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    Question iPad 2 freezes during downloads of any apps or music

    Software 9.3.5 Model A1395 I've tried different types of apps and music and it goes to a rectangle with a progress circle going endlessly in the middle until I restart the thing. They say they're compatible from version 9.3 and above.
  2. S

    Question Laptop keeps crackling and sound popping/freezing

    Every time I watch something or listen to something, the audio always does this: View: My laptop freezes and the audio keeps popping. I've been trying to fix it for a while but I've had no luck. Does anyone know why?
  3. B

    Is my computer broken?

    My laptop has been freezing. If I do a factory restore and it continues freezing, does this prove there is a hardware problem? there are no viruses, thanks for your help
  4. S

    Laptop or its interface freezes randomly, unfreezes when AC is plugged in or taken out. What's causing this?

    Hi guys--lost my old account somehow so I'm even noobier than I was before...anyway... I'd say the problem has gotten out of control. Worse? I'm not sure--just that sometimes it can freeze 10-15 times in a hour. Maybe more. It froze about 10 times in the duration of me typing this out. Using my...
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    PC Freezes when turning on/off Reciver (HDMI)

    Hello, I have my custom built PC (Windows 10) with a GTX 1080T Video Card plugged via a 20 foot HDMI to a Sony DH-770 Receiver as a 3rd monitor (Other two monitors are Display Port). Whenever I turn on or off the receiver (regardless of the Input) the PC will freeze for roughly 10 seconds and...
  6. I

    Laptop freezes after startup (after resetting pc)

    I've had my Asus Gl552vw laptop for a year now and after trying to run the game golf with friends it suddenly started heating up so I panicked and turned it off asap. Then when I started to run it, it started freezing after around 10 seconds after logging in. I decided to reset the laptop and I...
  7. S

    Laptop freezing, slow and 100% Disk usage?

    Hello, i have been years reading in this forum, but i have never been a member, now i need your help! I have a laptop (Asus Q304u) (Bought 6 months ago) Specs: Intel core i5 7200U 2.5GHz - 2.71GHz RAM: 6 GB 64 bit windows 10 home 1000 gb Hard disk (Model: ST1000LM035-1RK172) Asus page...
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    ROG G751JT Freezes and Powers off when adapter is unplugged

    I have a used G751JT Laptop that has recently had it's battery replaced and a new power supply. It's run like a champ the whole time. Recently, in the last day or two, it will freeze after a short while, and nothing fixes it short of a hard power off or literally pulling the adapter. No logs...
  9. noyaus

    Chrome Freezing on Windows 7 making everything freeze/lag or slow down

    Hi Guys When I open chrome now it has a moment were it now freezes out of nowhere. Like when I type it freezes. It works well on IE11. I am not sure what is going on. It happened to Task Manager as well. i just uninstalled AVG and replaced with Trend as my Antivirus expired. Now it is being a...
  10. neoxblu

    Toshiba Laptop running slow and becomes unresponsive while surfing the web

    Hello everyone, My moms laptop runs incredibly slow and becomes unresponsive randomly when surfing the web, task manager will take forever to open and windows lags. She mainly uses it to surf the web/watch videos, I'll use it every so often and I too experience the lag shes complaining about...
  11. A

    MS Office 2013 hangs every time

    Here are the specs Laptop: Lenovo OS: Windows 7 64 Bit updated to latest patches Processor: Intel i5 2450M @ 2.5 GHz RAM: 6GB Office: MS Office 2013 Pro-Plus I have been using this laptop pretty well since June 2012. But recently since last 5-6 weeks, any Office application does not connect to...
  12. C

    Solved! Has anyone else had problems with Netflix HTML5 freezing computer?

    My laptop has a Quadro NVS 5100M 1GB w/ latest drivers based on the GT330M DX10.1 i5 M520 dual core w/HT @2.4GHz 4GB DDR3 Win 7 64 OS on SSD problem with firefox 32/64, cyberfox, chrome and IE Netflix with HTML5 = whole computer including mouse freezing every second then stops freezing when I...
  13. A

    Windows 10 freezing at register screen after formatting the pc.

    I just finished restarting my pc, I erased everything, after that happend, my pc just froze at the register screen. I could not move my mouse or keyboard, Is there a solution or it's just the hard drive?
  14. iXorizon

    Laptop shutting down and freezing at random times

    So 1 month ago i accidentaly "punched" my laptop and it started doing weird things like crashing, shutting down then after windows screen showing BSoD and freezing completely. my pc specs: 4GB Ram DDR3 (i dont know manufacturer or model) Intel i7 2670QM 2.20ghz Intel HD graphics 3000 1 GB vram...
  15. H

    Hard drive momentarily stops reading/writing when performing certain tasks

    Hi everyone, I've been having this problem a few weeks now and I'm hoping I could find a fix for it in this site. I would describe it as the following: When I'm unzipping relatively large zip files (30gigs for example) my PC freezes repetitively for a minute or less during the whole process...
  16. LegendaryLeader

    ROG Asus Laptop Freezing After Startup

    Hello! As I've stated in the title of this post, my Asus Laptop has been constantly freezing. I attempted to get into my laptop over 30 times by now and still keeps freezing. First, here are the specs to my laptop: Asus GL551 15-inch Gaming Laptiop Intel Core i7-4720HQ 2.6 GHz Processor 16 GB...
  17. J

    Laptop Freezes on Boot Up

    Alright so my laptop has been having this persistent problem where the computer will turn on and freeze up in the first minute or two of use. When it freezes, the image on the display becomes distorted and requires a hard reboot to fix the issue. This can happen a few times before it stays on...
  18. H

    my laptop is freezing

    hi everybody and thank you for helping me; i am using a 6 year old asus k50id laptop t6570 core2duo 2.1 ghz cpu,geforce gt 320m 1gb gpu,3 gb ram.the problem is when i play videos on the net especially youtube,my computer is freezing and after 20-200 seconds it continues from where it was or the...
  19. S

    MSI GE70 Froze Up.

    About a month or two ago I bought an MSI GE70 from Amazon to use my mobile gaming machine, which so far it has done exactly what I have wanted of it. Although I have been having an odd issue with it recently. So I'll be surfing the web or whatever, watching YouTube and all of a sudden the GE70...
  20. N

    Laptop Freezing Or Screen Turns Black Just after Powering On

    Hey guys so my current laptop that i have been using the past couple of months is Compaq Presario CQ62 (model:310AU). over the past couple of months i have been upgrading the laptop, i added 4gb of ram, i added a ssd and also change the processor from a crappy 1 core 2.3 to a dual core 2.9...
  21. K

    Nvidia driver 350.52 and up will freeze my computer on start up .

    So this started about 4 months ago when I took notice of a Nivida driver 350.12 driver that is for my 640M on my gigabyte U2442N gaming laptop. It froze on start up and cause my system to malfunction when even the restore recovery wasn't able to fix it. While in San Francisco in May 2015 the...
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    Google Chrome Mmsterious crashing and freezing?

    Hello i'm not sure if i am in the right thread as this is first time posting on Tom's hardware, I assumed this would come under Social Networking as i use google chrome to browse Facebook and you tube but it keeps crashing. The problems that i am having is that when i've been using google...
  23. P

    Dell Precision m6600 laptop is freezing

    Gentlemen, Hopefully someone out there can help, and sooner than later. I have a customer at my shop that brought in a Dell M6600 laptop with windows 7 isntalled. Originally when we diagnosed it, it had a bad solid state drive, we replaced it with a Samsung Evo 850, re-installed windows, and...
  24. C

    Chrome Freezing Computer

    I have found that chrome causes my computer to freeze and i don't know what it is. I will be browsing and the computer will start to hang and in task manager it shows performance of everything is normal except for disk, I have an ssd and the read/write speeds are 0, but the disk is using 100%...
  25. S

    Google Chrome Unusable For Me! Freezing and Errors Everywhere! HELP!

    For the past few days Google Chrome has been absolutely unusable! Whenever I click something the whole page freezes! Every single time! I can't open a new tab or anything without freezing! It will also stop responding etc.. I tried Internet explorer and although I'm not getting a lot of...
  26. P

    iPhone is freezing up after last update

    What's up everyone! So I updated my iPhone when iOS 7.1.2 came out and ever since I have been having issues ever since with my phone freezing for about 30 seconds to a minute, mostly when I am text messaging. Also, it is guaranteed to happen when ever I try to zoom in and try to choose my text...
  27. S

    Help, MSI GT70 freezing/BSOD, CPU related?

    My MSI GT70 for the past while has been freezing, sometimes on startup just after login others more randomly. The laptop will freeze and not recover if left so I will have to force power it down. The BSOD I've been experiencing seem to be solely caused by launching World Of Warcraft. I've tried...
  28. C

    Computer keeps freezing for unknown reason

    Hello guys, I have been strugling with this problem for about 6 months now and I really cant stand this anymore. My pc freezes at random times, may it be when i turn on my pc or maybe when its idle or when im on it, my point is it is random. So I had a computer guy come over and check it for me...
  29. M

    Bluescreen and Wireless Network Issue.

    Hello, I'm not sure how we get the ball rolling to help identify the issue but the basic problem is that my laptop appears to be having some sort of hardware issue. There are two issues, one is that I get a bluescreen randomly and other times the wireless network adapter stops responding and...
  30. D

    Lenovo Ideapad y510p Windows 8 problems or something else?

    I got a new Ideapad a few days ago and it's already giving me problems. It has 16GB ram and 24 SSD. Yesterday there were problems with connecting to the wifi, a problem I've had with a tablet on Windows 8 before. Today I was playing South Park on Steam, when after 2 hours of gameplay, the...
  31. D

    Computer is randomly EXTREMELY SLOW.

    I tried to scan for viruses but there seems to be an error and scanning takes a very long time because of how slow my computer is right now. I can barely move my mouse without it freezing constantly, programs literally take 5-10 minutes to start up, and it just annoys me how slow this is. I...
  32. P

    Asus eeePC: Win7 Starter freezes on startup with cursor on screen

    Hi, I have an Asus eeePC1015 with Win7 starter that has been working flawlessly since I got it about 2 years ago. Since last week, I'm unable to complete Windows startup: Windows starts but freezes with the pointer in the middle of the screen. I am able to open Windows in safe mode, and it...
  33. J

    Frequent Laptop Freezes

    I purchased my Acer Aspire V3-771G-9875 ( in the end of September in preparation for my first year of University. The freezing first occurred a couple weeks after purchase, I was worried at the time, but simply hard reset the computer and...