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  1. E

    Yahoo backup application

    Suggest me which software is best for creating yahoo backup ? for Windows??
  2. M

    Solved! Yahoo mail issue

    I have used the same email address on Yahoo since I got a computer 20 years ago. Now there seems to be an authentication issue that Yahoo has changed and I can no longer use that email address for a lot of things it is either rejected is invalid or I can't send emails to other people from my...
  3. J

    Deleting Yahoo I want to search

    Went to settings went to manage accounts no Google on there won't let me turn off Yahoo search help on laptop
  4. C

    Find yahoo chat support page ?

    Am trying to get help with yahoo password have changed my number ambtrying to find a chat page for yahoo
  5. S

    Help us to confirm you own this account INSTAGRAM

    Hello, so.. Someone was able to get into this instagram account, and added this phone number. I was able to change the password and [CENSORED] before they could secure it. But now, upon logging in, I am greeted with this message. I have linked my INSTAGRAM with facebook and email when I reset...
  6. S

    Amazon prime app

    No Amazon Prime App appears when I go through Yahoo . I find lots of directions on how to add app but what am I do if Amazon Prime is not an available option
  7. M

    match.bnmla untrusted certificate

    On Yahoo, I frequently get a pop-up:" Untrusted Certificate: It cannot be guaranteed that the contacted server: - match.bnmla . com - is the one it appears to be." It shows ProgramFile\mozillafirefox\firefox.exe Reputation: (a green check mark) Discovered 1 month ago. Certificate: I...
  8. H

    How do I stop Yahoo from hijacking my Chrome search engine

    When I hopped on my computer yesterday, I opened Chrome and noticed that Yahoo was hijacking my search engine, and anything I searched went to yahoo. I went to the search engine settings and disabled yahoo, and what do you know, Yahoo still was hijacking my search bar. This is what keeps...
  9. I

    I'm locked out

    My cell # and email are different now lost password for my godaddy acct and yahoo. Have domain names from GoDaddy with matching email addresses ex: *** *** Was recovering from major surgery's I called GoDaddy C.S. was no help. Suggestions...?
  10. RepoDraghon

    Google search not working on Android and PC as of 2/27/2018, any idea why? anyone else having this issue?

    Is Google down? I can get Yahoo search but not Google... Anyone else have this issue? All Browsers are affected
  11. M

    I need help with lookin for old phone number

    I am trying to fine out whats my old number to my phone to get log in to yahoo
  12. D

    Solved! How can I sent email to all my contacts with a new email ?

    Hi I am getting tired of yahoo and its starting to give errors and it slow I might switch to gmail and something like that is there a way to do this or do i have to tell them ?
  13. M

    Solved! how to send e-mail from gmail using a yahoo e-mail address

    I'm trying to set up my gmail account so that i can send and receive e-mail from my yahoo account. i can receive e-mail from my yahoo account but gmail or yahoo is blocking me from using my yahoo e-mail to send e-mail with my yahoo address in gmail. it lets me select my yahoo address but once...
  14. V

    when searching with google I get yahoo results.

    As per title I keep getting Yahoo search results. I have no Yahoo tool bar/extensions installed. I have used the Chrome clear thinghy program. I have removed any other form of search engine other than google. Is it a virus? I'm on the verge of formatting my computer. Any help will be...
  15. F

    PERMANENTLY remove Yahoo from Firefox

    Firefox has somehow made Yahoo it's default search engine. Replacing it in Firefox's menu only works until Firefox is reloaded then your using Yahoo. Using about:config then searching for Yahoo then deleting or moding key values didn't work either. How do you terminate the Firefox-Yahoo...
  16. D

    I'm locked out of all my email accounts

    I'm locked out of all my email accounts. All of them have the wrong phone number. How do I contact google, yahoo and Hotmail? I need my contacts.
  17. T

    i have given up....

    Hi, I guess the titles is clear enough and will let you know how im feeling. It's been a year since stupid irritating Yahoo has hijakced my google chorme url search bar, and i have tried everything; literally every possible solution to get rid of it.. but NOTHING! I got rid of it once and i was...
  18. D

    Yahoo has hijacked my Firefox browser. Running Win 7 SP1 Please help!

    Yahoo has hijacked my Firefox browser on my Gateway laptop. Running Win 7 SP1 Need help with step by step instructions. Please help am a novice!
  19. T

    Google Redirects To Yahoo

    Every time I search in google it automatically redirects to Yahoo search. I have tried countless things. Setting Google as default search engine, resetting google chrome, re-downloading google chrome, restricting Yahoo in internet options, using chrome cleaner, removing all ab-normal programs...
  20. J

    How to retrieve a password for a yahoo account if you have no backup email?

    I forgot my password to my account and do not have an available email back up or phone number back up. is there any way i can get my account password changed?
  21. supmah100

    How to remove Search.Yahoo from chrome (only)

    So the problem is pretty straight forward... I have got something on my PC that redirects me when I make searches in the top bar to Yahoo! ( I have tried many full PC scans. F-Secure, AVG, Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes, Bitdefender and even Windows 10 Defender. Probably more as Chromes...
  22. J

    How do I stop the glitches in Chrome it's affecting everything...I quit it, powered on off and still does it. What do I do?

    The glitches started yesterday and continuing today. It's very frustrating ...I can't do anything with my pages. My facebook, Yahoo , The Weather Channel, etc. Can you please help me and tell me what I can do to fix it. Thank you
  23. D

    outlook syncing yahoo

    can outlook sync all 100 folders withnyahoo as well as the default folders
  24. J

    Yahoo Account Key useless

    I don't have a mobile device. Only a desktop computer. How can I get into my mailbox which refuses to recognize my password?
  25. S

    I have a yahoo account to my Facebook and I'm locked from another person black berry phone

    I AM locked out my Facebook another person that had a black berry phone use they password to get in my account I tried everything I also have a yahoo account for it can't get in to that! [don't post your email address on any forum, that how you get into trouble the first place]) I even my...
  26. B

    google redirects me to yahoo

    when i type in the search bar on google it takes me to yahoo. iv'e tried malwarebytes and it says Im protected but it still takes me to yahoo. iv'e tried so many things but nothing has worked can someone help please!
  27. I

    how to find my stolen laptop using model number

    i have lost my laptop ,unfortunately iam having only laptop model number and bill using that how can i track my stolen laptop help please
  28. S

    Yahoo homepage changed

    I am using Windows 7 and google chrome. Now my homepage has changed. I do not have the left side bar anymore. Please help in changing this back.
  29. D

    Can't get rid of Reimage Repair / malware

    Hi, When I browse (Chrome, PC, Win 10) I'm constantly getting notifications from Malwarebytes Anti-Malware that malicious websites are being blocked. Three domains are being blocked in particular:,, and See...
  30. D

    Yahoo hijacked chrome. HELP

    So basically, I messed up. I downloaded a program on my laptop that came bundled with malware. Fortunately, I deleted all added programs manually, and with the help of some cleaner tools, but just one thing remains. Every time I open chrome, I get redirected to this link...
  31. lynx961

    Am I being hacked?

    Hello Recently I’m getting notification e-mails to many of my e-mails that have bean accessed from another country or used as a fraud (Gmail, Yahoo, eBay) I have 2 yahoo E-mails; I get a bulk message from one of my yahoo e-mails to the second one. I get notification from eBay that someone is...
  32. T

    After logon, What is causing my page to change?

    After logging on, opening Yahoo, my displayed page changed and the address bar indicated: Dubious link removed by Moderator. This is the 2nd time in 3 days though the 1st time was a different address. I immediately banned the address each time but am wondering what is causing this?
  33. S

    Help can't uninstall a program which I believe is a virus ;(

    Hey, I need help I recently was downloading something and I found that a program called Yahoo! Powered is on my pc how ever it doesn't let me uninstall it. screenshots here: Help is appreciated thanks :)
  34. J

    making an internet start page?

    so, getting tired of using yahoo as a start page, id like to make my own, pick and choose the links and news feeds, remove the ads, etc.. but im not very well versed in html.. are there any applications that allow simple building of a start page or even a source of templates i can edit some of...
  35. A

    Adobe Flash Player 21.0 r0 has stopped working

    That is the message I get every minute or two. Usually I am on a yahoo page, but it has happened other places as well. Occasionally it is paired with a beige bar with a blue "lego" piece under the address bar that says "The Adobe Flash Plugin has crashed...Learn more". That is more rare. It...
  36. G

    Yahoo search results appears when I do a Google search

    Recently I've noticed that whenever I search something on Google, the first three results are always from either or another irrelevant website. Here are the screenshots . I have a feeling that I have been infected by an adware and please recommend ways to...
  37. T

    Undetectable Virus, PLEASE HELP

    Hello Tom'sHardware people! I come to you for guidance. Please, see this yahoo question to get filled in on my problem: If anyone has ANY idea at all how to remove the virus, please help. I really don't want to have to wipe...
  38. W

    Yahoo email retrieval without password or backup email?

    I wasn't sure where else to put this, as there isn't an EMAIL section. Anyone know how to retrieve a password for a yahoo account if you have no backup email? My dads computer crashed and he doesn't remember the password to his yahoo, Yahoo has no way of contacting them. Their "I lost my email"...
  39. a cooperator

    Is my Yahoo mail compromised since I've been notified "a successful sign in to your Yahoo account in United States."

    Hi, I've been recently notified via my Yahoo Email for one time with this notification below(I have replaced my real name with XXX). That message notification below was received to my Yahoo Email Today at 1:29 AM.(on Saturday, Mar 19, 2016, local time for Yemen). However, today in Yemen time...
  40. M

    How to reinstall Yahoo app on Samsung Smart TV

    I need help reinstalling the Yahoo app on my Samsung Smart TV so that I can install the Amazon Prime app. I accidentally uninstalled the Yahoo app before reading that I need it to install AP. The "smart" tv does not provide directions on how to reinstall apps. Thank you
  41. A

    Cannot Click Anything on Yahoomail! [HELP]

    Hello, i just wanted to ask about this problem (i didn't know where to ask and tried solutions on google but still didn't work) Okay, My mom's email (yahoo mail) is not working you can log in the account but you basically cannot click anything.. open emails., log out, click the settings bar .(i...
  42. S

    Alternatives to Bing or Google ?

    I used Google for a long time, and now Bing the last few yrs . Both of them give me less and less results for what i'm looking for , and more and more results trying to sell me something related to my search. Can anyone recommend alternatives to google and bing that will give me more results...
  43. D

    Yahoo browser hijack

    Ok, so the problem (for some of us) can't be solved in Google Chrome's settings, it for sure is a virus that some already identified as Spigot. Is it possible that the virus changed name though? I can't find it anywhere (ran a scan).
  44. C

    Typing a group name in the BCC line of Yahoo Mail

    Hello, I am not sure if I may ask this question here, but I have no idea where to ask it. Yahoo forums do not recognise the question, and Answers do not help either! I am using W.7 Ultimate, and Firefox Browser. In my Yahoo Mail, I have created some Groups in my contacts list. When I used...
  45. D

    camera for me

    Hi guys since Yahoo answers is * I thought I'd come here. I don't think I'd ever held a camera before but I wanna start. I wanna start doing photography as a hobby and maybe someday do it professionally. I'm looking for a top of thelinee camera like something photographers use themselves or...
  46. J

    convert yahoo email files to Outlook files

    Can I convert a Yahoo contact list to an Outlook contact list?
  47. Wing0

    How to email hotmail?

    This sounds like a dumb question but I got locked out of 3 accounts, my yahoo, steam, and hotmail. My back up email for hotmail is yahoo and vice versa. I contacted yahoo through their ticket system, but they ask to give my alternate email address, which is hotmail. So I ask them to email me at...
  48. C

    using windows 8. When I type into url, I do not get yahoo mail. This has been going on for about two days now. C

    when typing into url, can not access yahoo email. This start two days ago. Previously not an issue. have dell latitude E5540 with windows 8. Able to access yahoo mail on iphone ok
  49. la321

    mailer daemon yahoo spam

    My att yahoo email started filling up with mailer daemon failure notice about an hour ago for some reason i have no clue how this happened i haven't clicked on any links how do i stop this?
  50. G

    Searching on Google Chrome redirects to Yahoo Search

    The computer of someone I know has a massive problem regarding Yahoo Search. When entering information in the search bar, it automatically redirects to Yahoo Search. I did everything that is obvious, tried uninstalling suspicious programs (although there wasn't anything), checked Google's...
  51. K

    Yahoo Hijacking Google?

    Hi, So it seems Yahoo has manifested into my computer some how. I have tried conventional ways i.e Changing the search engine in google chrome settings. Checking extensions. Checking for unnecessary programs. But so far nothing has helped! No out of place programs. No Unheard of extensions...
  52. M

    HOW can I get rid of this

    I did somehing wrong now i have yahoo search and cant get rid of it help this poor soul thanks
  53. R

    About reseting facebook password

    How to reset password of facebook?? I'm in confusion that i followed all the instruction although my facebook is still block.. I used my yahoo id and i'm not getting any security code... yahoo id : < help me please.. i think someone hack my facebook.... i dont know what to...
  54. C yahoo redirect

    I have literally done and downlaoded everfything to remove this virus and it will not go away!!! I tried: Malwarebytes, FRST, tsskiller, rkill, hitman pro, adwcleaner, junkware removal tool I have deleted the extentions of all of the internet programs cleared the caches reset all 3 internet...
  55. A

    chrome suddenly cannot load for most sites

    Hi. I am on win 8.1 and chrome 39. Everything was fine until this morning when most sites could not load. Only yahoo, hotmail, gmail, google could load with no problems. Does anyone have the same problem? Thanks.
  56. Marshall Honorof

    Yahoo Ads Spread CryptoWall Ransomware

    The CryptoWall ransomware, one of the most insidious bits of malware in the last few years, was showing up through legitimate ads on Yahoo. Yahoo Ads Spread CryptoWall Ransomware : Read more
  57. F

    how can i reset my password on my cell cannot get thru customer service on yahoo been on hold for 3 hours

    how can I reset my password on mycell cannot get thru customer service on yahoo been on hold for 3 hours
  58. F

    how can i reset my password on my cell cannot get thru customer service on yahoo been on hold for 3 hours

    how can I reset my password on mycell cannot get thru customer service on yahoo been on hold for 3 hours
  59. L

    magical jelly been hijacked IE 11

    although it said it would not install new stuff without permission - it did. Added AVG secure search and don't know what else. Now IE cannot find Yahoo or google- when I enter a tab comes up that just says "new tab". I removed AVG - but cant figure out what else needs to...
  60. G

    Yahoo Screen App brings 'Community' to Xbox 360

    Yahoo is bringing its video app to Xbox 360 so you can watch the sixth season of "Community" from the comfort of your couch. Yahoo Screen also includes clips from networks like NBC, Comedy Central and The Onion. Yahoo Screen App brings 'Community' to Xbox 360 : Read more