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  1. R

    how to connect an IPAD Pro to a stereo amplifier

    Ipad Pro to stereo amp
  2. J

    Solved! How I can connect VU premium 4K smart tv with iPad?

    Please explain me how I can mirror screen of iPad on my VU tv? I am able to do it with android phone
  3. K

    Solved! Apple Ipad instructions

    Can I get paper instructions on how to use my Apple Ipad?
  4. A

    How do I download photos on iPad to my computer.

    What I have been doing is sending photos through my email address and then downloading photos unto my computer. Is there an easier way to perform this task.
  5. Z

    Looking for a good tablet 12"+

    Hello, This is my first post in this forum. I am looking for a new tablet. I would like to share my thoughts on some tablets I found and see recommendations. It will be my first tablet and I am not 100% which one I should choose. Below is a long post with focus on a couple of things: the...
  6. M

    How to connect your iPad to a insignia tv

    I need to know how to stream stuff n my tv from my ipad
  7. N

    iPad 4th ios 10.2.1

    Hi! I'm having a question that I need help. So I'm having a ipad 4th which is running ios 9.3 and I was wondering if I should or shouldn't update my ipad to ios 10.2.1. Thank you!
  8. D

    Home button conector Brocken from mother bored

    Hi I have gone to replace a Brocken screen on a iPad and the connector for the home button has been pulled from the mother bored dose anyone one no of a company in the uk we're I could mail it to so I can have a new conector soldered on thanks
  9. Gamefreak924

    Help with replacing tablet screen!?

    I'm in the middle of trying to replace my iPad Air 2 screen using a kit I ordered online, however I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. I'm trying to pry up my screen after heating, but I don't know how long I'm supposed to be heating it. Should it be more than a couple minutes of constant...
  10. T

    iOS 10 on unsupported device?

    Hello, I have an iPad 3rd Gen and I'm not looking to upgrade it (I'm getting a laptop). So I'll have this for about a year. It's on iOS 9 and I want to upgrade it to iOS 10.3, but it's unsupported. Now I do have a thing to install Betas (e.g. iOS 10.3 Beta 6), but is it safe? The program is...
  11. M

    Unable to link Clash of Clans from IPad to Iphone. No link code given

    I want to link clash of clans to my new Iphone. I am logged into game center on both my IPad and iPhone. I follow the directions but I am never given the link code. The IPhone asks for it but I never get the code.
  12. S

    Good FTP file app

    I am looking for an FTP app for an android phone that can share my files with another android device or pc or iphone/ipad. I am then looking for a good FTP client for my iPad that can index my files into music or videos or pictures so that I can play all my music from my phone on my ipad right...
  13. M

    How can I retrieve my cakendar

    It is the default calendar on my iPhone. It is still on my iPad.
  14. F

    IPAD air 2 Safari kbdhid.sys lockout

    I have an IPAD air 2. While on the internet using Safari I got a message regarding a kbdhid.sys file that locked out safari. Otherwise ipad seems to work fine. I assume it to be some kind of malware. Is there a way to get rid of it, fix it?
  15. N

    Solved! The volume isn't working on the iPad

    The rca 7"iPad volume is not working.
  16. J

    Solved! Ipad wont turn on

    So i have had my ipad for a while now, almost 4 years, its an ipad air. And it got dropped and the screen has cracked. i havent managed to get it repaired but then the battery started to go funny on charges, as it dropped 10% instantly and turns off randomly. Now i have used my ipad since last...
  17. W

    YouTube video problems

    Hello, I recently bought an IPad Air 2 and downloaded some apps. YouTube was one of them. After 5 days of having the IPad and YouTube, it won't let me watch videos. I go to a new video and it says "Something went wrong, tap to retry" No matter how many times I tap the screen, it brings me to...
  18. G

    Best Paid Apps For Your New iPhone or iPad

    Whether you've just gotten a new iPhone or iPad (or even if you're looking for new apps for your old device), these downloads are worth paying for. Best Paid Apps For Your New iPhone or iPad : Read more
  19. R

    How to stream tv shows from iPad to Toshiba smart tv?

    How to stream tv shows from iPad to Toshiba smart tv?
  20. A

    Stream from Ipad to Philips 4k smart tv

    How do I stream from Ipad to Philips 55PFL5601/F7 55" 4K Ultra HD 2160p 60Hz LED Smart HDTV (4K x 2K).?
  21. Marshall Honorof

    Smart Cover, Black Tape Let Thieves Reset iPads

    A thief can bypass an iPad's Activation Lock by combining a very long Wi-Fi network name and a Smart Cover or a piece of black tape. Smart Cover, Black Tape Let Thieves Reset iPads : Read more
  22. jpe1701

    Best browser on ipad mini 4 to view Tom's forums?

    Hi, So I am disabled and can't get to my desktop at night so I use the forums on my Ipad mini. The problem is some of the functions of the site I can't seem to use on the ipad. Even using chrome doesn't help. It's a little bit annoying because it won't let me track threads. Does anyone know of...
  23. G

    Quick Question: Headphones

    Would this be compatible for an Ipad Mini 2 http://www.tesco.com/direct/turtle-beach-recon-50p-gaming-head-set/173-8357.prd#3IzykpfPdwbIGTpr.99
  24. P

    I picked up a iPad it's been on charger for two days, I know the cord and wall charger work, because it works on my iPhone 5,

    I picked up a iPad, that won't turn on, it has been on charger two days, I know the charger works, I use it to charge iPhone, I've done the power home nothing, done the power home volume down , still black screen, if I remove and replace old batteries and them back , po
  25. F

    Finding solution for buffering on Youtube.

    Many times on YouTube when I watch videos on my iPad it gets buffered but doesn't get started. What should I do for it?
  26. A

    iPad Mini Extremely Slow

    As title says, my iPad Mini from 4 years ago has started to become very very slow. I mean slow like when I turn it on and try to swipe to enter my passcode, it takes a few seconds before a key is entered. Also, when loading apps and just generally, it's just really slow. I mainly use this iPad...
  27. T

    candy crush moving from and old to a new iPad

    My wife has candy crush on my iPad, but I want to move it to a new iPad I purchased for her, thereby removing it from my iPad
  28. F

    Update iOS after jailbreak

    I have jailbroken my 1st gen iPad, now I need to know how to update the iOS from 5.1.1 to higher. Can someone please let me know how to do this! Thanks.
  29. A

    Can Malware Exist Such That it Prevents Resetting a Router or iPAD?

    Does malware exist that would prevent you from resetting an iPAD or router (which you assume or have proven has malware on them)? I was told that resetting a router and/or iPAD to factory default settings would clear malware. But, could a certain type of malware prevent you from resetting or...
  30. S

    upgrade IPad 1

    Trying to upgrade my IPad 1 . Very new to this so here's the dumb question...What is jailbreak? I have heard so many talk about this and don't know what you mean or even how to do it?
  31. R

    Should I get a sound card?

    When I listen to music on my iPad 3 versus my workstation pc, the music sounds flat and distant where as my iPad sounds like I'm in the room with the band and its vibrant, even after messing with audio applications and the equalizer it just sounds poor. my question is would a sound card improve...
  32. M

    looking for my lost huawei ipad

    kindly help me track my Huawei media Ipad which was stolen yesterday
  33. PeterKendrick

    would jailbreak solves IPad 2 wifi issue and slow performance?

    I have an old IPad 2 on iOS 9 in spare and thought of utilizing it since my air 2 is broke. But, I had issue with wifi range in IPad 2 and it would disconnect up on moving far from the router. Also, it is giving me slow performance. If I jailbreak it, would this solve these problems like rooting...
  34. E

    I'm getting a new IPad Air 2 and am giving my iPad mini to my son. What steps should I take to add the iPad Air and the mini

    I'm getting a new iPad Air 2 and am giving my iPad mini to my kids. What steps do I need to take
  35. L

    i just got a polaroid ipad. been on charger for 24 hrs and still blak screan can any one help

    I got a ipad name on it is polaroid. Been charging over 24hrs and still black screan can any one please. Help
  36. henrytcasey

    Why iPhones Don't Need Antivirus Software

    Because the iOS platform is designed with security in mind, it prevents apps from gaining the permissions they need to do any damage. Why iPhones Don't Need Antivirus Software : Read more
  37. B

    Pokemon go plus with ipad

    I know I'll catch Hell for this, but, does anyone know if the Pokemon Go Plus will be compatible with the ipad? Wife has an iPad with the latest iOS version, just want to make certain she can use it before I buy it. From the looks of the pre_order numbers; I've got time. Thanks.
  38. M

    IOS update on my Ipad 2

    So i have my ipad 2 stuck on the ios 7.0.2, and since i wanted to try out pokemon go, i needed at least ios 8.... The problem is whenever i try to update the software (to 9.3) it says error, your device isn't connected to the internet. I have my wifi on i have webpages on, already did reset...
  39. audiosplit

    DIY split cables working only one at a time

    Hi dears, I'm a newbie who would like to split the mic signal both to the camera and the iPad simultaneously. So I did this nice cable split. But... If I connect everything, the camera and the ipad receive no audio at all! If I connect only one of them (be it the ipad or the camera) it...
  40. C

    Can you pair an Ipad 3 with a Bose Soundlink II?

    Is it possible to pair a Bose Soundlink II bluetooth speaker with an iPad 3?
  41. E

    can not sync with fb I get connecton failed even when I have working internet

    can not sync criminal case game on my ipad with fb I get connecton failed even when I have working internet
  42. A

    " ipad is disabled"

    My dad accidently enter the wrong codes over and over again . He asked me to fix it . I really tried to fixed , but i cant seem to find a solution . he disabled his ipad and want to me to save the pictures and video that is in the ipad . he didnt make any backup ~ . any solution ? I now how to...
  43. akattkisson

    Best iOS Keyboard Apps

    Your iPhone's keyboard could be so much more interesting and useful. Check out our top picks for third-party iOS keyboards. Best iOS Keyboard Apps : Read more
  44. M

    Can I mirror iPad to Vizio smart tv?

    Can I use my iPad as a keypad or mirror it to control my Vizio with internet? Do I need Apple tv, not sure as Im new to this?
  45. C

    My girlfriend has my spare Galaxy s3 on a GoPhone plan. Is there a way to track it.

    Girlfriend has my spare Galaxy s3. It is on a GoPhone plan now. She changed the 4 digit passcode and now I'm locked out. She will not give it back and I have no acces to the account. I have an iPhone 6plus and also an iPad. I know the number and the IEMI number to the Galaxy s3. How can I track...
  46. T

    can't transfer all the photos from pc to ipad

    I used i tune to synchronise the photos from the pc to ipad. The no of photos shown on the itune is correct, 142, but only 127 were copied to the i pad. I tried several times, but the result is the same. Please anyone has any clues?
  47. H

    eBay Loading Forever

    I have an iPad Air 16GB. A while ago I used to use eBay on the iPad, then I reset the iPad. A couple of days after I reset the iPad I smashed the screen. Now when I want to use eBay it just says loading for ever and doesn't load the page. I can still browse the internet fine. Is there anyway I...