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  1. H

    Solved! FL Studio Midi Keyboard Question

    I have a Nektar SE 49 midi keyboard I purchased recently. When I use it on FL Studio the black and white keys are not mapped correctly to the corresponding notes. Is there anyone who can help me with a solution? I would like to possibly get advice on how to manually map the keys or configure...
  2. S

    A 500 pro midi controller connectivity error to windows 7 pc

    Hi, i have connected my A 500 pro midi controller to windows 7 pc and the device manager window is refreseshing un limitedly and the midi controller connected to Port_#0009.Hub_#0001 is turning on and off continuously.I tried changing the midi controller port to be connected to other midi...
  3. Z

    how do i use my android tablet as a midi controller?

    hi, i was wondering if i can use my tablet as midi piano controller. if so can some one tell me how to?
  4. S

    Solved! Converting audio files to MIDI

    Has anyone any idea how to convert audio files to midi? I tried this audacity program but no luck. I think i need to remove the vocals first and isolate the music. Anyone knows how to do this? (btw sorry if this is the wrong category)
  5. K

    Connecting old record player to old speakers

    I have an old Midi 46 record player that has a red and white LR output with the grounding cable. The old speakers that are with it the cables coming out are just two thin cables that at the end are just exposed wire. I get that I probably need a pre amp but I cant find one that I think will...
  6. T

    Surface Pro 3 vs Surface Pro 4

    Hi There, I'm looking at a surface pro but I'm stuck on which one to get. I'm considering the Surface pro 3 i7 and the surface pro 4 i5, both of them have 8gb of RAM. Storage doesn't matter. Anyway I don't know which one is better for my needs. I do music production/ performances with 2 midi...
  7. G

    Replace (format?) HD on old Fostex DMT-8

    Just for fun... I'm trying to resurrect an old Fostex DMT-8 abandoned by my son. When powered on it gives a 'no disk' message. I tried testing the HD on my Linux box from an external USB enclosure, and it does appear dead. I've ordered a cheap ($20) HD as a replacement. It'll be about 20 times...
  8. S

    Solved! Need help with Shure SM7B Mic Hookup

    I bought the sm7b with the Cloudlift mic activator, and the Focusrite 2i4 scarlet preamp which connects to my pc with USB. The highest quality I can get through USB is 48000hz and I want to go higher. The mic requires phantom power which comes through the USB connection. There is a MIDI out port...
  9. S

    need help connecting midi keyboard to laptop

    I bought a basic keyboard for my laptop (miditech music 49) and I've been trying to connect it to my laptop but get nothing.. So on the back of the keyboard it has one usb hub and one midi cord plug in, right now I'm just using the usb hub to connect it and I'm just wondering if I need to...
  10. S

    audio app suggestions

    Hi, new here. I'm looking for suggestions for an app that can do three things: sequence midi, record wave files, and mix the two for playback. I'm willing to spend some money ($100-$200) if its worth it, and something that comes with patch-in hardware would be nice, but any suggestions would be...
  11. C

    Can't get old DOS games (94-95) to detect my midi/digital audio card on a VMWare Virtual Machine on Win2000

    I can't get games like System Shock or I have no mouth and i must scream to work because it does not detect my sound card. I try to select "Creative Labs Sound blaster or 100% compatible" and when i "attempt to configure sound driver automatically" it says ERROR XMIDI SOUND HARDWARE NOT FOUND...
  12. E

    Program supports Single Core but I have Dual Core

    I use Piano From Above MIDI player program but program supports only Single Core. I have Intel Core i3 m370 2.40 Ghz Dual core processor. I play Black MIDI's On Piano From Above but very much lag problem. How i patch this program for dual core? Give me download link for this?
  13. J

    MIDI to USB cable not working

    I jsut bought a midi to usb cable to connect to a midi keyboard , when i connect it the in light on the cable flashes but doesent stay on , ive messed around with where each cable goes and the lights arent coming on , meaning no audio in being transferred , some please help
  14. HandsomeComputerMaster


    I am looking for a Dubstep Keypad Instrument for under $150. I don't want a keyboard though. I need a keypad. Does anyone know where I could find one?
  15. Z

    MIDI controller not being read by computer/programs

    I have an Arturia Analog Experience - The Player MIDI controller that I can't seem to get working properly. I plug it into the USB port, the lights on the MIDI controller light up and seem to be working, but none of my programs are able to recognize it! Pro Tools & Reason don't, and Windows...
  16. P

    please! midi help urgent needed

    i just got a roland mc 505 (in/out) and a korg trinity (in/out/thru). i have the traktor s4 and want to connect them to it as midi how do i do it ? i want to be able to record in ableton as midi sorry, i am really a newbie in midi . it s my first time so please try to explain very detailed...
  17. A

    MIDI Problems, sound latency and how can I fix it? help needed

    So, I'm thinking of buying an external sound card for several reasons but on the most important is that whenever I connect my keyboard to the pc there is a delay between me pressing the key and the sound being played and I wanted to fix this I've messed around with the FL Studio setting a while...
  18. V

    MIDI works on laptop win 8, but not PC win 8

    Hi all, I have a medeli dd506 that I would like to set up for recording. I plug it into my desktop and it says SB not recognized, I plug it into my latop, and it works fine. How can I fix my PC to pick up the drums? I am using windows 8 pro and cubase 5. My laptop is a Compaq 6720s, and my...
  19. C

    Audio playback

    Hello, I have Cubase 7 on Windows 8, and focusrite saffire 6 USB. I get midi playback but no audio playback. e.g when I audition the loops in the mediabay of cubase the midi loops play but the audio loops do not play, and when I record, the transport bar has activity but no sound can when I...
  20. R

    XLR to Midi coversion

    Here's one for all you audiophiles....I want to convert a 1/4 (or XLR) mic output to a midi signal. I've looked around, but due to my underwhelming experience in these matters, have only become more confused than when I started-if that's possible. My goal is to play a harmonica (harp), and have...
  21. P

    Windows XP + Fruity loops 10 + electribe MX

    hiyo, recently bought an Korg Electribe MX. love it but dont dont enjoy the music writing as much as i used to enjoy writing music on Qbase. so i've downloaded the Fruity Loops demo, and got myself a usb/midi connector. when i plug the electribe into the pc thru usb cable, i get the happy...
  22. C

    How to install MIDI controller?

    i have no volum control keeps saying no sound found :fou:
  23. upd@te

    25 vs 49 MIDI keys

    Hello Forumers!! Im really interested in gettting my first MIDI keyboard. However, I dont know which to choose between the three: 1) AKAI LPK25 MINI 25-NOTE USB MIDI CONTROLLER KEYBOARD video in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Q2UKyVYp4M&feature=player_embedded#at=16 2) Alesis Q25...
  24. N

    Emu darwin group

    hello, Has anyone had any luck syncing an EMU-Darwin w/Pro-Tools LE(7.3) or w/MPC 60II via MIDI/SPDIF/MBOX2 PRO(fire wire)??? any help please Thanx
  25. A

    Help Needed with my Aiwa Cassette Deck

    my aiwa zr700 midi system tape decks dont work. When powered up they click for about 5 seconds, the doors wont open and the one tape thats stuck inside wont play. Initially it was only deck 1, now its both. Any ideas please? is there a drive belt that could need replacing? Thanks in advance
  26. G

    Qy70 trouble no sound

    Hello,yes no audio from the unit. i replaced the internal battery and it all fires up as ususal, all functions fine, just no audio from the jack. ive tried factory resets and resetting midi parameters by hand, but still no sound...any ideas?
  27. B

    Roland r5 midi off

    Hello, i'm trying change the tempo setting on a Roland R5. However, the tempo is set to midi. I can't figure out how to turn that off. I've gone thru midi mode & turned off everything. Can anyone help me?.
  28. exfileme

    Apple's iOS 4.2 Getting MIDI Hardware Support

    The next version of iOS will offer native support for external MIDI devices. Apple's iOS 4.2 Getting MIDI Hardware Support : Read more
  29. G

    Support on my yamaha rx7 drummachine

    How or should i say can i midi my yamaha rx7 and take the sounds from my Roland d 20
  30. rambo117

    I need software to convert mp3 to .midi

    Hey im trying to make ringtones for my sony erricson W350 but it will only use MIDI audio files for ringtones. Ive been surfing the web for somethin but so far nothing. Does anybody know of any software that will let me convert mp3/mp4 to .mid? thanks! rambo,
  31. G

    Pro Tools/Korg I3

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) I am a new pro tools user, as well as a midi newbie, and am trying to configure pro tools to interface to my korg i3 keyboard. I cant figure out how to add the korg as a midi device in pro tools. Anyone? Greg.
  32. G

    Help!! Best drum grid pattern sequencer software?????

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) I'm looking for two things: 1. a good grid pattern software sequencer for creating my own drum files. so i need to be able to create say 99 max patterns for a song; then link those patterns together in a sequence for a song. then save it to...
  33. G

    Yamaha MLC100 (was Hum in System)

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.tech (More info?) I had a chance last night to check the cables and guess what - you guys were right (not that I ever doubted you). I was doing this based on memory and my memory told me that those connections were all MIDI cables and connectors - I remembered...
  34. G

    300 sample delay in Protools TDM?

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) Hi guys, I just recorded a click track on my Protools TDM system and there's a 300 sample discrepancy between where the midi note originally is and where the recorded audio clicks actually land. I had no idea it would be this great of a lag. The...
  35. J

    MIDI synth sound libraries

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.tech (More info?) If you were around in the late 80's and early 90's you may remember how Keyboard and Electronic Musician were full of ads from companies advertizing sound libraries for the newest MIDI synths. Some of these sounds libraries are still available...
  36. G

    Convert midi to an audio file

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) Hi, Is there a way to convert a midi file to an audio file that I can play on CD player which does not support mp3 files? Thanks
  37. G

    help on audio equip racks ....?

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) Hi, i'm a hobby MIDI musician, and I'm looking to consolidate my equipment in a rack; preferably one that has castors (wheels) so it's moveable. I have about 6 modules, two of which have the 19" rack flanges for mounting; 4 of which are home...
  38. G

    Buffer size...?

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) I'm looking at low-cost USB and Firewire audio/midi boxes with the potential for low latency performance (not just direct hardware input monitoring) via midi in. So far, the most promising is the Tascam US-122 and the M-Audio Firewire...
  39. G

    Triggering PC Samples with audio inputs

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) I am looking for a cost effective way to trigger audio samples with my PC. I want to trigger with a piezo element or simular pressure sensitive device that will give me levels of signal with how hard I hit it. I have seen people doing this with...
  40. G

    Midi chaos - help!

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) I've been using computer sequencers for a while, with step time entry only, but I recently tried playing notes in with a midi keyboard for the first time (yes really). It worked fine for a while (maybe an hour or so), then strange things started...
  41. N

    Issues with Spectrasonics Atmosphere and Stylus RMX in Cub..

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) Hi, Sometimes when I load in Atmosphere, I get a "UVI Engine Error: Could not load .dat file!" error and the sounds are then missing. Then sometimes this doesn't happen. Anyone familiar with spectrasonics products have a clue as to what is going...
  42. G

    Computer Based Drum module? Is it possible?

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro,rec.music.makers.percussion (More info?) Forgive for asking a question some may think is "behind the times". I just know that this scenario has to be possible with today's computer based technology, but I am unaware of any programs that will do this. I want...
  43. G

    MIDI: Connecting a keyboard to a QY70

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) This is stupid, but I can get my keyboard to play my QY70. I managed it OK with an earlier QY10, but this has defeated me. So what are the settings on the QY70 (Utility - MIDI) section I think - am I right? - to get the keyboard to play the...
  44. G

    Software MIDI keyboard

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) Hi all, Can anyone recommend some solid software featuring a piano keys layout that I can use to test module sounds from my PC without having to be at the master keyboard? I really only need to audition sounds, so none of this mapping keys to...
  45. G

    does pro tools LE (digi 001) send midi timecode..? if so, ..

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) it's version 5.1.1
  46. D

    please help me with my MIDI settings in FLstudio 4

    Hey ppl I'm having trouble setting up my souncard's MIDI settings in fl studio 4. Currently I cant even hear midi files in FLS4? My souncard is the audigy 2 platinum ex and i will list my current settings below and inderline the ones i have chosen? i'm not sure i have chosen the right settings...