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  1. Wendyful


    Hello, I'm a Newbie, so please be kind :confused2: I am now working from home, Windows 10 thru my work's VPN OKTA. The only headset I could find is a SPRATECH, I bought the last one. It has a 3.5mm jack but comes with a 3.5mm/USB adapter. So it works ok with the CPU tower I have from my work...
  2. Y

    Cisco User Session Monitor preventing shutdown

    Hi guys, Last night I attempted to shut my machine down only to find something peculiar, the following message appeared: (my name)User_Session_Monitor_Cisco is stopping the machine from shutting down My computer is based in a home environment and is not connected up to any work environment at...
  3. O

    when i shutdown my pc there is a notification saying (name)_cisco_sesion monitor is ti bad?

    I am on windows 10 and I use my laptop at home
  4. G

    I forgot my password on Cisco how do I change it on my iphone

    MY service went down and went it came back up They are asking for my password and I cannot retmember it how do I retrieve this password or change to a new one.
  5. J

    Cisco agent thin app not working

    I'm currently running sophos on my network with Fore scout. there's a thin app that a user is trying to run but it gets shutdown. The app starts to show signs of life but after the badge disappears, the mouse shows the circle showing something is loading and then disappears. nothing...
  6. G

    Help addressing an unknown background app

    what is *username*user_session_monitor_cisco? I can't seem to find anything helpful via google...
  7. J

    What is User_Session_Monitor_Cisco?

    When I shutdown my pc there is something preventing it from shutting down called (my name)User_Session_Monitor_Cisco can you tell my what this is and if it is bad
  8. B

    I hooked up my Cisco and I have Wi-Fi where would I find the password and the address

    I am trying to get it to work on my tv and phone, no computer.
  9. C

    I have to connect my TV to my cisco cable box with YBR (don't ask). I have an older Sony Surround Sound home theater system, b

    How to connect an older Sony home theater system to a cisco cable box
  10. S

    How can I get the password for my Samsung Galaxy s7 active

    How can I get the password for my Samsung Galaxy s7 active from cisco wi-fi
  11. N

    Concise books for Networking cert

    I am reading now CISCO published CCENT ISND 100-101 which is my my 1000 pages...I wanted something to learn faster to prepare by skills...What series make good networking as well as good sys admin books for exams? Thanks!
  12. D

    I need Cisco password. I have a brand new Chromebook 11 i3 and I can't get in anything [:-)

    I'm going to enjoy Chromebook as soon as I get in. I have mrsbill wifi but I can't connect for myself or a guest until I find out the way to get a Cisco password. Stuck.
  13. L

    cisco wifi guest access password

    Looking for the Cisco guest wifi access password
  14. K

    i need the cisco password please for my son icraig tablet

    Password for cisco
  15. C

    Need password to connect

    Need password for Cisco connect
  16. T

    What is the Guest Access password?

    Hello, i need the Cisco Guest Access password for iculooking-guest. Thank you so much in advance.
  17. B

    How do I get a Cisco password for my sSamsung galaxy

    I need a Cisco password to operate my Samsung galaxy
  18. P

    Need November 26, 2014 guest password

    Need a current Cisco guest connect password for November 26, 2014
  19. P

    need wifi password for cisco

    Had wifi accesshere but had to restore my tab 4 and now it keeps asking for password.
  20. S

    password for cisco connect 2014

    Hey , I Was Just Wanting To Ask What's The PassWord For Cisco Connect ? Because When I'm At Home It'll Connect And Then Lead Me To The Page ! But Then I Usually Have To Put A PassWord In . And I Don't Know The Pass Code !
  21. S

    I need Cisco connect guess password to get internet on my android smartphone

    I need Cisco connect guest password.
  22. E

    Cisco Connect *guest access password*

    Guest access password
  23. G

    cisco connect guest password for wifi

    I need the Cisco connect password for android
  24. T

    Cisco Packet Tracer server software function

    There s a question for a table of chocolate in my class.In Cisco Packet tracer when you use a server you can choose software for it.For what good is it in the program?(operating system,wireless billing,medical,business,managemant, etc)Any help?I like chocolate...
  25. C

    I need password for cisco connect

    Can't get password for cisco connect
  26. M

    need guest password for cisco connect

    Need guess password for cisco connect
  27. C

    Homesupport cisco com

    Hello, Can you reset my cisco wireless router password?
  28. P

    Password for Cisco guest for

    requesting password for a guest
  29. aebome

    Ideas? Cisco 8642HDC doesn't play nice with IR system?

    Usually I'm on the end end of these posts in the computer hardware section here at Tom's but I've come across a problem with my IR distribution system that is making me wonder if I have to start over. I sure hope not. The connecting block is a Xantech 789-44 with a Xantech receiver (unsure the...
  30. B

    Www 192 168 33 1 guestnetwork cgi

    Can you please help me with the password for Cisco Connect.
  31. exfileme

    Cisco Apologizes For Weird Linksys TOS Agreement

    Wording in the TOS for Cisco Connect Cloud said the company could keep track of the user's internet history and other information. Cisco Apologizes For Weird Linksys TOS Agreement : Read more
  32. S

    192 168 33 1 Guest Network I can not unlock my new Ipad, I am being asked to put the passord and only Cisco cnnnect can help. WHAT IS THE PASSWORD?
  33. N

    Xp delay before logon screen

    After installing Cisco AnyConnect Start Before Logon (SBL) , XP machine now has three added "tasks" (applying network settings, applying computer settings, running computer scripts) . There is a long 3 minute delay at "applying computer settings" BEFORE the logon screen even appears. removing...
  34. D

    Onkyo TX-NR609 comcast cisco remote control codes

    I just purchased an Onkyo TX-NR609. I can control my TV and DVD player (all functions) but cant get the Comcast Cisco RNG 150 Cable Box to do anything- Yes- I'm lazy and everything should work through one remote control. Called Onkyo and they only provided me with the codes I already tried to...
  35. P

    Solved! How to get cisco security key

    How do I get a CISCO security key? I have a new ACER notebook and can't get into the internet.
  36. G

    Rumor: Cisco May Consider Selling Linksys

    There is a persistent rumor that Cisco has no more use for Linksys and is intending to sell it. Rumor: Cisco May Consider Selling Linksys : Read more
  37. S

    phone blackberry integration to your existing cisco voice network configuration

  38. H

    Solved! Cisco 430 cable box

    Is this cable box functioning with the Universal MX-900?
  39. G

    Remote codes for cisco cis430

    I need a remote code for the Cisco CIS 430 for my Bose Universal remote
  40. D

    Scientific atlantic cable box codes

    I'm looking for a manual for the cisco cis430 set top box(scientific alantic)
  41. JMcEntegart

    Apple Licenses Yet Another Cisco Trademark

    Another iProduct, another trademark already owned by someone else. Apple Licenses Yet Another Cisco Trademark : Read more
  42. exfileme

    Cisco Access Points with CleanAir Tech Coming

    Cisco's CleanAir help help reduce interference in wireless networks. Cisco Access Points with CleanAir Tech Coming : Read more
  43. Onus

    Cisco VPN on 64bit Win7

    I apologize for not doing a little more research, however I am at work with limited resources and other...constraints. More and more people are wanting to connect to our intranet using a VPN from home, and an increasing number of them are, or will be, unable to do so because their home systems...
  44. exfileme

    Cisco's Orbital IP Router Test is a Success

    A router orbiting in space could lead to military and commercial Internet based in the heavens. Cisco's Orbital IP Router Test is a Success : Read more
  45. G

    Cisco Seeking ODM WiMax CPE Makers In Taiwan, Say Sources

    Cisco Systems is seeking ODM partners for the production of WiMax CPE (customer premise equipment) products in Taiwan, in part to leverage the cluster of WiMax suppliers on the island, according to sources in Taiwan's WiMax industry. Cisco Seeking ODM WiMax CPE Makers In Taiwan, Say Sources ...
  46. G

    FBI Concerned About Chinese Counterfeiting Cisco Routers

    Washington DC - An unclassified government PowerPoint presentation documenting Chinese counterfeiting of Cisco routers has been published on the net. FBI Concerned About Chinese Counterfeiting Cisco Routers : Read more
  47. camieabz


    Bring the Noise, Time, Belly of the Beast. Wrong one. LoL. Currently crunching numbers on "Anthrax Toxin (P.A.)". The Afgan war came to Scotland! Its a big un too. 22hrs at 50% complete. Will this be the norm from now on? Athrax, Typhus, Cholera? :cool: <b><font color=blue>The Cisco...