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    Solved! How to buy a good ipad ?

    i want to buy a ipad but i havent know imformation for it
  2. L

    Mirascreen connect o Ipad2

    How to connect ipad2 to MiraScreen
  3. C

    Should I trade my Macbook Pro???

    I recently bought a gaming PC and it does just about everything I need so far. I have a Late 2013 Macbook Pro 15 inch 2.3ghz Quad Core i-7 16gb Ram 500gb SSD 750m 2gb GPU Now this is an amazing machine still and I mostly used it for Photoshop/music/movies But I have an offer of a 2015 iPad...
  4. P

    How do I send a picture on my iPad from the Messanger ap

    I have a picture in my iPad gallery and I want to send it to a friend using the Messanger ap.
  5. P

    Connecting Ipad to home theater and Epson projector

    I can connect ipad/iphone to Epson Home cinema 1040 for video display by using lightning to HDMI converter/cable. Now I want to use my Home theater system-Harman Kardon ( BDS 5 Blu ray) for sound. Harman has only one HDMI port. If I connect a HDMI cable (which need to be bought) from Harman to...
  6. A

    iPad-Pages-lost my text

    Why did my iPad suddenly lose alot of the text I typed? I was working on a document in Pages for iPad and flipping back and forth between apps. One time when I flipped back to Pages, it had suddenly lost a lot of the text I typed. Is there any way I can restore this text? Does anyone know why...
  7. G

    24-Hour Apple Flash Sale: Up to $400 Off MacBook Pro

    The best Apple device sale we've seen period is happening right now at Best Buy. 24-Hour Apple Flash Sale: Up to $400 Off MacBook Pro : Read more
  8. G

    24-Hour Apple Flash Sale: Up to $400 Off MacBook Pro

    The best Apple device sale we've seen period is happening right now at Best Buy. 24-Hour Apple Flash Sale: Up to $400 Off MacBook Pro : Read more
  9. G

    24-Hour Apple Flash Sale: Up to $400 Off MacBook Pro

    The best Apple device sale we've seen period is happening right now at Best Buy. 24-Hour Apple Flash Sale: Up to $400 Off MacBook Pro : Read more
  10. Mark Spoonauer

    Here's the Real Reason the New iPad Can't Beat Chromebooks

    The new 9.7-inch iPad is a powerful creative tool, but U.S. educators tend to favor Chromebooks because they fit our focus on testing. Here's the Real Reason the New iPad Can't Beat Chromebooks : Read more
  11. henrytcasey

    New iPad Hands-on: Chromebooks Can't Do This

    The new iPad costs more than a typical Chromebook, but it can also do a lot more in terms of AR and making learning immersive. New iPad Hands-on: Chromebooks Can't Do This : Read more
  12. henrytcasey

    Apple Unveils New $299 iPad for Students, Works with Apple Pencil

    Apple targets the education market with a new version of its 9.7-inch iPad. Apple Unveils New $299 iPad for Students, Works with Apple Pencil : Read more
  13. S

    The Find Command on an IPad Pro.

    I have a math textbook that I have downloaded into Notes on my iPad Pro. I would like to use the find command to go to a specific page but I am unable to figure how to do it. Any ideas?
  14. R

    Can't download/buy apps on Macbook but OK on ipad (same apple ID)

    Hi, I have just bought a 2nd hand Macbook Pro running El Capitan. I already have an iPad and iPhone and can download both free and paid apps on them. I set the Macbook up on my existing account but when I try to download any app I have to sign in with apple id, this works and I click install...
  15. G

    Cant add YouTube music playlists on iPad to YT Player App

    I got YT Player App on my iPad Air but I can’t add playlists videos from my YouTube music video playlists to YT Player App. when I enter my music video ID, it asks me to enter video or url , but there is no where on screen that responds when I tap so I can add the song
  16. N

    How to fix a bent headphone jack

    My iPad fell and bent my headphone’s jack. I plug it in and there is music but you can’t hear the words. Help?
  17. D

    What should I get GB for ipad to use to measure roofs using an app ll day every dayWI-FI

    I have an ipad gen 3 and need to get Wi-Fi, How many GB should I get to run an couple different apps all day everyday for my business. I'm just not sure what to get and what the price should be
  18. R

    Rtc6273w23 android 4.4.2 ipad

    How install blue tooth on RCA 4.4.2 rtc6273w23 device with display features for android ipad
  19. H

    Look I just want to know if I can cast from my iPad Air to my Visio smart tv? I can with my hp laptop and my note 8. Simple q

    Need simple answer, can I cast from my iPad Air to my Visio smart tv. I can with my hp laptop and my note 8.
  20. C

    Disparity in speed between laptop, ipad and iphone

    I just recently had Virgin Media 200MB Super Fast Fibre installed. The engineer who installed tested download speed with speedtest on his iphone and it was showing 195-200Mbps. I have tested using same site/app on my iPad and its showing 130Mbps. When I test with my laptop I'm getting 50-60...
  21. henrytcasey

    Apple Delaying This Big iOS 12 Feature

    Apple's pushing a new iOS home screen and other new features down the road to focus more on making your iPhone run more smoothly. Apple Delaying This Big iOS 12 Feature : Read more
  22. J

    Can I pair my iPad Air to a tv without WiFi

    I teach an art class in a room with no WiFi. I would like to get a tv that I can pair my iPad no WiFi but will mirror my iPad
  23. henrytcasey

    This Nasty Link Crashes Apple's Messages Apps

    Clicking this link crashes Apple's Messages apps for iOS and macOS. Here's what you need to know. This Nasty Link Crashes Apple's Messages Apps : Read more
  24. R

    Download in ipad

    How to download video from YouTube to iPad. Where to find downloads in iPad
  25. A

    Why is Verizon still charging me for my daughters ipad

    I still have a high bill please answers me this why are u guys still making me pay for my daughters iPad Apple iPad please respond glacious
  26. W

    My iPad screen broke. What do I do? (Read Desc)

    I got my IPad for Christmas, today from Santa, but I dropped it, and the screen cracked! I'm scared my mom is gonna kill me, and my dad will flip out! The display isn't correct, like, the tablet will work, but the screen is off-center and the buttons will not work, because the screen doesn't...
  27. K

    Solved! How can I transfer my Kim game from my iPad to my iPhone

    I got a new phone and I got so far in my Kim Kardashian game on my iPad and I really don’t want to start over with my iPhone....please help
  28. M

    I have two mercury speakers. I am trying to connect my iPad with the new second speaker and it just keeps searching for the de

    Pairing problems, unable to pair my iPad with a new mercury wireless speaker. It just keeps searching for the other device.....
  29. P

    Need Bluetooth to USB adapter for audio use/would like to connect iPhone to Fiio E10k

    Hey guys. So I'm going to be getting the Fiio E10k DAC/amp soon, and am going to have it connected to my laptop for use with my headphones, but am also going to use the back line out feature to bypass the amplifier and in that way connect my laptop to my stereo speaker system via the E10k. At...
  30. viveknayyar007

    How to Use the iPhone X App Switcher

    App Switcher in iPhone and iPad has two uses, namely: ■To quickly switch between the opened apps ■To close the opened apps In the pre-iPhone X iOS devices, you could get to the App Switcher by double-pressing the Home button. However, since the Home button is absent in iPhone X, you might...
  31. P

    Chrome books for Word ?

    I use my iPad for everything except word processing. I need to use a mouse when creating documents. Would buying a chrome book be a good answer for me ? Will a chrome book give me Word or another word processor ?
  32. L

    Need help please!!!

    I was about to buy an iPad mini when I came across this video. Is it a scam? Should I buy it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LZ1QKFRz6I
  33. W

    youtube buffering. iPad mini 2 iOS 11.1.1

    I can’t use YouTube I am using the website on safari because it’s a school iPad and the app is blocked it is just buffering constantly. I have tried lots of ways that don’t work please help. My dads laptop and sisters android tablet work fine. Don’t know what’s happening please help.
  34. D

    Does Apple Tv 4 direct stream to Beltone Legend hearing aids? without the need to purchase the Beltone Direct TV link 2?

    Does Apple Tv 4 direct stream to Beltone Legend hearing aids without the need to purchase the Beltone Direct TV link 2? My iPad does this successfully. Thanks!
  35. G

    Streaming from IPAD Mini to TV

    I have a IPAD mini with Google home installed on it. I have a Chromecast dongle attached to the HDMI port on my TV, I can see the Chromecast picture on my TV and the name and Pin #. The Ipad and the Chromecast are both on the same WiFI network. When I open Google Home , it says " Nice you are...
  36. S

    help me please

    has anyone ever bought an ipad pro 2 from walmart and swapped out the screen and lcd with their own ipad and then returned it to walmart
  37. U

    my brother stole my phone and he kept saying peppa pig stole it

    its kind of an apple ipad nd i cant locate it since its dead i asked my baby brother where he put it and he say peppa pig took it and i need it so i can wake up for school if i dont i will get in BIG trouble can anyone help if you cant thanks anyway
  38. L

    Every thing on my IPad is operating normal, except face book is extremely slow

    Face book on my IPad running extremely slow. Need repair suggesting
  39. B

    Black screen netflex

    Fix my netflex on my iPad. All other apps work.
  40. viveknayyar007

    How to Scan Documents with the Notes App in iOS 11

    In addition to helping you take notes of important things, the Notes app in your iDevice also allows you to scan the documents. Once a document is scanned, you can share it with your friends or create a PDF and save it for future use. Merely a few taps on your iPhone or iPad are needed to scan...
  41. viveknayyar007

    How to Navigate and Customize the New Control Center in iOS 11

    Control Center in your iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 allows you to quickly access your most frequently used apps, even when your device is locked. Navigating Control Center To get to Control Center, all you need to do is swipe your finger from the bottom of the screen to the top. This works...
  42. R

    I have created a notebook on my Mac computer and can't get it to upload to the ipad

    Installed Evernote on iMac and iPad. cannot find the way to get this to sync
  43. O

    my Ipad keyboard is typing random ketters when I type

    how do I get my Ipad keyboard to stop typng random letters
  44. 1

    Get phone number on iPad

    I was wondering how to find out the phone number for my iPad Air 2. My daughter would like to use it but doesn’t have a phone or number. ( she’s not getting a phone )
  45. J

    How to transfer photos from an iPad to a memory stick without the photos being seen.

    Hello, Very private photos are on our recently deceased son's android tablet. How can these be entirely and permanently MOVED to a large size memory stick, without the file being opened or the photos seen by me or anyone other than the person I want to give the photo file to ( now on the memory...
  46. R

    YouTube videos won't play on my apple iPad, it was playing all the time it is saying an error occur try again later

    It is saying every time. An arrow occurred. Try again later. This is happening for the past two days now
  47. S

    iPad 2 that is stuck at the iTunes with usb cable screen. How to fix it?

    I have an iPad 2 which is stuck while trying to charge it. ipad shows iTunes with usb cable on the black screen. All attempts to restart or turn off will only show Apple logo for few second and turn off. The Ipad is definitely drained. How can I fix it?
  48. B

    Cannot adjust the volume when I connected ipad with aaxa m5 projector to play YouTube?

    I cannot adjust the volume when I connected ipad with aaxa m5 projector to play YouTube videos. The sound choice on ipad seemed half way there but locked. I can't change it at all. Though I adjust the volume of the projector to the maximum, it still didn't sound loud enough. Any solution for it?
  49. P

    Is a 2nd Generation Ipad (WiFi only) worth keeping?

    Hello, I was in the process of cleaning out my closets and found my old 2nd Generation 16gb Ipad. I didn't find the charger. Do guys think it would be worth it to get a charger? Or you think it's too old to upgrade, in order to be able to use with current OS and current programs? Thank you
  50. E

    Help with first generation iPad

    How to update my iPad first generation
  51. K

    How can I transfer my kkh game to a iPod from an iPad

    Help so I recently got a new iPod 6 and on my iPad mini I had the Kim kardashian game and I want to transfer it to my iPod because I worked really hard to get where I am and I don't want to restart can anybody please help me!!!!!
  52. J

    will ATT ipad mini work on T-Mobile network

    I have an ipad mini 2 from an AT&T service. Will it work on the T-Mobile network?
  53. K

    Ipad and android

    Can I use my iPad to find my galaxy 5?
  54. D

    Is it possible to use an iPad as an external soundboard?

    Hello. I have been using a program called Foobar2000 for the last couple of months now, to play music and sound effects through my microphone. But it would be so much more convienient to have an external soundboard. So my question is: is it possible to use and iPad for that? Is there some sort...
  55. T

    Syncing between devices

    I have a laptop hp (windows 7) and an iPad, how do I sync the data.
  56. S

    Solved! Send iPad photos to non Apple cellphone

    iPad photos to Verizon flip phone
  57. K

    Solved! Transferring game to ipad

    Im tring to move clash of clans from my android to my ipad. My android gives me the option to link a device, when i go to my ipad or my iphone i only have three options and i cant find link my device in the settings. What am i doing wrong?
  58. K

    Have followed instructions including deleting app but still play back issues. Play back issue,error message.

    You tube app hasn't been working for a while, error message keeps popping up. Have deleted app reinstalled nothing. Have cleared history nothing. Have updated nothing. Tried almost everything but breaking my iPad. Have updated my account nothing,geezs what next.