Yahoo hijacked chrome. HELP


Sep 15, 2016
So basically, I messed up. I downloaded a program on my laptop that came bundled with malware. Fortunately, I deleted all added programs manually, and with the help of some cleaner tools, but just one thing remains. Every time I open chrome, I get redirected to this link: I've tried all I could to try to get it to stop redirecting me there, so now I'm reaching out to the internet for help. The programs I ran were: AdwCleaner-free version, Hitman Pro 3, Zemana AntiMalware, Chrome Cleanup tool, and Junk Removal Tool by Malwarebytes. None of them really helped much. When I go to "On Startup" in chrome settings, All the options to change the startup page are grayed out. I can't select them. I've even uninstalled and reinstalled chrome and reset the settings on it. I've made sure there are absolutely no programs on my pc that I didn't install that would cause this except for the removal tools. I thank EVERYONE in advance for helping me and I hope all the info helps. Thanks