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  1. S

    Malwarebytes blocked a site due to Hijack?

    I just got a pop-up from Malwarebytes that said, "website blocked due to hijack." I was not looking for any website at the time, though I did have several pages open. Should I be concerned?
  2. S

    Cloud hijacked my photos

    I had to reset my phone to factory settings. I saved everything in Google Cloud. When I went back to Google Cloud to get my pictures I was given a message saying that I had revoked my own access and to contact customer support. I did not revoke my access and now I'm supposed to pay them to get...
  3. D

    Yahoo has hijacked my Firefox browser. Running Win 7 SP1 Please help!

    Yahoo has hijacked my Firefox browser on my Gateway laptop. Running Win 7 SP1 Need help with step by step instructions. Please help am a novice!
  4. N

    How do you defeat malicious ads like this?

    This ad came up earlier in a new window, while browsing some of the slummier parts of the internet. Adblock was disabled at the time, since it came up through one of those obnoxious sites that demands you disable your adblocker before you can do anything. However even WITH adnauseum enabled...
  5. L

    Browser Hijack FIX (please HELP!)

    ive done every guide there is about how to remove this malware... from adwcleaner to NPE, done a quick and full scan, have chrome tool cleanup and browser reset, i also remove any suspicious file from my control panel, i try to manage the hosts file from my systems 32 and still this website...
  6. L

    HELP!! Hijacked PC!!

    My husband and I have been invaded by R.A.T.s....will we ever be safe on the net again? I was able to do a fresh start on my Windows 10, but hubby got it worse than me and his 8.1 is gone! He is still trying to do a reset and can't. Is there a way we can find out how they got in? He suspects...
  7. H

    Someone has hijacked my router! What now?

    My NETGEAR C-7000 modem/router has been hijacked and my ISP (Comcast) refuses to help! I unplugged it from the wall and from coax for 2 hours in an attempt to reset my IP, which it did. However, no more than a minute or two later, the attacker was back. This time, he had changed the addresses of...
  8. S

    Solved! Hijacked by S.coldsearch

    I can't seem to get rid of s.coldsearch from Chrome. Help!!
  9. J

    HELP!! all my browsers have been hijacked

    I've followed the tips here - https://malwaretips.com/blogs/remove-browser-redirect-virus/ I downloaded all of the utilities mentioned and ran them. but none of them were able to find the infection. But both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome continue to have a redirect hijacker that is making...
  10. D

    Yahoo hijacked chrome. HELP

    So basically, I messed up. I downloaded a program on my laptop that came bundled with malware. Fortunately, I deleted all added programs manually, and with the help of some cleaner tools, but just one thing remains. Every time I open chrome, I get redirected to this link...
  11. R

    How can I find out if I have a duplicate Facebook profile to delete?

    I was spoofed, I have now made my friends list available only to me. Some of my friends responded to the hijacked invitations to become friends...
  12. M

    Malware infested in Google Chrome. Double search bar popping up

    I want to start off saying that I am your typical above par computer enthusiast. I know how to fix any problem I come across 100% of the time but this one is sneaky. It's some sort of malware which infested itself within my google chrome browser. Basically, the way it works is whenever i click...
  13. A

    hijacked web browser

    http://zodiac-game.info/ I have been hijacked by some adware that opens the website linked above every boot cycle. I also see the cmd pop up for a split second every half an hour or so, barely even noticeable but it's there. I have tried avast, malwarebytes and a couple other antiviruses but no...
  14. G

    browser hijacked by Symatec

    every day at a specific time, my browser opens a specific page: http://www.symantec.com/connect/blogs/download-insight-sep-121 my antivirus does not detects it, although I will still make a full scan today to see if it finds something. any tips on how to remove this thing?
  15. G

    Web pages have invisible layer over them (Virus?)

    Hi there. Recently I've had a run in with a possible virus that causes an ad to appear whenever i open a page or new tab on chrome, despite the adblockers I use. I think it was called super new tab or something. I searched it up and did some actions to clear it, which involved uninstalling some...
  16. tigershrimp

    Help! My browsers were hijacked!

    Hello, I'll be honest with my story, I've been using a program (StartIsBack++) which increased size of icons in my taskbar since in W10 they were so tiny, but it had a trial which apparently ran out so I went out searching for a key so I wouldn't have such issues. But the damn keygens ( which...
  17. X

    How long does steam support take to respond to lost accounts?

    Locked my steam account and now want to reopen it. Wrote a ticket 5 weeks ago. Ref. No. 7527-QTAV-4658. Didn't got reply till now. How long does it take them to respond? Please help.
  18. S

    Cant remove omniboxes search engine

    I've been hit with the infamous omniboxes homepage hijacker. I've uninstalled it from my computer I've run hitman pro to remove it And I've reset the settings on my google chrome. On google chrome, while the homepage is now fine, whenever I search in google, it takes me to the omniboxes...
  19. Z

    What is PUM.dns?

    What is PUM.dns?Is it a virus or someone hijacked my computer or something?It was detected using RogueKiller.
  20. I

    Search engine on Google Chrome's Address Bar Hijacked

    I've been having this issue for quite a while now, but no matter how many antivirus scans I run, I still have this error. The address bar for Chrome, is, by default, set to Google Search. But for some reason, when I search a keyword, I get automatically rerouted to Yahoo Search. In my settings...
  21. N

    how remove avirus from mac book pro

    hijacked by ilivid, ask and search
  22. R

    How to remove safesearch.ch search engine from chrome

    The issue am facing is safesearch.ch search engine has hijacked my chrome browser. Actually i fixed changing my home page but could not change the search engine . when i click the safe search engine a pop up shows it is privileged by administrator. also i tried to remove it in built in...
  23. M

    Help! Adware/Browser Hijack

    Hello , I recently built a machine. The second day i switched it on , every site i browsed had an invisible layer of link on it. When i clicked on the page it redirected me to some ads. The site/adware is rdsrv.com it keeps irritating me. I have tried many tutorials on the net but none worked...
  24. B

    Mozilla Firefox Right Click Hijack

    Im not sure if this is where to put it but my father is having a very frustrating problem with firefox in that whenever he uses the internet with it and opens a new page by right clicking the page redirects to stuff like game of thrones and if you search in google for something and click on the...
  25. A

    "SalePlus" Browser Extension - Hijack Virus

    Just a little advice to those needing, as i've just been effected by this pesky SOB, ignore everything you read on anything regarding SALEPLUS (or SalaePlus as it was labeled in the root folder) unless you read it here I for the life of me couldn't figure out how the hell to get rid of the...
  26. U

    MyStartSearch? Browser hijacker. How do i remove for free? please help.

    Hello, I just got back on my computer after about only four hours of no use. I come back and for some reason it is at the log in screen when i never shut it down or restarted it. I log in to it and all these things are suddenly on my desktop and downloaded, for example, computer maestro and a...
  27. kol12

    Post malware cleanup

    I have had someone help me remove a browser hijack malware. The problem is after being told to reset Internet Explorer settings the search providers and default homepage have not been fixed. The person helping thinks this ok but I think he is wrong would like another opinion. Some pics here...
  28. N

    the browsers won't pull up --

    My daughter's computer got hijacked by the v9 redirect virus. Thank goodness, I was able to log on and download anti malware program and I uninstalled several programs. Then a friend ran the anti malware and the like programs with it in safe mode. BUT now even though we can clearly see there...
  29. Ferrariassassin

    How do i stop pop-ups and downloads on Google Chrome?

    I have tried going to "Settings", "Content settings", and than "Do not allow any site to show pop-ups (recommended)" and it did not help any, in fact i have seen much more Pop-Ups since i did this. Is there any way i can stop Pop-Ups on Google Chrome from popping up is is it not possible now...
  30. L

    magical jelly been hijacked IE 11

    although it said it would not install new stuff without permission - it did. Added AVG secure search and don't know what else. Now IE cannot find Yahoo or google- when I enter www.yahoo.com- a tab comes up that just says "new tab". I removed AVG - but cant figure out what else needs to...
  31. H

    ClientConnect hijacked my search page -HELP ME!

    I must have downloaded something, I mean I did. Now I have this stupid results by bing page, and on the bottom of the screen says it is by client Connect Ltd On a second note when I write comments for a WordPress website I get automatically connected to a yahoo search page saying your search...
  32. U

    Steam was hijacked

    For some reason, my steam (the application, not the browser) has pop up ads, and in some places, there is blue underlined text. Here's what I mean : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trhkSAIZiLc&feature=youtu.be
  33. linsyschopman

    Removing a keylogger

    Oke i'm going to keep it short, few of my accounts got hijacked by a keylogger. F*** my life. Anyhow, i formatted all my harddrives (os ssd, hdd) and did a clean windows install. Obviously i also changed all my passwords. Can i assume it's gone or? Thanks in advance...
  34. S

    Yahoo hijacked my homepage for both firefox and Chrome.Even resetting the options doesn't work, it will still boot to yahoo.ho

    Yahoo hijacked my homepage for both firefox and Chrome.Even resetting the options doesn't work, it will still boot to yahoo.home page. Even anti-malware apps don't work. Please help!
  35. J

    Toolbar hijack by search.conduit, pop-up add in bottom right corner saying third party wants to change my home page.

    I have an annoying repeating pop-up box on the bottom right corner of the screen that says a third party is trying to change my home page. I have also noticed that instead of the usual bing or google search.conduit opens up instead. I have read about search.conduit and am worried it is a toolbar...
  36. S

    How to Fix a Browser Hijack

    This is how you fix/remove a browser hijack. Step 1. Uninstall the program from the computer. Step 1.1. Find out what the "hijack" is. Step 1.2. Find the program in Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs (Programs and Features) Step 1.3. Uninstall the program. Step 2. If you cannot find the...
  37. M

    loss all my contacted !

    need help restore mobil phone 2go. i think ,i been hijack !
  38. exfileme

    Anonymous Releases Twitter Hijack Tool

    Anonymous has released a Twitter tool that hijacks trending topics and lets the user tweet messages within them. Anonymous Releases Twitter Hijack Tool : Read more
  39. B

    Hijack, Redirect, What do I call this?

    What is it called when you visit a web site and are then redirected to another site and a dialog box pops up and says something like "Your computer may be infected, click here for a free scan."? This only occurs on one specific web site. As far as I can tell my system is not infected. I simply...
  40. exfileme

    Firefox Add-On Can Hijack Facebook, Twitter

    A freelance software developer has created a Firefox plug-in that allows the user to scan a network and steal cookies for hijacking user accounts. Firefox Add-On Can Hijack Facebook, Twitter : Read more
  41. exfileme

    Microsoft DNS Hijacked by Spammers

    Two Microsoft addresses were used to push pills for a fake online pharmacy. Microsoft DNS Hijacked by Spammers : Read more
  42. JMcEntegart

    Hijackers Take Over Hundreds of Facebook Groups

    Facebook is denying hijack claims this week after hundreds of groups on the social networking group were taken over by a group called Control Your Info. Hijackers Take Over Hundreds of Facebook Groups : Read more
  43. G

    bill vermillion - question about sphere console

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) Are you still out there Bill? I recently hijacked a sphere console that was number three of three custom made consoles for spectrum studios. It was headed for the dump (yikes!). I'm trying to track down info for it to decide if I want to...