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  1. M

    Solved! Can cod play on mine

    I have a i5 5200u and 8gb ram but a invidia geforce 950 gpu ???
  2. K

    Solved! How I can get Activation cod for my tablet the Disa numper:1003835685

    Disa:1003835685 MODEL:RCT6973W43 ID:A2HRCT5873W IC:9903A-RCT6873W
  3. K

    Call of duty ww2 crashes

    Hi, i downloaded cod ww2 did start and work fine for few minutes then suddenly it showed an error " disk read error" fatal error.. I did not understand the cause of it..can anyone help me fix it pleasee
  4. M

    Looking for a low budget gaming laptop

    II want a gaming laptop that can run pubg fortnite call of duty if possiple on ultra 30 fps or more under 800 dollars plz
  5. Y

    Gaming laptop advice

    Hello, I'm looking for a gaming laptop that can run games like COD & Battlefield smoothly. Found this one online [ Asus ROG GL502VM-FY185T Gaming Laptop - Intel Core i7-7700HQ, 15.6 Inch FHD, 1TB+256GB, 16GB, 6GB VGA - GTX1060, Win 10, Titanium Gold ] costs around $ 1,850, relatively...
  6. G

    How to Get Into the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta

    Black Ops 4 is coming, which means it's time for the annual Call of Duty beta. How to Get Into the Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Beta : Read more
  7. F

    which call of duty can i play?? dell laptop with windows 10,32bit,petium dual core 2.30ghz and 2 gb ram.

    which call of duty can i play?? Dell laptop with windows 10.1 , 32 bit operating system , pentium dual core - 2.30 GHz processor and 2 GB ram.
  8. S

    Can I Run Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 with gtx960m?

    I have a gaming laptop with a gtx960m card so just wondering what settings I can play on?
  9. K

    can I run cod black ops 3 on my laptop my specs are intel core i5 5200u 2.2 Hz 8gb ram amd radeon r5 m230 Video card

    Can I run cod black ops 3 My specs are intel i5 5200u 2.2 ghz 8gb ram amd r5 m230 2gb video card
  10. Z

    Can cod run on the HP stream 14

    Can CoD Bo2 or 3 run on the HP Stream 14? I'm getting one soon, I hope its possible
  11. C

    Help help help

    I want to ask if I can run fortnite or call of duty in this laptop ASUS VIVOBOOK F510UA. On category I put cpu's cause I didn't knew what to put. If this laptop cant run fortnite can you please recomend me a gaming laptop under 500 dollars that can run fortnite
  12. J

    My powerpack was bad, so I dicided to use the old one by cutting the cod from where the surce of light is. on opening, the goo

    My computer wont come on. But the lights is showing. if I remove battery it will go off, when replace the battery, it will come on but wont turn on. Any help?
  13. B

    Is their any way around the activation code I bought it and never got the activation cod with it

    Bought my tablet of someone and the did not have any info or didn't know the code idk the person or where it was but what do I do
  14. S

    Can someone help me please

    Can someone please help me find a pc that can meet this following requirements or anywhere near it. My budget is £500. Requirements: • Windows 10 (64-bit) • 2nd generation Intel Core i5 CPU (i5-2xxx or comparable), 2 Ghz or higher, before Turbo Boost • Sound card (if your laptop can play...
  15. C

    Can I play COD on a Dell Inspiron?

    I have a dell 15 5000 I7 16GB RAM With and R7 Radeon dedicated graphics card , do you guys think I will be able to play game such as COD 4 Remastered or MW2 ?
  16. J

    What games can a stock Dell Inspiron 15 5000 run?

    I'm looking to buy a Dell Inspiron 15 5000, but I want to make sure I'll be able to play games like GTA IV, Call of Duty MW2, etc.
  17. C

    Can I play COD on a Dell inspiron?

    Looking for a gaming laptop that will also work for school. Nothing over 1, 000
  18. Holy_snacks

    Best Laptop for around $2600

    I have been saving money to invest in a laptop for school. Im mainly looking to program and play games like COD, CS, LoL, etc. Also would be nice if it looked aesthetically pleasing. Thank you :)
  19. L

    Will this run black ops 2?

    http:// Im kind of new to the pc buisness so i don't really know what works and what doesn't, and if you don't think this works can you try to find a pc that can run it...plz.
  20. G

    Looking for a laptop under ₹30k with nvdia card installed

    I'm looking for a laptop on which I can play some decent games like GTA 5,Cod:world at war,NFS Undercover,forza:horizon etc and has a nvidia graphics card with 2gb video memory installed and at least 4 GB ram. I don't play much games. Please recommend me a laptop under my budget of ₹30k. Thank...
  21. R

    Discord In-Game Audio Probs

    Recently started using Discord, the voice chat works perfectly but when i get in game for example COD BO3 the in game audio is really bad and sounds muffled almost while playing. But the voice from friends sound clearly still.
  22. J

    Which program is this ?

    Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask but i'm wondering what's the name of the program that this guy is using ? I know he creates maps for games in it like Call of Duty or Halo and so on...
  23. kowsik

    Laptop buying advice required

    I am looking for a medium gaming laptop and my budget is 50k.I play games like fifa 17, cod ,battlefield.. Suggest me a good laptop . [Title changed by moderator to reflect the type of help required]
  24. W

    fps drops in every game i play.

    No matter what game i play, or what graphics card i have it set to, i always get lag spikes, and i would understand if its multiplayer, but the problem i have is im getting it in every single player game i play, even ones with offline bots, including, counter strike 1.6, counter strike source...
  25. ClubSpade12

    Which speakers should I get?

    I'm looking at these three different sets of speakers, I'm wondering if there are any really noticeable difference between them...
  26. S

    Looking for a fix please

    I have a rx 460 and csgo is my main game but since i installed my rx 460 i cant run csgo but i can run other games like rust, miscreated,and H1Z1. Please help fix.
  27. K

    Need a pc for video editing and streaming budget needs to be around 500 or 600

    I play competitive call of Duty and want to start a YouTube and begin to stream but my budget is very low. It doesn't need to be an amazing computer just something that can stream in 720 or something like that. And also which is the most user friendly video editing software? I found that iMovie...
  28. C

    Game graphic issues

    Ive recently downloaded assassins crees brotherhood on my pc. My computer is more that capable to launch this game as i can play call of duty black opps 3 at a hight amount of fps. For some reason when i play this game though the screen shakes or shall i say flikers. It makes the game very hard...
  29. K

    Intel pentuim Quad core Processor with 4gb ram

    I bought a laptop which has quad core processor with 4gb ram.. Can i play splinter cell blacklist, Call of duty series, assassins creed with this laptop???
  30. X

    Need Laptop Under 1200$ USD

    Hi everyone I am looking for a laptop that is under 1200$ in USD. I want a laptop that can be used to run games in max settings for games such as COD or Battlefield and maybe GTA. I might be able to go to 1300$ if there is a huge difference between the suggested laptops. Thank you for your help...
  31. Apratap930

    Please Help Me With my Laptop, or I'm gonna kill myself !!

    Hi Tom's, I bought My laptop (ASUS X550LD XX082, specs here- [url=]) about 18 months ago, and I never played any game because of my senior high school studies. But now I started playing Call of...
  32. A

    What can it run?

    CAn the Asus R752LB-T4245T run call of duty black ops 3. With 60 fps. And watching 1080p youtube videos and play warface on medium settings with 60fps+ ?
  33. A

    Is this a good laptop?

    Is the ACER ASPIRE V3-771G-53238G75MAKK a good laptop for playing games like warface and cod black ops 3. ANd the upcomming ba
  34. A

    Can the HP Pavilion 17-g172nd run Call Of Duty with minimum 55 fps or higher?

    Those are the specs: - Windows 10 Home, 64-bit Processor - Intel Core i5-4210U dual-core processor - Kloksnelheid 1.7 GHz - 3 MB cache - Intel HD Graphics 4400 Geheugen - 8GB DDR3L geheugen - 2 slots Opslag - 1 TB hardeschijf, 5400 rpm - Dropbox 25 GB gratis online opslag (6 maanden) -...
  35. A

    Will the msi cx62 6qd run gta 5 and cod bo3?

    I got a new laptop I know it's not the best gaming machine so idk if it will run gta 5 and cod bo3. My specs are: Intel core i5 @2.3-3.2 Ram 8gb (16gb soon) NVIDIA geforce gtx 940mx @2gb Screen resolution 1366x768 If I can meet them can you tell me how my performance will be Thank you in advance
  36. H

    older laptop gaming help

    I have a laptop in which old games like call of duty world at war, fifa 14, spiderman web of shadows would run at 20-30 fps with low to medium settings. However nowadays the fps drops to 10 sometimes and fifa 14 lags like hell. What should i do to make my laptop work properly?
  37. I

    Acer Aspire V Nitro VS. Dell Inspiron i7559

    Im trying to find a new laptop and would like one a can do some more casual gaming on (BF4 Online, COD, some indie and free to play games, ect..) and have found 2 laptops i cant decide between. the Dell Inspiron i7559-12623RED and the Acer Aspire V Nitro VN7-591G-792U . I found the Dell online...
  38. Y

    i have lenovo g50-70 i5 laptop i want play cod mw3 game but my laptop can not suppory nvidia driver why

    i have lenovo g50-70 i5 laptop i want play cod mw3 game but my laptop can not suppory nvidia driver.i download drivers but i install it error come and say your pc can not support nvidia drivers please help me sir
  39. A

    Keep laptop cool

    Hi! So I'm using Acer Aspire V3 722G, but it gets hot really fast. For example my PC runs BO3 nicely, but I have to play with lowest resolution and lowest settings, and I can play 2-3 rounds until it shuts down. Even when I play with intregrated GPU MOBO gets to 96C very fast when playing. I'm...
  40. S

    Can the following laptops run GTA V/Watch Dogs

    Hello folks, I am buying a laptop for the first time. My requirements are quite simple.. The laptop must successfully run GTA V, Watch Dogs and COD:MW3. I do not mind an average frame rate. Here is the laptop I am looking forward to, Asus a555lf-xx264d 2.1GHz Intel Core i3-5010U processor...
  41. N

    HDMI from ps4 to a laptop without HDMI port

    I have a 2013 macbook pro, I am wondering if there is anyway to hookup my ps4 to it although my laptop lacks an hdmi port. Thanks in advance guys.
  42. J

    Need to buy a laptop on a tight budget

    I am looking to buy a laptop good for some games such as COD, first person shooter games and need for speed.. no low end chips 250-1TB HD, 3-4 USB ports. needs to have a DVD-RW, WiFi and card reader would be nice.. Willing to buy refurb if someone can recommend a good place. which brings me to...
  43. M

    Best PC gaming headset?

    Looking for one of the best PC headsets for under 200 CAD. I want it to be good for sound whoring in cs:go and call of duty. I want to be able to pinpoint enemies. Thanks
  44. L

    port forwarding problem

    in order for me to be able to join games for cod waw, i need to have these 2 ports forwarded. i followed a guide and forwarded these ports, but they are still not open (i tested it through a website). i used my ipv4 address for the LAN ip.
  45. H

    What Call of Duty game will my laptop play?

    I have a Hp G72 Notebook Pc with p6100 2.00GHz processor 4GB ram 64-bit Operating System dual core Dedicated Video Memory 64Mb Total Available Graphics Memory 1969Mb Running Windows 7 Any Call of Duty game just wanting to know what's the latest one I can play on my laptop any other...
  46. L

    black ops 3 bad framerate

    my mediocre laptop can run black ops 1 with everything maxed without AA at 1366*768 on a steady 60fps, also black ops 2 with everything maxed aswell without AA at a steady 60fps at 1366*768, so i bought black ops 3 completely hyped to play it, but i got seriously bad framerates i need to set...
  47. P

    Good Gaming Projector?

    What makes a projector good for gaming? Also is it possible to find one for under $300?
  48. X

    Lowest price for laptops that runs 90% of the games with 60fps !

    Hello everyone, I am asking you to give me the price of a laptop that runs at least most of the games with ( 55-60 fps ) with low settings ! I don't care if its the lowest settings, but it must run most of the new games specially with 60 fps ! * I dont have a budget ! ( not higher than 1,500$ )...
  49. M

    Buying a laptop at a budget of around Rs.35000

    I am planning to buy a laptop. I tried to research but got more confused as I never had a laptop before. I want to use it for work and to play some games like COD Black ops, Sleeping dogs etc. I have strict budget constraints. Kindly tell me about what to look for when buying a laptop. What are...
  50. P

    laptop meet requirement but keep lagging in call of duty black ops3

    I just got a new laptop to try some new games. Its an HP Hewlett Packard here my spec i also got 2 graphic cards]http:// When i play black ops 3 i get like 20 fps i dont know why and hw to fix that.
  51. P

    laptop meet requirement but keep lagging in call of duty black ops3

    I just got a new laptop to try some new games. Its an HP Hewlett Packard here my spec i also got 2 graphic cards When i play black ops 3 i get like 20 fps i dont know why and hw to fix that. please help me and sorry because i made 2 post and i dont know how to delete one.
  52. D

    Can my laptop run black ops 3? Pls help

    Hi , i have lenovo G780 and i want to know if i can run black ops 3 on my laptop before i pre order the game. Spec : Intel I5 3230M 2.60 ghz Intel HD 4000 Nvidia Geforce 635m 2gb Ram : 8 GB 17 inch laptop Resolution 1600 x 900 Pls help and thanks allot.
  53. D

    Can't get in-game audio to work

    I have just bought the Tritton 720+ but I have been trying to get the audio in Call of Duty for example to work. It only plays out of the TV.
  54. A

    urgent help for new laptop

    a i7 with gt840m (less price) or i5 with gtx850m ( high price) gonna use for causal gaming like resident evil 6, far cry 3,4 , cod bo 2 on medium - high with 768p
  55. C

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

    - Hello everyone I have an Xbox 360, and I have my friend's copy of Black Ops 2 and I was wondering if I downloaded his copy onto my Xbox, would he still be able to use his copy at the same time as me? - Thanks, Cheez
  56. M

    Can you suggest some games ?

    Can you suggest me some games for pc, i would like third person action and maybe-1st person action games... I already played : Far cry 3,4 , splinter cell blacklist , asssassins creed, battlefield and call of duty and hitman
  57. M

    Looking for a really good gaming laptop and stuck with with so many choices, pls help:((((

    i'm looking for a really good laptop to play some games like assassin' screed, COD, GTA 5,... and now i'm having so many choices such as (i like this one because of it's design)...
  58. W

    Transfer Call of Duty Heroes Account from IPAD to Android

    Can this be done?
  59. M

    buying a new laptop

    im going to spend about 700-800 dollars but i want to buy to within the hour, i want to use it to play games like csgo/dioblo/bf4/cod/and others
  60. J

    Looking at cheap gaming laptops

    Can the Acer aspire V Nitro run Call of duty titles like WOW, BO1, MW3, and BO2 at good god. If it can't can you recommend me a good laptop that costs less than $1000 and can run newer titles at good fps