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  1. LordVile

    Solved! Laptop buying help please

    Looking for laptops with these features: Must Haves: 1080p screen IPS or High refresh hopefully both At least a 1070 A true 4 core CPU with HT preferably. Must be understated, nothing overly gamery. Logos are fine even in RGB but no "racing stripes" etc Somewhat portable 16GB RAM minimum 256GB...
  2. V

    Solved! Laptop with i5 5200u or i7 3520m?

    Hello! I want to buy a laptop mainly for programming. I will also like to watch videos and browse smoothly and play games (like cs and not so high end games). So here are the laptops I am trying to compare: 1. HP EliteBook 2570p Intel i7 3520M 2,9GHz (up to 3.6), 4MB Cache Intel HD Graphics 4000...
  3. K

    Solved! Please help!! In search of a gaming laptop.

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to decide which laptop to buy but I'm not sure. I'm not a hardcore gamer (I usually only play adventure games), but I want to buy a good gaming laptop so that I'll get to play those kinda games for 3-4 years without having to buy a new one, or upgrade it. I'll use it as...
  4. K

    Solved! Asus FX503VM vs Acer Nitro 5

    i want to buy a new gaming laptop and i can't choose if i must go with the CPU or GPU Asus i5 7300 8 RAM 1000 HDD 1060 6GB Acer i7 7700 8 RAM 1000 HDD + 128 SSD 1050Ti I will use the laptop only for gaming, not video editing etc. Please help
  5. I

    Solved! Screen freezes on desktop and ingame

    Hello, My laptop is an ASUSROG502GL, Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM, Intel I7-7700HQ 2.80GHZ. My problem on the past days has been that when my laptop is on and I leave it idle for 20 minutes to go do something, I come back and the mouse moves but can't click on any of the open programs, I can...
  6. A

    MSI Titan 980sli vs Alienware R4 1070.....both second hand....opinions please??

    I have the chance to buy a.... MSI GT80S Titan $800 win10 home 32gb Ram 256GB SSD 1TB HDD @ 7200 RPM GTX980m x2 SLI INTEL i7-6700 No scratches and works good OR Alienware 17 R4 $1000 Intel i7-8750H 16GB Ram Nvidia GTX 1070 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD Win10 home (Guess) 1 Scratch where he plugs his...
  7. V

    Solved! Can I upghrade my Acer E5-571-38CR - i3-4030U to i7

    Hi, Could please anyone help me ... I have Acer E5-571-38CR - i3-4030U and want to upgrade it to i7... Is it possible? If yes, please let me know what i7 I can instal instead i3-4030U....
  8. N

    Should I buy this laptop for gaming?

    Should I buy this laptop for gaming? Dell/i7-8750h/GTX1050/15.6inch/8GB ram/1T HDD & 128GB SSD/fingerprint /no disk reader? Price on sale for the next 12hrs: $1067 in KSA so it's normally pricier than in the US. Currently own an HP pavilion with 8ram,1tb hdd, 840m and i7-4500U (for like 4...
  9. B

    Solved! Which cpu for VMware workstation (4-5 vm’s + host)

    Hello, As above, will a 4 core i7 8565u run 4-5 vm’s okay with 32gb of ram? Either through hyper-v or VMware workstation. I’m looking at 2 different laptops, one is a dell inspiron 7730 which is proper workstation grade laptop. It has a quadro p3200 and room for up to 128gb of ram and a great...
  10. S

    Solved! Laptop thermal problem (?)

    I bought MSI GL62M 7REX about a year ago with i7-7700HQ and GTX 1050 Ti 4gb, but i noticed that my laptop run slower than any laptop with similar configuration (i got ~690cb on cinebench r15 multicore performance), and my cpu sitting at 60-70 degree Celsius on idle. is it normal or something's...
  11. V

    Solved! 'Dead slow', Asus fx553vd-7700hq core i7 7th gen, 8gb ram but no peace, no life.

    I am using asus fx553vd-7700hq core i7 7th gen, 8gb ram but it works (booting, opening any software, heats up in multitasking, drivers are not compatible, etc) very slow than a normal i3+4gb laptop. I formatted it and again reinstalled OS (win10pro), then updated all the drivers but still I am...
  12. P

    Solved! Dell Precision M6500 - Random Lock-Up's & System will Power On without pressing Power Button?

    Hi - I have a Precision M6500 notebook, late 2009 with a quad-core i7 and Quadro FX2800M graphics, and would really appreciate some advice with this problem. Am running Win7 Ultimate SP1 - x64 bit, with all up to date patches, and as far as I'm aware drivers :) Avast, and SAS scans have found no...
  13. E

    Solved! I5 4200U replacement with the I7 4500U

    Laptop: Dell Inspiron 3537 I'm thinking of changing my laptops cpu to a more powerful one. I know that its technically not possible to do it but what if i would resolder/reball the new cpu to the socket. It should work because i believe that Dell uses the same motherboard on all 3537 model...
  14. S

    Solved! Helios Vs Omen Vs G7

    Alright, so I have done a fair bit of researching :pt1cable: on this. My budgests around 1250ish. Getting it strictly for gaming ;) . I have primarily selected 3 laptops but iam still confused between these 3 and don't know which on to go for. :pfff: So, my must needs are an i7 8th gen along...
  15. T

    should i buy that laptop ?

    Msi gt72 6gd (used) this laptop came with 8gb ram , i7 6700hq and gtx 970m 3 gb MXM but it was upgraded to gtx 1060 3gb MXM would it affect the g-sync? as i heard that it isn't official upgrading and g-sync won't work this laptop is for 737$ (897$ with shipping and importment fees) should i buy...
  16. E

    Lenovo Legion Y530 i7-8750H or i5 8300H

    Hi, Ihave to buy a new laptop and I'm choosing from these laptops: 1. Lenovo Legion Y530 (81FV00SLBM) 15.6" FHD IPS, i7-8750H, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, GTX 1050Ti- $988 2. Lenovo Legion Y530 (81FV007NBM) 15.6" FHD IPS, i5-8300H, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, GTX 1050 4 GB- $837 3. Lenovo Legion Y530 (81FV0074BM)...
  17. M

    Solved! I7 8750H 6core gtx1050ti 4gb msi or I7 7700HQ 6core gtx 1060 max-q 4gb lenovo ?

    I really dont know which one i should pick. I would need it for 3D modeling , vector graphic , video edit and effects . And sometimes games like PUBG , RDD2 , DBD , rust , FH4 etc . Both of them have 16gb ram 2400mhz , and basically they are same except CPU & GPU . So im asking especially about...
  18. D

    MSI GT75 (i7) vs Asus G703GI(i7)

    Hello, guys, Everything in the MSI GT75 Titan 8RG ticks the boxes for me but the only thing that I like about the ASUS is that it has an IPS screen AND 144hz and also its aluminium body looks better than GT75. I'm sure that should be a joy to look at all day long. However, I found on internet...
  19. T

    buying gaming laptop. need help.

    i'm from egypt and shipping a laptop from amazon costs around 140$-220$ so a 650$ laptop cost me 800$ absolutely i found 2 used laptop in my country 1- acer-aspire-a715-71g cpu: i7 7700hq gpu : gtx 1050 ti ram: 8gb ddr4 price : 793$ and the seller pulled out the (ssd) and told me if u want it u...
  20. L

    Can my pc run fortnite?

    Can my laptop with a intel i7-4702MQ CPU @ 2.20GHz 16GB RAM 1TB HDD NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M Graphics play fortnite and what are the comfortable settings to play on?
  21. M

    Solved! Should I downgrade the CPU of my Thinkpad X1E from i7-8850H to i7-8750H or i5-8400H?

    Hi, I bought a X1E with i7-8850H, 32GB RAM and two 1TB SSDs. I have noisy fan issue even I just surf the internet or send email. Will exchanging a model with i7-8750H or even i5-8400H CPU solve the noisy fan issue?
  22. J

    Solved! Overasked Question About Hot CPU/GPU

    I have an MSI GS60 Stealth Laptop with an (8th gen) i7-8750h @ 2.20 GHZ, 16 gigs of ram, and a Nvidia 1060 GTX Graphics card. When playing Black Ops 4 on my laptop, my CPU temp usually gets to about 78-83 Celsius, and my GPU is at about 70-73 Celsius. I have a cooler (Opolar Lc05 Laptop...
  23. K

    i5-8300h gtx 1060 6gb vs i7-8750h gtx 1060 max q

    Hi, I am looking to buy a laptop but I'm having a hard time between choosing Asus TUF gaming FX505 and Dell G7. I would like to choose the FX505 with i7-8750h variant but I am on a budget constraint that's why I can only afford the i5 variant which is the same price with Dell G7. Should I choose...
  24. Y

    Asus rog FPS drops

    Hey, I bought the asus g752vs with i7-7700HQ and gtx 1070. In have a huge fps drops in every game. I'm very frustrated and I don't want to do! I have all the Nvidia drivers up to date. Please help me! Tnx.
  25. R

    Solved! Planning to buy a new Laptop but cannot decide between 2 options

    Hi! Recently I've benn lurking on internet searching for a new laptop that I need for my work. I want to use this programs along with some gaming 3ds Max (modeling and rendering) Unreal Engine (Video game design and programming) Some Photoshop Little Video Editing After navigating stores and...
  26. M

    Solved! Mx 150 or i7 Laptop for editing?

    I want to buy a super light and thin laptop, that can hopefully do at least a bit of editing. In Ireland there are not many options for laptops, so im stuck with not too many. The main difference between them is that some have an i7 and some have an i5 and a GeForce MX150 2 GB, and I am...
  27. S

    Solved! want to disable hyperthreading but there is no option in bios for that

    i7-8550 model laptop lenovo ideapad 520
  28. open2screens

    Solved! Unknown Empty Slot in my Mother Board

    I have a Toshiba Portégé Z30-A. In the Motherboard (intel core i7 4th gen) i can see an Empty 5+28 pin Connector. i wonder it should be a PCIe express slot for SSDs. so any one of you please let me know what i thinking was correct and please tell me know what kind of PCIe slot is that and can i...
  29. E

    Alienware 15 R3 not booting up

    The laptop crashed once when I was playing dota 2 and showed a BSOD error of WHEA Uncorrectable error 0x124. It was overheating at that time a lot. Like it was scorching hot. Since then, it has not been booting up. System Specs: Alienware 15 R3 2017 CPU : Intel i7 7700HQ GPU : Gtx 1070 RAM...
  30. Nervly

    Solved! Upgrading CPU for VR! (i5-6500 > i7-7700k vs i7-8700k)

    I currently own an i5-6500 with 8GB RAM and a GTX 1060 3GB. My motherboard is a MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon. Most games I play are alright though sometimes I experience a lot of ghosting when spinning my head due to the FPS drops and some actually stutter when something faster's going on in the...
  31. S

    N5520 i7 3612qm Ram support

    Dear support, I would like to upgrade ram in my laptop I have 8 GB ram which is built in by Dell. I want to plug 16 GB ram in my laptop . Will it support 16 GB and do I need to update bios for upgrading ram till 16 GB. I have Dell N5220 i7 3612qm. Thanks.
  32. A

    Solved! Can I run GTAV with 7th gen I7, NVIDIA GTX 1050 4gb, and 4gb ddr4 ram?

    I currently have a Lenovo Legion Y520 with a 7th gen I7, NVIDIA GTX 1050 4gb, and 4gb ddr4 ram. Just wanted to know of it would be wise for me to buy GTAV now or is there anything I have to replace/get, like more ram?
  33. M

    Solved! Hp omen 15 config

    I'm looking at two laptops: 1. Hp omen-ce009NM -i7-7700HQ -8gb of ram -256 ssd + 1T hdd -gtx 1060 6gb g-sync 2. Hp omen-DC0026NM -i7-8750H -gtx 1060 3gb -everything else pretty much the same Can you guys give some suggestions on which would be a better choice and why? Also if this is a good buy.
  34. S

    Solved! Dell XPS L501X

    Hello, Greetings, I have dell xps L501x i7, issue i am facing is usb 3.0 is not at all detecting pendrives, i have tried several of them but the other side port are completely working fine. But when i reboot it work for a moment then it get automatically disconnected. I am not able to figure...
  35. T

    Solved! can I upgrade my GPU?

    I have an Asus X541-dm134v, with i7-7500U and GTX 920M, can I upgrade my GPU to something better and which should I go for?
  36. G

    An external harddrive to play games directly off of?

    I got myself a Lenovo legion Y520 (Core i7 8GB 256GB SSD 15.6" GTX 1050 Ti) and as seen it only has 256GB of SSD, and I frankly can't be bothered with constantly uninstalling games and installing others when I wanna play games on a whim, so I wanted to know was there a possible solution in the...
  37. M

    Solved! i5-8350U or i7-8650U?

    Hello, between the i5 and i7 CPU, are there noticable differences in terms of battery life, heat level and performance? I am trying to decide a CPU for the X1 Yoga Gen 3. Thanks
  38. D

    Best video card

    Dell i7 7 th generation with amd r7 445 or dell i7 8th generation with amd 530
  39. V

    Solved! can i upgrade(change to a better version like i7, i5 8th gen ) my Laptop's CPU.

    i was curious to know that can i upgrade(change to a better version like i7, i5 8th gen ) my Laptop's CPU. I've Sony Vaio SVF15218SNB RAM 8GB(UPGRADED: default 4GB) Processessor Intel corei5 3th gen(3337u) please let me know As soon As Possible
  40. R

    Solved! storage upgrade hp 450 g2

    hey all, I've got an oppurtunity to purchase a hp 450 g2 (the i7 version), however it comes with a 1TB HDD. I could get a 500GB SSD through my work, but I have no idea if it will work with the laptop. Anyone knows if it's suitable? I believe it would be a PCIE 2.0 SSD
  41. S

    Solved! Why is my gpu running under 70%?

    So I bought my laptop a month ago. It's an Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-51-7294 with i7-8750h processor, gtx 1060 6gb gpu and one stick of ddr4 8GB RAM(2666mhz). My problem is that in most of the games I get much lower fps than similar builds...
  42. R

    Laptop Suggestion Required

    Hello I am confused between choosing the right laptop i need it for occasional gaming and then general usage,running some VMs should i choose the HP omen 15 -dc0106tx i7-8750H 16 GB 144 Hz display GTX 1060 6 GB or MSI GP63 Leopard 8RE i7-8750H 16 GB GTX 1060 6GB 120 Hz display TN panel Please...
  43. I

    How much should I sell my gaming laptop for?

    I have a asus f550jx-dm247d and I would like to sell it to build my own pc with much better performance. Any recommendations for a 500$ gaming pc build? Also, these are my laptop's specs: Intel Core i7 4720-HQ @2.6 GHz or @3.6GHz with Turbo Boost Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M, 4096mb DDR3 2x 4GB DDR3...
  44. C

    i7 8550U mx130 lose i5 7200U 940mx HELP!!!!

    both ram is 4gb but i7 8550U mx130 play Far cry 4 got 0-60fps avr: 54 lag spikes , stuttering 24/7 avr fps more than i5 7200U 940mx just 3 fps but i5 7200U 940mx play Far cry 4 got 39-60fps avr 51 smooth no lag spikes or stuttering and on every game the i7 mx130 one got more than i5 940mx one...
  45. P

    Which Graphic cards are compatible for the HP Pavillion cb-001nd?

    I’m running a i7 7700HQ with 16gb ram and a Gtx 1050 4gb. I’m wondering can I use a Gtx 1080 TI? If not, which others could I use that are better then my current Gtx 1050 4gb?
  46. S

    Thinkpad t440p pricing?

    Hi everyone i was wondering what would the be the best price to sell a thinkpad t440p with a i7-4600m cpu clocked at 2.90ghz and 16gb of ram and a samsung ssd and a geforce 730m.
  47. S

    Upgrading my laptop's CPU from 15 2nd gen to i7 3th gen

    Hi , i have a sony vaio laptop Model sve141d11u with i5 2450m processor, i want to upgrade to a i7-2720QM , both are board compatible but the i7 has 45 tdp and mine has 35 tdp, is there any problem with that, or i can upgrade?. thanks
  48. M

    Performance of Ryzen 5 1600 vs Core i7 8750H laptop?

    Which one will be faster? I have tried to find benchmarks comparing but I have not seen any benchmarks that clarify this question. The reason for askingGL702ZC is because I am thinking getting either of the following laptops: - ASUS ROG Strix GL702ZC - HP Omen 15-dc0805no My main requirements...
  49. D

    Helios 300 2017 vs 2018

    Hi, I was looking to get a new laptop and I decided to go with the Acer Helios 300 (predator). As far as I understand the difference between the older (2017) and the newer model are as follows: - i7-8750h (2018 model) VS i7-7700hq - sRGB at 98% (2018 model) VS sRGB < 70% - 16 GB RAM DDR4 2600...
  50. I

    Upgrading my Laptop

    Hello! I'm currently using an HP Envy dv6-7308tx laptop with 8GB of DDR3 RAM and an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3630QM CPU with nVIDIA Geforce GT 635M (2GB Dedicated). I would like to ask if it's possible to upgrade my GPU. I'm assuming that dedicated means that it's not soldered on and can be changed.
  51. M

    What is the difference between these 2 laptops and which is better?

    Which of these laptops would be better to purchase? 1. 2. Does it matter if you get the Flex 5 or...
  52. S

    Help me choose mid range gaming laptop.

    Hi, I've been researching some mid to high end gaming laptops for hours now. FIrst of all, I'm looking for gtx 1060 (if possible not max-q) i7-7 or 8k series doesn't matter Storage tolerable since I can just upgrade it myself. Monitor 120/144hz preferably Budget $1.7k max Prefer Light/medium...
  53. M

    XPS 15 Ticking Noise while Charging

    Hello, I recently purchased(2 weeks ago) an XPS 15 9570 i7-8750H 1080p laptop and it has been nearly perfectly except one thing. While charging, and you put your ear near the laptop, it makes a clicking(or tick-tock) sound that occurs at a constant rhythm around 85% of the time when you plug it...
  54. S

    Solved! Stream laptop good?

    Hi, Im willing to stream soon and I am looking for a good laptop for this but also to carry to school ( university) and do my school tasks with it I got in mind the new Lenovo Legion Y530 I7 8th gen and 1050 graphics or the asus FX504 i7 8th gen 1050 TI graphics or the acer nitro 5 I7 8th gen...
  55. F

    Acer Predetor Helios 300 y'all

    so i found a new Acer Predator helios 300 variant in a mall it's model is PH315-51-59e7 with an i5 8300h + gtx 1060 6gb and i saw some reviews on this laptop but a different version which is the i7 8750h one but what i saw in the review is that Acer actually improved the laptop's color accuracy...
  56. D

    dell e6510 can i7 920xm

    Can i7 920xm be installed on the Dell Latitude E6510
  57. A

    laptop charge problem gaming

    hello guys please i got new pc laptop asus i7 / 8 gb / gt 920 mx but when i play some games the charge gone from 100 % to 0 in less then 1:20 hours is this normal ????? ps power mode is 50 % ... so i need to ask please is it normal to charge battery wile playing or surffing net ? or i need to...
  58. J

    Solved! ROG STRIX GL504 SCAR II VS Acer Nitro 5

    Here is the thing , my friend is about to buy a new laptop and he thinks the rog is worth the 50% price increase eveb though its the same spec ( except the ram ) ROG-2000$ NITRO-1300$ ROG: I7 8750H GTX1060 6GB 1TB+256GB SSD 8X2 2400MHZ DDR4 RAM Nitro: I7 8750H GTX1060 6GB 1TB+256GB SSD 8X1...
  59. A

    AC adapter alienware

    Hello , is this 330 watt ac adapter info (CN-0Y90RR-48661-57N-0IDN-A03 , DP/N 0Y90RR ,MODEL: DA330PM111 , OUTPUT 19.5V 16.9A , INPUT 100-240V ~ 4.4A 50-60Hz ,i think this is ref no:ADP-330AB DA) compatible with Alienware R4 17 (1080 GTX ,i7 7820 HK) . Thanks!
  60. K

    Recommend a laptop model that has eSATAp rev3(6Gb/s) port

    I am searching for an older refurbished laptop with a decent 3rd gen+ i5/i7 processor which must have an eSATAp rev3 6Gbps port.. Can someone give me a model number so that i can check it out ?