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  1. K

    7plus defect home button

    So the home button on my iPhone 7plus is ruined. Tried switching without luck. So I was wondering if anyone knew how to set up the virtual on screen home button? The problem is that I have not set up my phone with iTunes, so I'm struggling to connect the phone since it's impossible for me to...
  2. S

    Solved! Keyboard Lenovo Ideapad 110-15isk keeps typing q

    Lenovo Ideapad 110-15isk laptop keyboard keeps typing the letter "q". Sticky key is off and after inserting a usb keyboard the problem still persists. Also, a colleaque of mine who repairs laptops said that it had to be replaced and that it takes more than one day? Is that true? I'm worried that...
  3. S

    asus zenbook UX305F doesn't turn on because of motherboard and microburn - hidden defect?

    Hello, My Asus zenbook UX305F (or FA?), didn't turn on one day, when it was about to be 2 years since I bought it. The warantee was only for one year, so Asus simply said I could send it over and checked but it would be expensive... Basically, I went to a local repairshop, and he said the...
  4. A

    No sound in my headphones but the speaker plays well.

    No sound in my headphones when plugged to my laptop. But the headphones doesn't have any kind of defect as I've checked with other devices. Any kind of help would be appreciated!
  5. M

    How to get numbers from dead phone

    Have a dead lg phone and need contacts from it. Won't turn on or anything, internal defect. Phone Company could not help me.
  6. B

    I have a sharp aquos LC-60EQ10U I started getting flashes on the screen. The image jumping. Showing a double image. Started li

    Needs help. Under 2 yeard old. Image issues. Doubles. Blurry. Image jumping.
  7. S

    no power at all

    I have my problem now regarding my unit. There's no power at all. It won't display. Is this a company defect because I didn't encounter it before with my previous unit. I just bought the unit, just less than a month now.:-(
  8. O

    buy defect handheld computer?

    Sony vaio c1 sony vaio p hp jornada Where can I buy defect handheld computers? Cabinet and keyboard must work. Thank you.
  9. M

    acer aspire one zg5 defect

    i have a problem. my acer aspire one zg5 is defect. all the softwares are deleted and if i turn the power on there is only a full black screen( nothing else) and f1,2,12 etc dont work. same with control alt delete and ctrl shift esc. pls help me. i have windows 7 on a cd and i have a other pc too.
  10. Boutchoo

    Dell E7450 Battery Voltage matters?

    Greetings! I recently bought a Dell E7450, but after a few months, my battery began to be defective. I ordered a replacement from Dell. Old Battery : 54Wh - 7.4V 6986mAh - 8.7V New Battery : 54Wh - 7.6V 7340mAh - 8.8V I was simply wondering what pushed Dell to make this revision on the...
  11. J

    Inverter or ccfl tube defect ?

    Inverter or ccfl tube defect ? My laptop, fujitsu siemens Amilo li3910 with 18,4 inch lcd-screen with inverter and ccfl backlight has a problem. The symptoms are: 1. At startup (power on) backlight starts but is off after a few seconds. When i operate the f10 key (controls single and or double...
  12. G

    replacing a defect graphics card in laptop

    Hi My laptop Acer aspire 7520g has a defect graphics card It's a mxm2 type slot Nvidia geforce8400g. what can I replace it with? I would like to upgrade - not too expensive and where can i buy?
  13. A

    No sound of fan or air coming from laptop.

    hello everyone i recently buy a hp 15-r078tu laptop.i noticed there is no sound of fan,no air coming from laptop run fine without any my doubt is it is a laptop that is designed to work without fan OR a laptop with defective fan.:??:
  14. P

    Diagnose Camera Problem? Canon S90

    I wanted to ask if anyone in the community could perhaps help diagnose my camera problem. I believe it has something to do with the lens because I only see the image problem in some pictures but not others. The image defect appears as a curved, darker section running vertically through the right...
  15. monocycliste

    Yoga 13 battery defect?

    Hi, I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 13. I have been using it over the past few days and I noticed the battery level goes down A LOT when it's in sleep mode. Yesterday it went from 98% to 78% in 3-4 hours when the lid was closed. Closing the lid put it in sleep mode automatically. Is it a...
  16. R

    DSC H55 defect - please take a look

    Hello Guys: I have a DSC H55 for 2 years. Just eventual use. Last week I noted that pictures are looking weird (pictures took in automatic mode). Please, take a look: Pictures with and without flash are...
  17. K

    LEnovo Y560 plastic mask broken

    Metal hinges from the screen broke the plastic mask in which they were screwed in. It seems a defect of the whole series, since I can see it all over inernet. There is no Lenovo support here, and it's past warantty period. Where on the internet can I buy those plastic parts?
  18. QilleRz

    About my charging style

    Hello, the situation is here. I just bought a new laptop Dell Inspiron 14 with Li-Ion battery of 65Wh. My question is, is there any defect to my battery if I am not oftenly charge my battery to it full power then I put it out to run the laptop in AC power supply without the battery? The...
  19. P

    I bought a defected computer what can I do

    Hello, Hi I bought this computer from dell Jan 2012. There's a defect and the manufactor (dell) told me you only had 21 days to get your refund. Here's the promblem the cusor or mouse moves when your typing, I can't type a full page without the cursor jumping to another line.
  20. exfileme

    Another Nexus 7 Defect Appears, Affects Touch Screen

    Another Nexus 7 defect leaves the screen unresponsive on the right side when held in portrait mode. Another Nexus 7 Defect Appears, Affects Touch Screen : Read more
  21. G

    Asus 1025c lcd defect?

    When I jiggle or apply any sort of pressure to the frame supporting the lcd, a small ripple occurs in exactly one spot (top left). I'm not gripping it very hard either. Is this a defect? Would it be worth returning? If the problem is minor, like this is, would ASUS care?
  22. M

    DV 9000 DEFECTE

  23. S

    Solved! Dlp tvs red lines

    We have red lines on our 8 year old tv and the lines are more than ever. Is this a bulb problem or do we have a serious defect. I think it is more with DVDs but sometimes we have it on the TV when viewing regular programming. Thank you.
  24. Marcus Yam

    Report: MSFT Knew Xbox360 Scratches Discs

    \One lesser known, but still common enough defect is the Xbox 360’s nasty habit of scratching discs while inside the console, creating another undesirable type of ring of death. Report: MSFT Knew Xbox360 Scratches Discs : Read more
  25. G

    Hard Drive Defect? Anyone have this happen to them.....

    Archived from groups: (More info?) ......, there is a defect (for lack of a better word at this time) when I record and play back programs. Theres a tranparet squiggly line which covers half the screen, that slowly moves across the screen. It pauses on the pause...