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  1. M

    the lan network adapter for dell vostro doesn't work

    my lan network adapter was working proberly but now when i connect the net wire gives me the red x mark on net connection icon and the network doesn't work
  2. stargate14

    Game saves problem to my internet cafe.

    Hello. How can I change the user profile name to my client computers so that "Appdata" folder and "My Documents" folder shortcut become identical to all client computers? I have 25 computers to my Internet Cafe and each one has different user profile name like (C:\Users\PC01\Appdata\)...
  3. M

    I uploaded a new windovs at HP Pavilion g7 series. Need Help please!!!!!

    Can anyone help me? I uploaded a new windovs at HP Pavilion g7 series. which model do not ask, because I do not know, because I can not find. where can i get driveres for the LAN adapter and WI-FI on the web?
  4. D

    Laptop Direct Plug In Connection Failed After Thunderstorm

    hello, after a thunderstorm my laptop (Toshiba Satellite L25) can't connect to internet via direct plug in but works fine via wireless connection. Can it be fixed? Thanks!
  5. C

    Samsung Smart TV (8000 series)..slow wired connection

    When I connect th4e tv directly to the router and use the web browser and access the web, the connection speed is painfully slow...On a 55 mbp download router I get les 10 mps....wirelessly however, I can get a faster connection spped...this is frustrating...any dieas?
  6. T

    Sony Vaio VPCEH35EN Drivers

    I downloaded drivers from Sony site....Still unable to open Wireless/ Bluetooth Lan....Sony Vaio VPCEH35EN
  7. aqzfreak

    Can't find the right network driver for my Asus R510D (windows 7)

    Hey there, I just deleted windows 8 and installed windows 7 instead, but now i can't get my network driver to work. I've tried to install the ones for windows 8, but it just says "unidentified network" and wont connect properly. So i was wondering if someone could me help get the driver i...
  8. B

    ASUS laptop continuosly freezing after loosing LAN connection

    Hello. I have a problem with my ASUS K52JT laptop. My configuration is Intel Core i3 M380 2.53 Ghz, 4gb RAM (3.86 usable) DDR3, Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Service Pack 1, AMD Radeom 6370m 1gb. Very often, during the normal use of the system, my laptop looses the LAN internet connection all of a...
  9. M

    BIG Problem with Dell Inspiron n5110 Deep sleep LAN, Disappeared drives and more I need an expert PLEASE HELP

    I have Dell Inspiron n5110 I had a problem with my HDD and I had to replace it so I got a new HDD adn saw a youtube video and replaced the HDD but after I Installed the windows I couldn't find the LAN Drive and when tried to install it it said deep sleep or something like that and I thought it's...
  10. G

    Android tablets only connected to 2 PCs on network

    So, here's the situation: In my house there are 5 PCs (all running Windows 7, Home Premium x64) connected to a router, 4 via ethernet cables and 1 via wireless adapter. All shared folders can be accessed by Everyone. No problems. Then we get 2 tablets (Google Nexus 7 & Samsung Galaxy Note...
  11. C

    Free Lan Messenger

    Hello guys, Can you recommend me reliable and free LAN Messenger? Thank you
  12. G

    Brother MFC-4350 printer is offline

    Brother MFC-4350 printer is offline and not printing. It shows not connected to the computer
  13. H

    I built a computer... which drivers do I need to download?

    GPU CPU LAN MoBo Audio and what can you please tell me all the drivers files I need to download.
  14. G

    toshiba a660 10/100 LAN not working

    Hell to all My Toshiba a660 10/100 LAN port is not working and has both the green and amber light permanently lit up, until recently I have never bothered to use the hard wired connection as I have been using wireless...any ideas...GB
  15. G

    toshiba a660 10/100 LAN not working

    Hell to all My Toshiba a660 10/100 LAN port is not working and has both the green and amber light permanently lit up, until recently I have never bothered to use the hard wired connection as I have been using wireless...any ideas...GB
  16. O

    Slow Internet on Brand new laptop (Wired & Wireless)

    Hey there , I bought a new laptop. I am shocked to find that i am only getting 3 Mbps on Wired & Wifi. I have Virgin Media's 125 MBPS internet with there Super hub 2. I have tested the internet on my old laptop both on WIFI and Wired to fine i get 100 MBPS on Wired and 90 on WiFi. This to me...
  17. N

    how to make lan connection lenovo s410p

    i can use my laptop as a connection.. i cannot play game with my brother at home such as Counter Strike help needed i cannot seting lan connection i cant manage internet connection
  18. S

    Lan antenna conector

    Does the antenna connector go in or over or inside the lan card terminal?
  19. C

    samsung smart tv 8000 series not connecting to internet thru lan or wireless

    I just bought a Samsung Smart TV (8000 series) second hand. Everything is working perfectly EXCEPT it will not connect to the internet through the wireless or LAN. What do I do? I tried following the directions. It searches for it, and nothing. Any Ideas?
  20. D

    DDOS persists through proxy.

    Recently, I've been the victim of a consistent ddos attack. I've formatted, changed from windows7 to 8.1 to stop it. No luck. I am a twitch streamer, all I would have open is the game I'm playing (Have tried multiple: Smite, thief, Brothers, etc.) and OBS. I've also tried xsplit; same...
  21. V

    Best gaming laptop around £1000

    Title says all, might consider a LAN box
  22. Z

    acer aspire one with missing drivers etc.

    ok, so I only recently started trying to learn how to fix computers myself, so I'll try to explain what my problem is as best I can. My roommate gave me his old laptop recently and he had removed windows seven (which it had come preinstalled with) and in so doing I guess he somehow lost the...
  23. M

    My Asus G75vw won't recognize my built in mic anymore.

    Topic title says it all. Let a friend use it at a Lan party and he swears all he did was mute the mic, but now in recording devices it just says no audio devices installed. Any ideas? I'm stumped.
  24. J

    Google Chrome can't connect to proxy server and I can't change LAN settings. What do I do?

    Recently, Google Chrome and IE have been unable to connect to the proxy server. I tried to change the LAN settings but was unable to. How do I fix this?
  25. M

    Media-Player with LAN streaming and DVB-T recorder

    Hey there, I'm looking for a media-player that offers HD-LAN streaming (Computer to TV) and the ability to record DVB-T. An hdd-slot is optional. I currently own the WD! TV live, which sucks with network connectivity and does not offer DVB-T streaming. My search so far: - Fantec 3DS4600...
  26. E

    My laptop usually connects to our wifi but now when i go to wifi settings to connect it just shows something about broadband a

    my laptop usually connects to my wifi network but out of no where when i go to the wifi settings to connect our wifi name isnt even coming up it just says something about connecting to broadband, idk what to do
  27. G

    Network Hubs: Bridges Between Devices

    A hub acts as a bridge between devices, allowing them to communicate and create a local network in a home or office. Network Hubs: Bridges Between Devices : Read more
  28. R

    Trying to search LAN files from android

    I found a search function only with ES File Explorer, but after entering a second letter in the search field it stops searching. Is there other app that supports access to LAN files and also searching option?
  29. A

    what is the default password of dlink lan camera

    how can you retrive password of d link network camera? model no. dcs 2103
  30. viveknayyar007

    Configuring BitDefender in Home LAN Environment

    When you install BitDefender or any other such security application on your home computer, your main intension is to protect your PC from virus attacks, unwanted data theft, and intrusions. Understanding this requirement, BitDefender automatically blocks communication of the computer on which it...
  31. SquiDi7

    Best gaming school laptop for about 570 pounds

    Hey guys. im looking for a gaming school Laptop for about 570 pounds. i want to take it to lan partys, friends and school, i want a good-looking Laptop, with a lot power. that can be send to Denmark. Thanks :)
  32. S

    View another comuter(connected via lan) screen on my computer without their knowledge

    i want to view another computer screen (which is connected in lan) on my computer. i used teamviewer . but it is done with the user knowledge. please recommend any software which can perform this.
  33. G

    Internet Connectivity Problem - Toshiba A200 Satellite with Windows XP

    I've a Toshiba A200 Series Laptop with Windows XP. I'm facing internet connectivity problem with Wired (both LAN and USB-2-LAN) and Wire-less. If I do "ping -t", it drops 3 packets out of 5. At the same time, when I connect using a USB Internet Dongle (probably used GSM/GPRS), the internet is...
  34. P

    I am seeing a solid orange on my ethernet port and its not connecting me to the internet.

    My Ethernet port on plugging my LAN wire saw a solid orange colour light and after plugging it, it still continues. What do i do to make my system browse. My port is built to the motherboard directly
  35. M

    Am I paying too much for this gaming laptop?

    Was looking for a gaming laptop to play some co-op games with the girlfriend like Diablo 3 or Guild Wars 2. I'm planning to buy this one for $550 tomorrow. Is that a good price? And will this play new games on decent settings? Link to the laptop ad SPECS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits Intel...
  36. G

    Limit bandwidth of a LAN

    At my job we have 6 computers + 2 i use myself, on LAN under same router. Those 6 PC's are an "Internet café", sometimes i get people that use facebook/skype whatever and everything goes fine, but some other times people comes to download stuff, software, music whatever. The router doesn't...
  37. S

    How to disbal network in Lan using Server 2003

    Hello, i have need to stop internet access in particular time pried for client PC Please give me guide
  38. H

    What does lan not connected mean

    Hello, getting a pop-up that says "wi-fi connected but LAN not connected". What does that mean and how do I fix it? Everything is securely plugged in.
  39. T

    Driver LAN toshiba A215 satellite

    Where can I find the LAN driver for Windows XP. It does not appear to be on the Toshiba website. I have not been able to find the LAN specifications either (Intel, Broadcom, Realtek?) other than it is 10/100 (darn, it is not gigabit).
  40. A

    Ethernet port stuck in LAN port - ASUS N56

    Hi, I have just tried the ethernet port and now I can't seem to get the cable out of the port. It says its still connected, the little piece of plastic which you squeeze is compressed all the time but it just doesn't want to come out. My laptop is the ASUS N56VM model. I don't want to try and...
  41. B

    Whats the problem when wi-fi works and lan does not

    how can i get my lenovo to gey back on LAN connectivity, wireless is functionally
  42. L

    Related lan for hp computers

    Hello, hello
  43. computernewb

    Lan failed?!?

    hi when i try to boot up my toshiba laptop, i get a boot menu stating that lan has failed. It wont start windows but it gives me the option to enter bios. Does anyone know what the problem is and how i can fix it? thanks! :hello:
  44. J

    Problem with LAN

    Where can I get a free LAN driver for hp SP2 windows xp?
  45. U

    Lan card problem

    Hello,i have hp laptop g60-535dx notebook. i have problem connecting to internet, i was told by the customer service rep,that the problem is my lan card,that i need to have a technician check my laptop,but i would like more info before i have any technician open up my laptop. thank you.
  46. D

    Switching from wifi to lan with u torrent

    Hello, I normally use a wifi connection for my utorrent and it works very well. However, today, my wifi is down, but I also have some LAN ethernet cables which have internet. Unfortunately, utorrent isnt downloading now that I have switched to using the LAN cable. What could be the problem? - Dan
  47. J

    Exporting LAN Fax addresses

    Hi guys, i have a question. Recently i changed a copier, of a different model. I initially uses LAN Fax and i saves the fax number of people on my PC, and after i changed the printer, definitely the driver has to go. I installed a new driver and i want to retrieve the data from my old Lan Fax...
  48. J

    LAN to smartphone

    Hello, is there a way to connect a LAN cable to a usb or mini USB? (I want to connect a LAN cable to my Android phone)
  49. K

    Remotely turning on computer through wifi instead of lan?

    I've see programs where you can turn on a computer through LAN. Is ther a way to use wifi instead? I have my desktop with a wifi usb stick. I don't want to have to run a long network cable to the computer since it is far from the router. Is this possible since wifi is controlled by windows...
  50. L

    How do you plug in a wireless computer into a LAN line

    Hello, I have a laptop computer in my home and I have wireless. I would like to use my computer and my mother's house but she has a LAN line instead of wireless (I think Road Runner). How can I use my laptop at her house? Thanks. Lyn
  51. N

    When I\'m using my secured wifi with LAN only in one location, sometimes windows

    When I'm using my secured WIFI by way of LAN on my laptop, sometimes Windows XP repeatedly crashes and reboots. If I turn off the wireless router, the problem stops but I can't access the internet. This event occurs only occasionally and only in this specific location with this specific WIFI...
  52. dconnors

    In Pictures: GeForce LAN 2011

    One part Aircraft carrier, one part Nvidia, and 600 parts PC gamer. What does that make? GeForce LAN 6! In Pictures: GeForce LAN 2011 : Read more
  53. C

    VGA,,Sound card & LAN card drivers

  54. L

    Download lan games for pc

    Hello, how to download dota lan games
  55. C

    Solved! How do i plug in my laptop LAN

    Hello, i have an old computer that runs windows xp and i can connect with a wireless, but i cant go online, it keeps giving me a LAN unplugged message and i dont know how to resoolve this
  56. A

    Solved! How to transfer data from windows xp to mac os via lan wire

    Hello, hello how to transfer data between windows-xp and mac-os...via lan wire...
  57. dconnors

    In Pictures: Quakecon 2011

    A premier destination for PC gamers, Quakecon was in top form this past weekend. Rage was playable on the floor, and America's largest LAN party was as fun as ever. In Pictures: Quakecon 2011 : Read more