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  1. S

    Sharing cellphone internet to Dlink 882 router

    I have: W10 enterprise Verizon Moto G7 Power Dlink DIR-882 router I need to share the Verizon internet service to the 882 router<->users.
  2. Paul Wagenseil

    How to Factory-Reset Your Router

    The Russian VPNFilter malware infects many home Wi-Fi routers. Here are reset instructions for the most popular router brands. How to Factory-Reset Your Router : Read more
  3. R

    i cant connect to wifi it shows no internet and when i use dlink dwr 710 it shows internet kindly help me

    hello iam using toshiba satelite c55 c5240 laptop i used to stay in hostel there i cant access my wifi and before that i used to connect using dlink dwr710 router when im in hostel i cant even connect to wifi where as everyone use easily but iam not kindly help me anyone
  4. N

    How to find out my wifi password

    bought a new dlink modem configured but password not gtg how to trace
  5. M

    Create a home Media Center.

    Hi, I hope someone can help me with something. I have a Desktop PC with 2x D-Link NAS connected where I keep my work, backups and some media like photos, videos, series. I have other two laptops, ipad, and iphone. I would love to be able to make the media folder available for all those...
  6. S

    Mikrotik Router for Home Use??

    well, I used two router so far ... the TP-Link wr841n & currently using Dlink 605l. Have browsing problem with both of them. So I'm trying to get a new brand for router. so many of choice. I chose Mikrotik (didn't buy it yet) because of high ratings. Though it seems like most of the people...
  7. M

    how can i open a DAT file from my-dlink cam

    hi im using a d-link cam for surveillance in my house.but the file type im getting the video file is the DAT file type and i cant open that file type ,not in vlc player neither.im using the d-viewcam software.can anyone help me here
  8. D

    format Dave's camera

    I got a Dlink camera I got SD card I need a format for it without a computer
  9. T

    Is it even possible? (Home streaming - D-LINK 868L + Smart TV + HDD, computer off)

    Hi, I just purchased a D-Link AC1750 (DIR-868L), to go with a MacBook and a Smart TV (KDL-48W600B). The router has an USB port, which I intend to use for connecting a hard-drive containing films and music. I'd like to use this setup as a local film library, one I can move films to from my...
  10. L

    locking dlink wifi

    I have bought a link gamer lounge,when I got it I was told it works just like a WiFi router. I've now got it connected to my internet and use for my WiFi. The problem is that so do at least 9 other people. If anyone knows how to get in and set a lock for it please help me asap. I can't even use...
  11. A

    Using a ADSL WIFI Modem+ Router only as a router

    Hello, I am using a D-Link 2750u Modem+Rtr, and my ISP has already provided me with a modem that receives a Co-Ax input and we get the internet via Ethernet. this Ethernet i have connecte dto our D-Link. I have configured the Router. But i can't seem able to get internet access. The Ethernet...
  12. I

    Internet extremely sluggish and occasional "server not found" on firefox.

    Hello everyone I am running windows 8.1 on a laptop. So long story short my ISP had a problem ("Unidentified Network") with my whole house yesterday, fixed the internet in 2 days , then only skype was working but firefox said "server not found" and other browsers didn't respond at all. Then I...
  13. M

    how to change the dlink etisalat password

    i want to change my etisalat dlink router password
  14. J

    how to rename your dlink router

    I have a dlink router and want to change the name and password on it.
  15. A

    what is the default password of dlink lan camera

    how can you retrive password of d link network camera? model no. dcs 2103
  16. B

    Help setting up IP Camera

    I have Westel modem ( through Verizon and a Dlink 655 wireless router ( I am trying to set up a Tenvis JPT3815W IP (, port 82) camera. I can access through my LAN but not over the internet. After several hours a day over this week I decided to ask the...
  17. R


    I'm building a surveillance system for some small computer clusters and I'm having trouble finding the right cameras for the job. I've been focusing most of my attention on the AXIS cameras but have recently stumbled across some d-link cameras that are substantially lower in price. I've been...
  18. P

    Question regarding prioritization with D-Link router

    I would like to know if there is any way a computer can prioritize all of my days if I put in all the information that it would need to know. If so could you email me at pricemark26@gmail.com what I need to do in order to be able to have the computer prioritize my days for me. Thanks
  19. M

    D-Link Wireless Camera Password

    Hello, Anyone known what is the default password for D-Link Wireless Camera..? Thanks...
  20. exfileme

    New D-Link Adapter Streams Intel Core-based PC to TV

    D-Link has launched a wireless adapter for HDTVs that supports Intel Wireless Display technology. New D-Link Adapter Streams Intel Core-based PC to TV : Read more
  21. G

    D-Link Boxee Box, Reviewed

    How does the long awaited Boxee Box compare to the Logitech Revue? Boxee’s killer when it comes to media viewing. D-Link Boxee Box, Reviewed : Read more
  22. E

    Roku boxes and alike

    Hello, Media boxes? I'm seeing some different boxes out there lately. Roku, D-link DSM 380 & Sony SMP-N 100. What is the best for the money?
  23. G

    Steps to setup D-Link dwl 2100ap Wireless router

    Hello, pls i need to set up a new wire less password on the d-link
  24. dconnors

    CES 2010: D-Link's Gaming and Storage Routers

    Whether you need built-in storage or a gaming-friendly router, D-Link has got you covered. CES 2010: D-Link's Gaming and Storage Routers : Read more
  25. G

    Move Media to the Big Screen: D-Link MCE

    There are too many complicated ways to move your media to your TV. Our first part in an ongoing series tackles D-Link’s new Media Center Extender. Move Media to the Big Screen: D-Link MCE : Read more
  26. E

    D-Link 655n router

  27. G

    D-Link Appoints New CEO And President

    Taiwan-based branded networking device maker D-Link has appointed Tony Tsao as its new CEO and president starting July 1, the company said after a board meeting last week. D-Link Appoints New CEO And President : Read more
  28. G

    D-Link Sales In North America Up 16% In Q1

    More here at
  29. G

    Zyxel Sues D-Link And Waveplus

    Zyxel Communications has has filed a complaint against D-Link and Waveplus Technology for switch-related patent infringements. Chip supplier, Waveplus (a Sunplus Technology-invested design house), is being blamed as the cause of the dispute. More here Zyxel Sues D-Link And Waveplus : Read more
  30. G

    D-link USB adapter question

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.tivo (More info?) I had a d-link dwl-122 "b" adapter connected to my TiVo and it was slow but it worked. OfficeDepot had a D-link dwl-g120 "g" adapter on sale for $20 after rebates so i bought one of them yesterday. It seems like it transfers slower than...
  31. papasmurf

    unlock port for serving games

    how do I unlock my D-Link DL-704P so I can serve games and upload files through msnger? I tried getting to D-Link but they discontinued the router and they don't want to help me out :( ps there is no manual! ARGH! In battle Israel uses F-16's and big ass tanks, Palestine uses small children...
  32. K

    mp3 recorder

    Hey, I'm looking for a reasonably priced semi-decent mp3 recorder. On the cheap end it seems like there are some D-Link models out there (DMP-100 and DMP-110) but they don't have the capacity i'm looking for. I was hoping to get one that could support flash cards up to maybe 64 or 128 MB...
  33. J

    Tom should not review MP3 players!

    David Stellmack's article about the D-Link MP3 player further reinforces my belief that Tom's Hardware should stick with what it knows - which is not MP3 players. To my memory this site has only discussed a small handful of players (HD players to be more precise). They end up only being...
  34. S

    DLink HD MP3 player

    After reading the article about the DLink hard drive mp3 player I am left with one question. If the HD can be removed and plugged into you PC, did you try simply plugging the drive into your pc and copying on all your mp3s that way? Seems that would be a lot faster than using the USB.
  35. G

    USB Hub conflict

    Hub is a DLink and there are no drivers available at their site. Win2K hangs on shut down. What shall I do next to solve this? I tried a new Belkin hub with same results. d
  36. A

    Does anyone have a compaq mp3 player??

    I was thinking about getting a compaq mp3 player. My d-link broke and is outta warranty. Has anyone had 1 or known someone that has?? How do they hold up?? I've heard they are quite good. BAN Tbirdinside, and AMDmeltdown