Laptop shutting down and freezing at random times


Nov 4, 2016
So 1 month ago i accidentaly "punched" my laptop and it started doing weird things like crashing, shutting down then after windows screen showing BSoD and freezing completely.
my pc specs:
4GB Ram DDR3 (i dont know manufacturer or model)
Intel i7 2670QM 2.20ghz
Intel HD graphics 3000 1 GB vram
windows 7 ultimate 64bit
the laptops model is dell inspiron n5110 it is 4 years old

i asked my dad to buy me a custom pc but i must use this one until he buys the parts

also it shutted down after GTA V of 5 minutes


Yoakim Anastasov

Jun 2, 2015
It could be that some components got loose after the "punch". The easiest thing to try is to open the RAM cover and try to put out all the RAM modules, clean up the slots with a brush and some air and reinsert them back. If that doesn't help, find a tutorial of how to disassemble you dell model (there are plenty of videos on youtube), remove the CPU cooling and the CPU itself, clean up all the dust accumulated for those 4 year and reinstall them back. Do not forget to apply thermal paste before reinstalling the cooling! Meanwhile, look around for any cable that might be detached. If this doesn't help too - sit down and wait patiently for your dad to by the new parts :)


Dec 6, 2016
I agree that it might be the harddrive, you can also use Crystaldiskinfo, i think it's called. Free program for checking disk health.
Oooor in worst case scenario, your gpu was damaged from the punch, and you can't fix that in a laptop :/ (not on your own at least)
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