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    crazy virus destroying pc

    So i turn on my pc and its a blue screen then my computer reboots fast I log in then I get a scream mask as my wallpaper and all my files are still there. I open things and they all work fine, but when I try to boot into safe mode I cannot It blocks me with a blue screen then a instant fast...
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    The mssecsvc.exe virus, a windows crash and possibly more...

    Dear friends. I've had Avira free popping up every couple of hours warning me about a certain mssecsvc.exe /WannaCry trojan in my windows directory for the previous month or so (can't recall perfectly). It says that the file has been moved to a quarantine, however, the fact that it pops up so...
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    Preparing automatic repair into BSOD loop! Tried everything!

    This actually about my PC not a laptop. Hopefully someone can help thanks! Here's a list of things I've tried: 1) Hard restarting by unplugging my power supply and holding my power button. And also pressing the power button multiple times to get the troubleshooting to pop up. 2) I actually got...
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    Solved! lenovo edge black screen

    i was watching videos on my laptop when it suddenly switched off with blue screen of death it also showed up with weird colours after a couple of reboots like this : now it comes...
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    Best "FREE" AntiVirus?

    Title says it all, I've tested out Bitdefender (causes Blue screen) Avast too.. (Have to pay to actually fix stuff) .. I Run alot of .exe's And i literally need one to keep my PC Healthy and virus free.. Can someone please suggest me GOOD anti viruses that are free (Free to remove stuff also)...
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    How to fix a compaq presario cq57 laptop

    How can I fix my compaq presario cq57 it turns on and but when it loads up it just shows a blue screen with the curser and the
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    Fresh installed windows 8, 8.1 or 7 keeps getting corrupted.

    Hi. From almost 1 month my sony vaio (s series) i.e. svs15135cnb keeps giving blue screen errors every now and then with majority cases of kernel data inpage error. So finally I ran a scan of RAM and a hard disc scan via HD Tune where RAM appears fine but hard disc gave 3.1 percent bad sectors...
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    Solved! Keeps saying insert reboot. Was stuck On blue screen about bios. Nothing worked until I changed setting from windows 8 to 7 no

    Help while online, internet was not responding. I walked away for a few and got blue screen about Bios. Wouldn’t let me really do anything. Every time I tried cake back to same screen. I went to one option to change from windows 8 to 7 and then the ASUS screen came up but then went black and...
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    Solved! Blue screen with white straps on startup

    Hey! I have HP laptop and after 2 years it's not booting up. After loading windows it's showing strange pattern and then reboots itself. It's all time in loop. I'm attaching picture how does it look like Is it hard drive or graphic card? Thanks for help I hope link with...
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    Need help with my graphic card laptop

    Hello guys, I need your help with my old Asus laptop (k45dr series). So here is the scenarios, yesterday after going home from work, I turned on my laptop and after successfully login, I keep getting BSOD with code 0x0000116 atikmpag sys and after I browsed on google, I found out that the...
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    BSOD - Page Fault in Non-Paged Area

    (MSI GS63VR 7RF) Blue screen of deaht on power up after periods of being off/asleep (Note that if I immediately bring stuff back from sleep, power the system back up the issue does not occur. If it does). After it restarts the issue doesn't come up till, again, the laptop enters sleep, or is...
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    G50-70 HDD lock sata0?

    So I've just recently acquired my previously stolen/pawned laptop. Shortly after powering on I get a blue screen showing error sata 0 HDD lock st500lt012-1dg142. What are my options at approaching this if any? Thanks.
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    Solved! Blue screen and changed hdd to ssd

    My computer goes to a admin password screen then to bios page. Everytime turned on. I had a blue screen issue . I changed my hdd to SSD . And now with this problem.
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    Mysterious laptop problems, crashes if I don't open a game ASAP

    Hello So I recently bought a Acer Aspire E 17 E5-774G-582T and It was "Refurbished" Disclaimer: Yes I know refurbished is an easy excuse to say it's cheap and broken but I need help! Laptop came with Windows 10, has an i5-7200U 2.5ghz (7th gen) Intel HD 620 GTX 940MX 1000gb HDD Basically...
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    I have a gateway desktop with windows 10. It worked fine earlier. It shut itself off even though i put it in sleep mode. I tur

    Blank blue screen on desktop
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    BSOD Video Scheduler Internal Error

    I have an MSI Apache GE62, whenever I play games with higher graphics settings that my 970m should be able to handle fine, it crashes the computer. Sometimes the game just freezes, sometimes bright red and blue colors appear on the screen first. All my drivers are up to date, and i have tried...
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    Blue screen on laptop with only a cursor

    Hi, so I have a problem with my HP Pavillion notebook in where I start it up it goes on a black screen then a blue screen displaying an error and a couple of options so I chose: press esc for UEFI Firmware settings. And then when I pressed esc the screen went black then it went to a completely...
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    BSOD While Rendering Videos in Sony Vegas

    Hey everyone, Just looking for a bit of help here. On a couple occasions when i rendered videos, ive gotten the blue screen of death. I used to think it was because i had the render using CUDA option, so i stopped using that and it was good for a while. Most recently i did a batch render for 5...
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    Sony VAIO turns on to black screen saying no operating system found how do I fix it?

    Recently my laptop won’t go past the blue screen when I turn it on the first message says the pc ran into a problem and has to be restarted and when it restarts it says no operating system found. I no longer have the disc that came with the laptop is there another way to fix it?
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    Solved! Thinkpad T430s, BSOD error at random while on power.

    Sir, i have a problem with my Thinkpad T430s, i get BSOD error at random but only when i am plugged into power socket, i tried another power adapter but same results, plus i tried various operating system viz: win-7, win-10 and linux kali but again same results. the only way to get it going is...
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    Just a moment!

    My Acer Spin 1 won't do anything. Am trying to use it for the first time. Have registered and entered Wi-fi settings but all I have is a blue screen with 'just a moment' and a spinning circle. It's been like this for 2 hours now. I've turned it off and on again so many times but nothing...
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    Your PC ran into a problem.

    hello. All of a sudden a blue screen poped up with a disturbing sound. Nothing could be there. Keyboard didn't provide any command. From that sound I turned off the PC shortly after this screen started. Now it doesn't boot up. Not at all. The fans start for like 4 seconds, and stop, and restart...
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    Hello, so basically I now own a new gaming laptop from Asus, the FX53VD. I bought it from NewEgg, blah blah blah, here are the specs: Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit CPU Intel Core i7 7700HQ @ 2.80GHz 47 °C Kaby Lake 14nm Technology RAM 8,00 Go Single-Channel Unknown @ 1197MHz...
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    BOSD after Bios update

    Hi good day, Im currently using asus FX553VD ROG laptop with Windows 10 OS, i was suffering from "invidia display are not available" after my last system restore so i tried searching for some solutions online and later found out that i need to try updating my bios. so i did update my bios by...
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    Epson Powerlite Blue Screen 3LCD

    After tipping projector upside down and sideways picture became washed in deep blue or purple. Tried repeating tipping and I heard something sliding inside that sound a lot like a glass lens or sheet. The picture returned to normal as I heard the sound. Could this be something to do with the...
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    Blue screen on start up after reset via windows 10 settings

    Recovery blue screen "Your pc/device needs to be repaired" Required OS/Recovery file missing? File:\windows\system32\winload.efi You'll need recovery tools? I got my windows 10 without a disc and i dont have any recovery tools for it? All I wanted to do was wipe my pc completely and it's...
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    overheat problem with ASUS GL553VD (and BSoD)

    I only purchase this laptop in March, and now it's easily overheated for playing big games like watch dogs, assassin's creed IV... When I played more than 1 hour, the fan is running like crazy and my laptop get overheated, which lead into BSoD with code DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. I've tried to...
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    Bought new laptop, but when I try to play games it occasionally gives me a BSOD.

    Operating System Windows 10 Computer Specs Powerspec 1510 GTX 1070 Intel 630 HD Graphics Intel Core I7 7700HQ 250GB M.2 SSD & 1TB HDD Screenshots of BSODs: Hello, I've just gotten a new laptop during Black Friday and now it's giving me issues. Essentially...
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    "What Failed: Netio.sys" NETWORK_EXCEPTION (BSOD Help) +MiniDump

    Getting Either a Hard Freeze Or a Blue Screen while browsing online or just doing anything online in general, this happened out of nowhere and now i get them randomly, it's always unexpected but happens quiet frequent, The error i get is "Netio.sys" If you have any idea on what causes this or...
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    BSOD - driver power state failure

    Hi , i got this laptop 3 months ago and i get this error whenever i am playing a game ,I disabled power saving on all drivers and updated them all but nothing seems to work. I have an Asus gl553vd. dump files :- http://
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    need forum id 3405624

    MSI computer blue screen critical process stop. I found an answer at But, now i cannot find it even when i type in the URL line. I need to create a USB from my computer to download the windows media link to use on my MSI computer.
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    Laptop sudden harm

    I bought dell vostro 14-5459 last year, and today my laptop can’t switch on properly and have burnt smell out of sudden. The blue screen pop out and show something like “Your pc have some problem and will be restart” and there’s a code bar below. But due to burning smell I just flip off the...
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    Solved! BSOD cause ntoskrln.exe+231ab7

    Hi, just bought a new laptop (ASUS Rog Strix GL553-VE with Windows 10) and I have lately been getting BSOD's when under heavy load during loading screens in World of Warcraft while having chrome and/or other programs open at the same time. I have ran a memory diagnostic and it came out with no...
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    Frequent BSOD + 3D acceleration errors (Gtx 850m)

    HI! It's been a rough month for me and my laptop (Asus G56JK - i7 4710HQ and GTX 850m). At first I started randomly getting these errors (LINK) when I was trying to enter games. I removed the drivers using DDU and installed new ones. I even tried changing from Win 10 to Win 7 just to see what...
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    My Dell Windows 8 will turn on but only shows a black screen. Help?

    When I turn on my computer it goes through the whole starting system then blue screen with the words Star up system error and runs the fixing promble code. Then turns black. Nothing comes up and I can't even use the arrow.
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    looking screen issue

    hi, my lenovo ideapad 310 laptop screen is not showing , its power on, but no logo of lenovo is comin. screen is just blank. please share possible solution
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    Dropped Laptop, Blue Screen shows up

    So after dropping my Packard Bell Easynote with Windows 10 installed it loads its logo, then a Blue screen appears saying "Default Boot Device missing or Boot failed. Insert recovery media and hit any key. Then select Boot Manager to choose a new Boot device or to Boot Recovery Media". I dont...
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    My NEW Lenovo Legion Y720 keep getting the blue screen while playing games

    My NEW Lenovo Legion Y720(i7) keep getting the blue screen while playing games(Specifically PUBG) This is my second day with this laptop,after i downloaded PUBG excited to play ,went to the lobby but as soon as the game starts I get the blue screen. I tried updating my gpu (clean install)...
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    turns off, not charging

    my andriod lenovo phab plus occurs blue screen error, I turned switch off, it never turned on back and not charging also . no
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    BSOD driver power state failure - ASUS GL553VE

    Hello, after W10 Fall Update I started to experience this BSOD while loading a demanding game (TW: Warhammer campaign). ASUS GL553VE CPU - i7 7700HQ GPU - nVidia gtx 1050ti RAM - 8GB Minidump Thanks in advance :)
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    Blue screen errors

    I have dell XPS 15 9560 and have been getting blue screen errors. Have attached the error messages . It shows the problem a problem with ntoskrnl.sys and I have also performed a clean install but still getting errors . Please help
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    Upon power up only get blank blue screen?

    Upon powering up lap top only have a blank blue screen?
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    BSOD win32kfull errors.

    BSOD win32kfull.sys errors, among many others. I need some help fixing my computer? I'm also getting very frequent BSOD errors, including service system error, PFN_LIST_CORRUPT, registry error, win32base.sys, Memory managment, driver_irql_less_or_equal. Plus others. please help. Ive tried...
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    Solved! Black screen with cursor

    So yesterday my laptop turned of and rebooted and started reinstalling some register things. Now since my laptop had always been a shitty thing I didn't really care (I know it sounds stupid but yeah). He has done things like this before, normally it'll just reboot and work again, but this time i...
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    PLS HELP!! MY ASUS X554L Boots straight into Bios

    Been using my ASUS X554L for close to year now windows default OS Windows 8.1 running on it. No problems. None at all. Woke up, turned on my pc, boots to bios. I turn it off. Put it back on and it still boots to bios. Reset Bios to default still boots into BIOS. Disabled Fast Boot. Enabled CSM...
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    How to fix BSOD error code 0x000000F4 on HP ProBook

    My computer was repairing a BSOD Memory Management and once I restarted, it gave me the BSOD, but this time it was different. The BSOD error code is 0x000000F4. Please help me fix this. I do not have a windows installation disc or usb to fix it.
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    Blue screen of death

    Hello..i have an acer aspire 7720 and everytime I turn it on it goes to Windows error recovery ..shows options launch setup repair and start windows normally.. I click on start windows normally and I get a blue screen with error code 0x000000ED ...intried everything and I can't fix it..i can't...
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    Solved! good morning, I have a Sony vaio laptop and its went blue screen. I notice that Since the time the original screen broke and c

    good morning, I have a Sony vaio laptop and its went blue screen. I notice that Since the time the original screen broke and change with reloading the window, that was when I started have such problem. The laptop does not come with a CD from manufacturer. Advice what can I do?
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    Blue screen errors

    I have recently purchased a dell XPS 15 9560 and I have been face blue screen errors since. I have tried clean install 2 times with no luck . Dell support assist shows ntoskrnl.sys root of the problem majorly . Thanks in advance .
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    Blue screen problem

    I having a Blue screen problem, its says video tdr failure or somekind like that. am pretty confuse after I manage to fix it via googling the answer. from try to back up, still no use, chaging ati bla bla file and eventually it fix after i reboot it. it brough me back to normal windows but I...
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    HP Proobook 4540s BSOD

    Hi, I'm having a problem with my HP Probook 4540s. It's rocking a HD4000+HD7650m combo. The notebook is probably 4 years old. I tried to play fallout 4 (yeah, I know, way out of my league) and was having constant crashes when doing so. After some thought I decided to reisntall my Windows, got...
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    Any Help with this BSOD?

    So, my laptop has just been shutting down after about a minutes or so. Most of the time won't even boot up, even shuts down if I just let it sit in the BIOS. Finally the first time I get a BSOD before it shuts down. 0xf4 a process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited...
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    Wont boot - asking for a dos p/w which I did not setup

    Toshiba L655 , windows 10 / out of the blue it started asking for a DOS password (blue screen )which I have never set up in bios so cannot get past this request to boot up.
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    BSOD problem and hard drive not booting now

    BSOD problem in Acer aspire E1-531..before BSOD problem it used to switch off once every 30 minutes with a good battery. No backup issues.recently got BSOD problem .I tried safe safe mode blue screen never appeared. But since I was not able to watch videos in safe mode,I chose system...
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    Need boot disc?

    After an update my laptop started with the blue screen stating a require device is not connected or can't be accessed" and states that I will need the recovery tools on the installation disc which I do not recall receiving discs...however that issue seems to have progressed and now it starts up...
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    Sleep issues (Windows 10)

    With my windows 10 install on my m.2 SSD (THNSN5128GPU7) the amount of time to put the computer into sleep mode is pretty bad - ~80 sec+. Moreover, attempting to return from sleep always results in a PC crash with the BSOD and the error CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED, no other code information. It goes...
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    Missing Linked Graphic Card

    Hello there. I am having problem with my laptop at the moment. To begin, I would like to inform that the PC went into Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) while I was playing games. This last for a few minutes before it automatically restarts and the BSOD states as such: THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER...
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    Serious computer problems

    For the past month I've been having problems with my computer starting to BSOD then progressively get worse to the point of it being unusable. It's a custom built pc desktop running an ASUS M5A99FX PRO Mother board, AMD FX-8350 Black Edition Vishera 8-Core 4.0 GHz processor, 8gb of G.SKILL...
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    acer aspire r 11 says error 0xc0000c14

    file:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD it goes to a blue screen after start up after acer logo the boot configuretion data
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    Dell 15 Inspiron 7000 series

    I have a problem to turn on my laptop. It keep running in blue screen showing please wait. I waited 30 mins and its still the same. Can anyone help.