

    Was working fine and then went to blank blue screen. Only the curser shows up. Is there anything that can be done to bring it back?
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    Solved! Laptop Giving 'USB Device Not Recognised' error when moving my screen.

    This has been happening for a long time. I have opened up the laptop to see if there were any loose wires but they all seemed okay, and I also cleaned out any dust with some compressed air cans. I have also given it a factory reset but still the same problem. Now the issue is that after this...
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    How to disable 1 Ram Slot

    Hello, I've Hp Laptop which came with 12 GB RAM [ 4GB Micron 2133MHz & 8GB Samsung 2133MHz ] recently I've been facing BSODs, I run a memory test and it displays the message "Hardware problems were detected. To identify and repair this problems,you will need to contact the computer...
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    Black Screen Of Death

    I was doing some work and downloading some files on my 5 year old Windows 8.1 ASUS laptop when i got a blue screen of death due to the Kernel Data Inpage Error. It restarted normally, took me to another screen. Gray and blue colours. You had the options to change the date and time, change the...
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    My lenovo laptop is stuck on "shutting down" screen. It's blue screen that says shutting down and that's all it'll do.

    My lenovo laptop is stuck on "shutting down" screen. It's blue screen that says shutting down and that's all it'll do. If I cl ??
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    VAIO Error Loop

    So my Sony Vaio Touchscreen computer (I believe it was Windows 8) has given me trouble recently. Whenever I attempt to turn it on I get the Vaio™ logo as normal, but then it goes to a black screen for several moments. Eventually it will flash a blue error code screen with a sideways frowny face...
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    Malware hunt gone wrong... Help!

    When it happened? I had just finished restoring immunizations from recently added "Spybot" (I'll explain why later), and because I know next to nothing about what was quarantined (from yesterday's scan), I opted to restore that as well (note: they were all usage tracks, nothing more), when...
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    Solved! Asus X555L keeps crashing randomly(blue screen) and boots into bios

    Hi My Asus Laptop recently started to crash randomly, its not an old laptop, It can go anywhere from a few days to a few seconds and crash. It sometimes boots into bios, and sometimes boots into windows 10. I ran malware bytes and came back with nothing, ccleaner, cleaned the registry, temp...
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    BSOD- hard drive not the issue- what else could it be?

    My laptop was running incredibly slow so I was preparing to do a reinstallation of Windows. I was cleaning up files preparing to back up onto an external hard drive to do a clean install. I removed temp folders and ran ccleaner and thought I’d try a restart to see if it helped before I did the...
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    ASUS laptop's screen won't turn on after ASUS logo (Windows 10) but works in external monitor

    Recently I received a blue screen that promptly shut down my laptop. After restarting it, the laptop's screen would simply not turn on (no backlight or anything) after the ASUS startup logo finishes its process. It's not a matter with the internal video cord because the ASUS logo still displays...
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    bad_system_config_info on loop!

    i was working with my laptop the other night and it stopped and displayed the "blue screen of death". it said bad_system_config_info, and said it will restart. it has been restarting many times and i've gotten the blue screen on loop for dozens of times. i tried looking for solutions online, and...
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    Help. Blue Screen Of Death on Fresh Install Of Win 10

    Hi, Both my kids have identical 32GB SSD HP laptops, which whenever a new release of Win 10 comes around require a fresh install because of the lack of storage and constant failure to install messages (1803). Have downloaded the latest Win 10 USB and completed the install on one with no...
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    Help! Laptop going berserk when I move it!!

    My screen is going absolutely crazy when I try to move the laptop. It’s like a major glitch, like you’d see in The Ring or when Arnold is dying in Terminator 2. Earlier I was using it and it just crashed out of no where. Wouldn’t start up then finally came up with a blue screen, frowny face...
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    Toshiba laptop cannot accept any windows hard disk and memory are ok. Blue screen and white letters appear

    If i open my toshiba laptop the blue screen and white letters appears.
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    Need help!! Laptop stuck at blue screen. Spinning dots with please wait.

    So this might be long but I'm trying to give as much detail as I can. I had to do a clean reset of my PC about 2 weeks ago because it wasn't working. Ever since I did that it takes me at least 30 mins to get to the login screen. Power on - black screen for 10 mins or so - ROG symbol now...
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    Acer ES1-311-C4Q6 is frozen on blue screen, I cannot get to battery

    It comes on showing time and date but then won't let me go any further, when I try to get to home screen I just get a blue screen after a few minutes it goes back to the time and date screen.
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    Can i fix my laptops GPU?

    Laptop=Lenovo y50-70 GPU=860M Problem=Crashes into blue screen of death after opening a program that uses the GPU. Ive tried every driver, and ive tried resetting my windows for the 20th time. And it doesnt work :/ If you guys can help then awesome! more time to save up for a pc but for now im...
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    New Laptop Having Big Issues

    I recently got a Lenovo Y700 (has a GTX 960m if its helpful) which was working mostly okay since yesterday. The keyboard would stop functioning in use (mostly in games, but other times as well) After this, DxDiag, or games would not run giving a directX error, followed by a driver power state...
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    Problems with bsod at home

    Hello! i have a problem with my computer. I get frequent blue screens of death (The stop error is system_service_exception) but for some reason people that i have asked to help with my computer haven't found anything weird about my computer. I said that i was using a screen with a DVI output...
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    Blu Ray player

    Blu Ray showing blue screen with audio and no video on tv
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    same EXACT issue amigo, what the hell right!? i get the same BSOD's as frequent as twice a day sometimes. Question: did you ha

    same EXACT issue amigo, what the hell right!? i get the same BSOD's as frequent as twice a day sometimes. Question: did you have a 970 at the time of the problem?? And also, what type of RAM and MOBO are you using, was it an 8.1 upgraded to a 10???
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    BSOD's after updating Nvidia drivers! High Temps too! [ASUS GL552VW]

    Hello eveybody. It all started almost a week ago when I updated the Nvidia drivers for my laptop graphic card. Since then, I've been experiencing a lot of types of BSOD (blue screen of death), to what I think it is with the Nvidia graphics card. The BSOD are DRIVER POWER STATE FAILURE...
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    Solved! Windows wont load

    Hi, My laptop froze yesterday and when i restarted it i got the blue screen that says windows needs to be repaired (i think the error code was 0xc000000f or something like that. I have a recovery usb but when i tried the "refresh your pc option" it says the driver where windows is installed is...
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    Bricked laptop - Lenovo B50-80

    Hi, after I reinstalled GRUB I have the next problems with my Lenovo B50-80: 1) When I try to boot into my OS, I recieve the blue screen 'Security violation': 2) I can't boot from any media (DVD nor USB), I recieve the error 'EFI boot failed' 3) On my bios, I can't disable secure boot ...
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    When i turn on my laptop blue screen appear it said fault in nonpaged area then restart. Peparing automatically dilog see on s

    When i turn on my laptop blue screen appeared then laptop restart and show preparing automatically but can not agin restart laptop agin restart
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    Solved! Malware bytes and Bitdefender causing BSOD

    I was getting BSOD error and I think I narrowed the error down to a conflict with Malware bytes and Bitdefender. I was wondering what one is better to keep? I had Bitdefender total security and Malware Bytes pro
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    i called straight talk cstr svcv he gave me2 diffrnt codesfor EACH ofmy puk llocked ZTE’s, thry dontcwprk. i have 6 moreatt

    i cant see a thread because the SCREENS are locked with PUK for 1 of my ZTE’s and My other is just a big BLUE screen with lime green outline of thr “Android” avatar its solid blue only has Z917VL AT top Z917VL welcome a ENGLISH_____\ >...
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    Solved! Dropped my laptop

    I dropped my hp pavilion laptop off the table and now when I turn it on it has a blue screen and a clicking noise? What could be broke to click ? It wont boot up?
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    Blue screen of death on laptop.

    Device Make:Lenovo ideapad 50015ISK BIOS: CFCN24WWV1.06 Currently my laptop has updated from Windows 10 Home single language version 1511 to version 1709. After completing the update, laptop started experiencing Blue screen of death (BSOD) error with message of "VIDEO MANAGEMENT INTERNAL". So I...
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    How do you get any screen to come up?

    When I turn on the laptop it goes right to a blue screen. Stays on blue. HELP
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    Blue screen again

    My laptop does not want to go to the home screen it only shows blue How can I fix it .
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    Bluescreen while gaming

    Hey, ive been getting the same bluescreen error on my old laptop while gaming for awhile, unable to find a solution. Specs: System Model Aspire 7750G Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Intel® Core™ i5-2410M CPU @ 2.30GHz, 2301 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) (RAM) 4,00 GB 500GB HDD AMD Radeon...
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    LG Gram 13 Blue Screen Error Wdf0100

    I bought an LG Gram 13 in August last year it has the 7th gen i5 model. Recently the laptop keeps restarting periodically with bluescreen errors. I reinstalled an older version of Windows 10 to see it still causes blue screens and they still occur. The error code it usually throws is an...
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    My lenovo won't boot

    Keep getting a blue screen that says nonpage area. Won't boot in safe mood either. Help
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    Blue Screen of Death

    Hey . After instaling fresh windows 7 on my ASUS X540SA i get this when the Windows logo appears on start up : stop: 0x0000007e (0xffffffffc0000005 ,0x0000000000000000 ,0xfffff880009a8e58 , 0xfffff880009a86b0) I cant boot up to Windows no matter how many times i try ,cant start recovery and i...
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    Windows 7 Crash Laptop Blue Screen 0x00000000A IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL

    Help You My Laptop Is Crashed Windows 7 Blue Screen Of Death What Happened You Day Laptop Do Work And Crash Bsod 0x0000000A irql_not_less_or_equal
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    My Computer Won't Work At All! It all started with big blue screen.

    Hi, My name is James and I have a Compaq Presario F700 that I got from my grandma. When my grandma gave it to me, I went home and played with it a little and then it said it had like 27 updates so I clicked restart and update. Well, when it updated it took like 2 hours and then when it came back...
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    PC Stuck on an Infinite Boot Up loop

    computer is stuck in endless look with blue screen of death error 0xc000000e. cant enter bios, cant seem to boot from usb or dvd drive. stuck and getting frustrated. would love some help asap.
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    My lenovo yoga 211 turns on but stops on a blue screen

    I can see the cursor and move it around but that's all f12 won't work I tried the ctrl alt delete. But nothing.
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    error code: 0xc00000e9 and stuck on a blue screen

    My laptop is displaying a message with error code: 0xc00000e9 and stuck on a blue screen titled Recovery. Any clues how to fix this? I can't even figure out how to enter safe mode. Esc brings me to a screen that will allow me to enter setup. It's the same screen I get when entering F12...
  59. M

    Toshiba Satellite blue screen after Hdd install

    Original Hdd crashed. Installed new Hdd and win 8.1 from dvd. Original drive was repaired (stuck head), and re-installed. Does not boot, only blue screen. Win 8.1 is also on original drive.
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    How to fix a Roku TCL 55 inch smart TV with sound but blue screen

    Roku TV turns on blue screen but no pic can hear a DVD playing a movie. What's wrong. Only had for 3 months