Why is my gpu running under 70%?

Oct 2, 2018
So I bought my laptop a month ago. It's an Acer Predator Helios 300 PH315-51-7294 with i7-8750h processor, gtx 1060 6gb gpu and one stick of ddr4 8GB RAM(2666mhz).
My problem is that in most of the games I get much lower fps than similar builds (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzPI7Ceb5Jg&t=239s). In Overwatch he has between 160-190fps and with the exact same settings, I have 90-110. I noticed that my gpu runs only at 65% maybe 70% and I think that's why I don't get maximum performance.
What could be the problem? The single 8gb memory stick? Even my friends with i7-7700hq but with 16gb of ram get higher fps than me.
CPU temperature is around 80-84 degrees and my GPU around 70 Celsius.
The next question...If the single stick ram is the problem...could I buy a similar stick from the same brand, same specs but another model? Would they work together in dual channel mode? I meadn they're both at 2666Mhz, 1.2V, CL19, 8GB.
Feb 27, 2018
Hi sz.eddy,

There is no thermal issues, V-Sync is disable because you have more than 60 FPS.
Your GPU can't be bottlenecked by the processor because of it's massive computing power.

Are you in "high performance" mode?

IMO, the single ram stick is your bottleneck here and you can buy another one.
Anyone confirm?

Feb 27, 2018
You're making a common mistake.

Having 7.7 gigs used over 8 makes your computer "swaping". It means that your computer is using the HDD or SSD to store information normally in the ram. And because the HDD/SDD is wayyyyy slower than ram, you have performance issues.

There's a difference having 1x8Gigs and 2x4 gigs of Ram.
In fact ram modules work by 2 in order to increae bandwidth and then performance.
So 2x4gigs is faster than 1x8gigs.

Oct 3, 2018
Uninstall all unwanted programs from your system. And when you play the game, close other background programs hogging your memory. Maybe use a cooling pad to keep system temperature lower!
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