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  1. S

    VGA,,Sound card & LAN card drivers

    packegd bell
  2. G

    Exe run on LAN but datas not shown (MS-ACCESS)

    Hello,I have developed a .net application and make it as exe and share it on the LAN. It run on my machine, but not on lan machine. No error but alert meessage shows "Application attempted to perform an operation not allowed by security policy. To grant this application the required permission...
  3. J

    Access to LAN & internet using BlueTooth connection

    how can i connect mobile to lan internet connection through wifi?
  4. JMcEntegart

    German Politicians Hold a LAN Party in Parliament

    No StarCraft, sadly. German Politicians Hold a LAN Party in Parliament : Read more
  5. M

    VGA,,Sound card & LAN card drivers

    Hello, I need to find VGA drivers,Sound Card & LAN card for my LAPTOP packard bell B.V. MS-MODEL:HGL1.How & Where can I get & download it?Pls advise.
  6. R

    Lan not working

    Hello,i have laptop hp pavilion ze4900 celeron processor lan is not working lan is not recognized by the device manager
  7. N

    Network security key

    Hello, i cannot find my network security key and i am unable to access my lan or internet security
  8. G

    My computer does not have LAn

    Hello, i reformatted my computer and now I lost all my drivers! How do i get this back???I cna' t connect to the internet because i am missing the ethernet driver...Help!
  9. J

    Gotomypc alternative

    Hello,jon R here I need a gotomypc app that grants access to the printer in house on that computer or the local lan that the accessed computer os connected on any suggestions that don't include 2 IT administrators super fire wall and......
  10. F

    LAN randomly disabled in windows 7

    I am using windows 7 64 bit on an HP pavilion laptop. I also use a wireless linksys router. I have had several instances where I will be on the internet and all of a sudden the LAN is disabled. I am not able to change that setting manually. Please help.
  11. A

    Solved! Lan connection compacq m300

    how i can used the internet in my compacq armanda m300
  12. L

    Solved! Lan party Gaming

    So I'm having a hard time deciding between the two laptops really. Should I go with the HP Pavilion dv8t with intel i7-720qm with Nvidia GT 230m and 6 gigs of ram or go with the 4 gigs and Nvidia GTX 260m and lower CPU...
  13. G

    Solved! How to connect network printer while i am using wan

    problem is that i am using wan and my printer is in different lan ip so how i can use the lan printer
  14. S

    Uncheck Auto Detect - LAN Settings w/GPO

    I need to create a Group Policy Object (GPO) that will un-check "automatically detect settings" in Internet Explorer versions 6-8>Internet Options> Connections>LAN settings. I created a GPO (scope: Location - Test OU, Security Filtering - Test PC) and it is enforced and the link is enabled. I...
  15. A

    Solved! Driver LAN toshiba A215 satellite

    cra dpetin driver nya gmna neh?
  16. G

    Solved! How to install os through lan

    how to install vista through lan my dvd rw not working plz help
  17. E

    Lan card driver for inspiron 6000

    I have reinstalled Windows XP after formatting the hard disk. I need a driver for the LAN card which has not come with the Dell Laptop. Where can I download the driver? Do I need to burn it on a CD to use it?
  18. G

    Solved! Intel motherboard lan driver

    hp lan card driver
  19. G

    My T42 wont go on the net

    Where can i get the driver for my Ethernet card ? The Levono one for it doesn't load the lan / ethernet driver just the mobile connection
  20. I

    Headphones for lan party's / gaming?

    Hi, I need a pair of headphones for Lans and online gaming, can anyone suggest me a decent pair for $250 or less. a mic is important. I won't be listening to much music, and I won't need it on an audiophile level. Thanks
  21. G

    NVISION LAN party sets world record

    San Jose (CA) – Hundreds of very tired attendees at the GeForce LAN party pumped their fists and gave a weary cheer when they broke a Guinness World Record for the longest continuous LAN party. NVISION LAN party sets world record : Read more
  22. A

    LATEST LAN Laptop did Great!

    Had a LAN Party a week ago, had close to 25 and it was great. My e1705 did wonderfully. Sure is nice to have a decent laptop for gaming. Anyone remember the days when you couldn't find a decent gaming laptop? Things sure have changed for the better. :)
  23. S

    Any suggestions for netcafe software

    Hi guys, I m thinking of starting a netcafe business, what software should i look for to control the PC's etc? Main business is LAN Gaming, chatting, surfting etc..
  24. J

    Powerline LAN

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Since adding a laptop I've been looking at wireless routers. Now I see something called a Powerline LAN. That is the signal gets broadcast over your existing electric wires. Sounds like a good option. Anyone with experience using one...
  25. G

    Windows laptop and network connections

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hi gang My (work) laptop runs Windows 2000. (No choice, so no flaming!) Is there a method in which I can unplug an ethernet LAN cable, move to another desk, plug back in (to another cable of course), and have the computer automatically...
  26. G

    LAN and Cable tester

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Does anyone know of some software that can do lan throughput and cable testing from a pocket pc? I have an Axim X50v and as I do network wiring I was wondering if I could use this for LAN and cable tests, instead of buying a Fluke...
  27. G

    booting through LAN

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) The cd rom drive for my compaq pressario notebook is not working and operting system got corrupted. How can install operating system through lan .In the BIOS there is an option for boot through lan.I have a usb cd rom drive also but there is...
  28. G

    TCP/IP on PocketPC

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi, I've an iPAQ1940 connected via usb to my PC. Why I can't see any device/share on my LAN? How can I set my iPAQ to get an IP address? vxIPConfig get a I've a DHCP server in my LAN...
  29. nick

    Lan Access

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hi, I have an Ipaq 3850 connected to my main PC via usb and Activesync. Is there a way for me to access files on my PPC from my laptop which is on a wireless network to my main PC? Thanks, Nick
  30. V

    Testing LAN speed and time

    Do you know any programs which test LAN speed ja time of transfer something file? - Alex -