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  1. E

    Solved! cannot install adobe flash player

    cannot install adobe flash player 64 bit on windows 7 professional
  2. B

    Solved! install flash player on rca tablet

    how come keep getting message sorry cant play video on all downloads
  3. B

    Laptop that supports Adobe flash player i don't alot of money

    I need a laptop that supports Adobe flash player i don't have a lot of money. I really need good laptop.
  4. T

    Flash player has stopped working in all browsers

    On Sunday evening flash player has stopped working in chrome, the browser I regually use. I have tried reinstalling flash but that hasn't changed anything. I have since installed other browsers, both firefox and opera and cant get flash to work in either of them. I cant think of any changes...
  5. A

    can't get flash player, what do I have to do to get it

    Adobe flash player won't work, all i get is a blank screen, can't play games and friends videos won't play the screen just blurs
  6. S

    Solved! Does Marshmallow support Flash Player?

    Hey, gang. I have a Samsung J-3 (I think), that is equipped with Marshmallow. Sometimes, I will get the message, "This device is not equipped with Flash Player. Please go to Adobe.com, blah, blah, blah." Upon clicking the website, there is no option for downloading it onto an Android...
  7. J

    My download for Adobe Flash Player goes to 90% and it stops; telling me to close Firefox. I can't close Firefox and have to a

    Adobe Flash Player Goes to 90% and Stops! My installation process goes to 90% and stops. A message tells me to close Firefox. I try to close the Firefox tab and it won't close. I have to abort the installation. I am running on Windows XP. Am I too obsolete with Windows XP to run Adobe Flash...
  8. D

    Google Chrome Help

    When I go to any webpage a little icon pops up in the address bar that says flash player is blocked & cookies are blocked. I've changed all this in settings but it's like it has a mind of it's own, It won't do what I want it to do?
  9. F

    Chrome Shockwave Flash crash on HBO

    Hi, I'm using chrome to watch HBO through its website. Flash player is constantly crashing however in chrome. It usually runs about 30 min before the first crash. After that it crashes every other minute. It says that the flash player has crashed. It driving me crazy. I have googled a lot but...
  10. C

    Websites look weird

    This happens with most websites and its very weird? Any solutions would be a help. It is worth noting that i have reset my cache and cookies and also uninstalled and reinstalled flash player
  11. Sgtjacques

    Headset Mic Problems

    So recently, i thought that my adoble flash player had an up date so i clicked it and ran it. After that i learned that it was going though skype and i ended the process. Now my headset will be working fine but my mic will randomly mute itself and the only way i can get it to work again is by...
  12. C

    Youtube using flash over html5

    Not really sure what category i should put this under, but youtube is using flash over html5. When i first load a youtube video it comes up with a playback error but if i refresh the page it starts the video with flash. Again, sorry for not knowing where to put this, but can anyone help out?
  13. P

    I cannot load youtube although i have Agobe flash player installed.

    I cannot get youtube musyc although I have flash player installed. I get a message to install adobe flash player.
  14. C

    Flash doesn't show video on some websites

    I've never had this problem before with adobe flash player. On some websites I'll get just the audio part + the buttons and interface (not on all though) but not video. I don't have any problems with the computer itself, the browser or any other conflicting software. I've used the same setup...
  15. V

    i cant download or install adobe flash player

    i have tried to download adobe flash player on my pc and i doesnt do anything
  16. G

    Installing Flash Player

    how am I gonna say it... everytime I download a new browser, I am requested by sites I use to download Flash player. but I noticed already that everytime I go to control panel there is an entry called "flash player (32 bits)". if I already have flash installed, why are sites asking to install it...
  17. P

    chrome fails to play BBCiPlayer

    Hello: does anyone have a fix for chrome latest to fail to run BBC iPlayer? I removed adblock plus, removed cookies/ history, R & R'd chrome, flash player R&R'd, other streams work fine (not bbc). Thank you.
  18. S

    Adobe flash player is installed but apparently need a updated on My IMAC

    I have checked my updates and Adobe advise I have the up to date version! When I go to download pictures on the website it advise my Adobe not updated.??? So I updated it then go back to the website and same thing happens again, still need updated version. Can anyone help? or had similar...
  19. X

    Minimum requirements needed to play Youtube HD videos and run VM smoothly

    I am planning to buy a laptop (but I still can't decide whether to get new or refurbished) which I would use mostly for browsing (especially for watching Youtube HD videos and playing any other Flash and HTML5 content. I am also planning to run a virtual OS. What specs should I look for? P.S...
  20. E

    please how can i connet my laptop to a projector using flash player??

    good day please i need help,how can i connect my laptop to a projector/monitor after it went through network updates issues??
  21. Wile E Coyote

    Plugin container.exe firefox New Fix.

    To day i have figured out a way to disable firefox's plugin container.exe. Here is the deal The old way still works. But some where in firefox 4.0 they have added an option to flash player called protection mode.I found it on a link some where in Adobe site. Here is is the deal if you...
  22. D

    I have downloaded the latest version of adobe flash player. I use Mozilla firefox for my laptop which is xp. I cannot open an

    Hello, I am having problems with opening my file for the updated adobe flash player. I have xp on my laptop. I can download it with no problem but when I go into the file I cannot open it to run the program. I hope you can help me. Thank you.
  23. A

    Adobe Flash Player 21.0 r0 has stopped working

    That is the message I get every minute or two. Usually I am on a yahoo page, but it has happened other places as well. Occasionally it is paired with a beige bar with a blue "lego" piece under the address bar that says "The Adobe Flash Plugin has crashed...Learn more". That is more rare. It...
  24. Marshall Honorof

    Adobe Preps Urgent Flash Fix; Latest Versions Half Safe

    Adobe is preparing to issue an emergency Flash update for a flaw, which, if left unchecked, could let an attacker hijack an entire computer. Adobe Preps Urgent Flash Fix; Latest Versions Half Safe : Read more
  25. P

    java and flash player in one phone

    is there a phone that you can go to a real game sight and play. Like (pogogames.com)
  26. S

    Adobe Acrobat Updater

    I've been having an issue for awhile now, but ignored it because I was planning to have all new stuff, but due to being sent a bad HDD, I ended up using my old one for my new build. I do NOT have adobe acrobat. I have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and CS5.1 as well as Adobe Flash Player 11. Every time I...
  27. A

    How do i turn off hardware acceleration on flash player 20.0?

    Im using W10/Mozzila firefox. i found flash settings at control panel but there is no HW acceleration.
  28. N

    Unable to play videos (VLC, YouTube, MPC-HC etc.)

    Problem: ------------------ I can't play videos, including ordinary video files and any type of YouTube video. I've so far tried mp4, webm, YouTube and mkv. None of these work. The files won't play in VLC, MPC-HC or Windows Media Player and webm doesn't work in any of these including chrome...
  29. K

    Chromebook web browsing

    Hello, i want to buy my mom a laptop. But since she will only surf online ( watch videos, read stuff) i taught about getting a chromebook. I would use it sometimes too. But what i am not sure about is the video support on the chromebook. Can i watch videos from other websites? For example...
  30. F

    Youtube not playing

    Youtube is not even loading thumbnails and its not loading videos, the video window stays black and comments arent loading either. Its kind of a new pc too and i dont know if it has something to do with the flash player
  31. M

    Unfixable Flash Player problem

    This happens about 20 minutes after I start up my computer. Facebook freezes and displays "A plugin (shockwave flash) isn't responding. YouTube page loads but video can't play even though the video plays. Other websites that use flash cease to work also. The same is for all three browsers...
  32. K

    Problems with adobe flash player

    Everything were fine, and today i went to youtube and see that "Adobe Flash Player is out of date". And there is green button "Update flash" i clicked it downloaded, installed and installation failed "Could not install Adobe Flash player" with no reasons why.
  33. G

    Flash player Acer aconia 4.4.2

    Need to install flash player for my Acer Aconia A3-A20.......have no idea where to find it!
  34. L

    Can you download flash player on notebooks?

    I'm getting an asus eeebook mini laptop (notebook) and was wondering can you download flash player
  35. W

    Adobe flash player version

    What version of Adobe flash player should I install for Maxthon browser version
  36. N

    adobe flash player is not installing in my computer.

    I'm getting blank screen while installing adobe flash player set up. Mine is windows7 home premium 64 bit. How to resolve this?
  37. O

    Youtube crashed pictures

    I use Google Chrome and whenever i open Youtube , the channel's picture of any channel on Youtube is not showing and appears as crashed like this :- http://imgur.com/Qf8sVjQ http://imgur.com/ZFikavE the videos are working fine, the thumbnails of the suggestions are showing just fine and also...
  38. Q

    Mozilla outdated adobe plug-ins

    there are 2 plug-ins right now that Mozilla tells me is outdated Adobe Flash Player (v15.0.0.223) Adobe Reader ( even though i already updated them i still tells me there outdated. what course of action do need to take to solve this problem.
  39. L

    my computer won't download latest adobe flash player

    I can't play youtube videos anymore (as of today) on my macbook OS 10.6.8. I click on a link to download the latest version of adobe flashplayer and it takes me to a page that says "here is another product that may interest you" and there's nothing there. I'm taking an online class and can't...
  40. R

    Can I get flash player for the Kyocera hydro?

    Can I get flash player on my Kyocera hydro? When I try to download bejeweled twist it says I can't bcuz I need flash player?
  41. E

    Videos won't download???

    My PC has stopped downloading videos. Also have the "Adobe Flash Player" malware messages.
  42. E

    How do you get rid of the fake "Update Adobe Flash Player" malware?

    Malware: Adobe Flash Player "Add-On"
  43. F

    Flash Player Installation

    Please help. I am trying to download flash player on my laptop and it won't work. Any suggestions
  44. K

    free adobe flashplayer

    Is there an adobe flash player that is comparable with Motorola phone free
  45. T

    Youtube videos freezes for a second

    Hello everybody, I'll try my best to explain my self. Just some weeks ago I bought this laptop, and I haven't had any problem watching videos I download, movies I've download or even playing videogames like The Sims 4 or Don't Starve. But everytime I try to watch a YouTube video, while it is...
  46. T

    adobe flash player stops installing at 96% why

    adobe flash player stops installing at 96% it tells me to exit internet explorer but everything is closed out on it
  47. B

    adobe flash player for toshiba pro theatre L5400vj android tv

    Hi..all need to know why can't and if can how to install adobe flash player android tv Toshiba L5400vj. thank you forum
  48. S

    Mozzilla Firefox wont't install adobe flash player

    Do not understand...
  49. T

    laptop doesnt start up

    Hey can anyone help, something happened to my laptop when I installed flash player and it started running very slow and stuff was popping up every 3-4 minutes so I tried resetting my laptop which fails because it ran out when it was upto 25% and now when I turn my laptop on it says "diagnosing...
  50. I

    Adobe Flash Player

    Hi my name is Amber! I recently got a new computer. And I like to play this game that is a retro called boon.PW.com and it requires for your computer to have adobe flash player. But there is were my problem is I click on to install it but it says that my device can't have adobe flash player. I...
  51. S

    Why can't I install Flash player it says not registering, it downloads but won't install

    I can't install flash player in Internet Explorer with Window 7 premium it downloads but won't install it say not registering is this a Windows issue or Internet explorer problem. I just can't figure it out, I have been trying to install this for over a week and the problem Eludes me. I have...
  52. C

    Unable to download adobe flash player

    When I try to download adobe flash player it says I don't have enough priviledges I am the administrator and the only user of this Windows 7 laptop. Is there an easy way to solve this problem. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.
  53. J

    Error keeps popping up when I use uTorrent?

    Whenever I open up uTorrent to start downloading something, I keep getting this Adobe Flash Player ActionScript error and I have no clue why. I've reinstalled both uTorrent and Adobe Flash Player and I keep getting the same error. This error just started like a week ago. Here's a screenshot...
  54. O

    adobe flash player

    I am bewildered and I hope someone can help me.I have an Acer 7535, running windows 8, I lost the key for my disc and cannot buy another one.I tried to download Adobe flash player, I go through the whole set up, however it is not in my add and remove programs. When I am watching clips on the...
  55. F

    Need help with downloading

    My laptop was working fine with games, then the next day it said I need to update my flash player. My laptop wont let me. In fact it won't let me download anything. I have followed all the steps correctly. Is there something in the DOS that needs to be fixed?
  56. hjj174

    Windows still tries to open program at startup after uninstallation.

    Windows keeps trying to open Rocket Tab every time I turn on my pc. It's an adware that I deleted but apparently not all of it. Any tips for getting rid of this annoying remnant of adware.
  57. D

    Why does Flash Player minimize itself if a muted fullscreen window?

    Why does Flash Player minimize itself if a muted fullscreen window?
  58. akaikisaki

    Youtube videos not playing

    Hey guys, For the past three days, youtube just keeps on showing the error- 'an error occurred please try later' The whole youtube page loads just fine i:e, thumbnails,,comments..etc. But i am unable to watch any video due to the error. Then i checked other video streaming sites like...
  59. B

    chrome plugins not available

    Since yesterday im unable to watch videos on youtube on my tablet it says- There was a problem while playing.touch to retry and it doesnt work.after a bit research i found that this can be due flash player disabling so to enable it i opened this page -chrome://plugins/ but it says- This web...
  60. a59

    All my browsers lag

    Hello people. This is kind of an odd issue, i have a relatively fast computer, i5 CPU Sandy Bridge, 8GB of Ram, SSD, and Windows 7 64-bit, my OS experience is rather solid until i start one of my browsers, be it Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox, the lag is easily noticeable and tough to...