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  1. MounirS

    nexus 4 vs moto g 2nd gen (2014)

    what should i buy ? this one or this one ??? thnx
  2. R

    help Motorola razer

    What if I don't want to pay my phone off could I just keep it?
  3. R

    needing help with Motorola reazer help

    How do I stop my Verizon plan and keep my phone and use straight talk?
  4. F

    Hi, have a MotoX, locked for AT&T and has been imposible to unlock, any suggestions??

    Summary: Have a locked AT&T MotoX (which works fine), but cant unlock it (on the web) to use with different carriers. Full story: Bought MotoX December 2013, At&T locked, (I live in Argentina) brought it home, inmediately went online, unlocked it and used it perfectly. Last August, suddenly...
  5. Mark Spoonauer

    Droid Turbo Battery Tested: Above Average, Not the Best

    The Droid Turbo's 3,900 mAh battery delivers very good endurance, but it's not the longest lasting phone. Droid Turbo Battery Tested: Above Average, Not the Best : Read more
  6. valentinalucia

    Motorola Droid Turbo Specs vs iPhone 6, Galaxy S5, Nexus 6

    Motorola finally released the Droid Turbo for Verizon, boasting a 48-hour battery life and a 21MP camera - but how do its specs stack up? Motorola Droid Turbo Specs vs iPhone 6, Galaxy S5, Nexus 6 : Read more
  7. valentinalucia

    Moto X Review (2014) Review

    The updated Moto X is an Android phone with a gorgeous display, chic design, solid performance and efficient voice comments, all at an accessible price. Moto X Review (2014) Review : Read more
  8. C

    Nexus 6 Appears in FCC (Report)

    Reports have shown that a Motorola device with a six inch display appeared in the FCC data Nexus 6 Appears in FCC (Report) : Read more
  9. T

    How can I make an old altell phone a Verizon phone

    I have an old Motorola vc3 from altell and I'd like my son to use it but it's not compatable with Verizon ,is there a way to make this phone work on the verizon network?
  10. SLShermon

    Music Won't Copy to SD Card Android?

    I have a motorola defyxt through republic wireless (I know its old but I cant afford anything better at the moment). Its running android gingerbread. I bought a 32gb micro sd card and it works great for putting apps on and everything. But not music. When I go to copy music to it it copies...
  11. alannm37

    Cracked Screen Help - Looking For Replacement

    Hi There, I cracked my screen on my Motorola Moto G about a month ago, reason why I'm not fixing it until now is because I can still use it fine but I am tired of looking at the bottom of my screen being all cracked. So I'm looking for a screen replacement on Amazon/Ebay and am very unsure of...
  12. K

    How can I get data off a DROID RAZR MAXX that has a broken screen?

    I currently have DROID RAZR MAXX that has a cracked screen, meaning no display or touch capabilities. However, there are photos and other data I would like to retrieve from the phone before I get a new one. I tried connecting the phone to the computer, but all that did was install MotoCast...
  13. G

    Moto 360 Smartwatch Specs and Price Leak via Best Buy

    The first round-faced Android Wear smartwatch is likely to cost $250, according to a product listing on Best Buy. Moto 360 Smartwatch Specs and Price Leak via Best Buy : Read more
  14. E

    how to reset sim card

    For a Motorola 4g lte
  15. F

    Download photos from Motorola MotoG to Windows 8

    Hi, I downloaded pictures from my Motorola MotoG to my laptop before but I don't remember how and instructions I found on the Internet don't work because my phone doesn't seem to be the same as in the instructions! How can I get my photos in my laptop?
  16. P

    how to fix a Motorola droid x2 that won't charge or turn on?

    It won't charge when it's plugged in. And it doesn't show any sign of charging. And it won't turn on after I left it on charge for a little bit. And I don't know what else to do.
  17. X

    Buying New Smartphone

    I am about to buy a brand new customized moto x from This is my smartphone and I am planning on using T-mobile. I know that different carriers have different requirements. So I was wondering if a brand new moto x would work perfectly fine with T-mobile network? How does that all work?
  18. J

    Moto X or Moto G? Tell me how to CHOOSE!

    The Design – Moto X and Moto G are similar The Screens – Same resolution Moto X panel, different tech Camera - The Moto X camera is much better BUT!!! The Price - $299 vs $199 I don't play games on a phone, but like take photos, my father dosen't allow me to buy expensive things. Upseeeet:( So...
  19. K

    Moto E getting Android L?

    I am looking for a low-end Android smartphone, and I feel the Moto E is the best in its category. However, one thing which I'm confused about is whether or not it'll get Android L. I know that the G and X are confirmed to be getting Android L. An obvious suggestion would be to get the Moto G...
  20. R

    cant connect to wpa push button modem

    How do you get a pasword if you set up a Motorola modem with push button wpa? Now I want to connect a tablet that does not support push button. How do i get a password?
  21. R

    motorola sbg6580 surfboard modem question

    Iset this up with wpa push button , now I need to add a tablet but it wont use push button. Ity wants a password, but I never had one? ! what can I do to get a tablet connected?
  22. A

    how can i fix my phone that wont shut off

    I tried a hard re-boot but my Motorola Android Razr won't shut off. What else can I do?
  23. K

    Is the Nexus 5 worth it now?

    Rumors of the Nexus 6 (Or the new Nexus phone) are surfacing it seems, and that has got me wondering whether the Nexus 5 is still worth it. My current phone is absolute crap so whichever phone I buy, it will be a massive upgrade. My budget doesn't really allow the Nexus 5 (I can barely stretch...
  24. J

    How to transfer pics and other data from my Motorola cell to my Galaxy S4?

    I have an old Motorola cell phone that has been de-activated, I'd like to transfer the photos to my Galaxy S4, complicated or?
  25. Msgamingelite

    Is there any benefit from a 1080p display on a smartphone?

    Hi all, I'm just wondering whether I would benefit from a 1080p display on a smartphone. I was considering getting the Google Nexus 5 but I also saw the Motorola Moto G for just under half the price. The key difference is that the Nexus 5 has a 1080p display compared to the Moto G's 720p...
  26. R

    The death of Physical Keyboards, and what I should do about it.

    So the time has come for an upgrade. I'll be trading in my trusty Motorola Droid 4 for a new phone... Trouble is, I've always vowed that I'll never give up the physical keyboard. There are just so many benefits to having a physical keyboard that it makes my head spin. It's not just about ease...
  27. R

    Need advice on buying new smartphone.

    Hello all, So my upgrade date is approaching and I'm hankering for a new phone. I'm coming from a Motorola Droid 4. I've tried sticking with that line of phones, but apparently Motorola is ending the original Droid line and so I cannot continue with it. I am however very fond of Motorola...
  28. A

    how to fix my motorola smart phone

    my phone wouldn't turn on since i updated it a month ago the notification light works but it wont turn on:fou:
  29. A

    Cheapest place to buy a Motorola Moto G

    I have been shopping around for a Motorola Moto G, preferably unlocked, but unlock codes are dirt cheap. I can't find anywhere that would sell one for under £130. Anyone know of anywhere in England that they would be cheaper?
  30. J

    What to buy...

    Which of these phones should I buy?: 1. Motorola MOTO G 2. Samsung Galaxy Core 3. Nokia Lumia 720 4. LG Optimus L7 II 5. Sony Xperia M
  31. G

    Motorola May Reveal Moto E on May 13

    A teaser from Motorola's new Indian Twitter feed suggests that the reveal of the Moto E smartphone may happen on a May 13 event. Motorola May Reveal Moto E on May 13 : Read more
  32. Who95

    A good cheap smartphone?

    Hi! I've never had a smartphone and, with the decrease of prices, I was thinking about getting a cheap one (and with cheap I mean one that doesn't cost much more than 160 dollars). I'd just like to use Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail, Youtube, some simple apps and browsing on the web without lags...
  33. C

    Samsung Galaxy S3 or Motorola Moto G

    Hello everyone, I am going to buy a new phone soon, and after a lot of search i am stuck between those two great phones, the S3 (1GB RAM) and the Moto G. BUDGET is not a problem because i am going to buy them with a mobile company deal, so practically they cost the same. I am interested in...
  34. G

    I have a Motorola Android 4.1. I use Straight talk. I also have a Verizon IPhone 4s. I would like to use my IPhone again. Is t

    Is there any plan like Straight talk in the universe I can use with my Verizon IPhone 4s??:??:
  35. S

    Moto X screen protector?

    Should I buy a screen protector for my moto x?? It comes with gorilla glass 3 but does the screen stay scratch free ?
  36. awesome opossum

    moto x has line across lcd

    hello my new moto x has a line going across its screen, not a black line but a whole row of verticle pixels are slighty pink its most noticable when viewing something white. Its doesnt bother me a whole lot but is it going to get worse? should i just get a replacement phone from moto?
  37. E

    How to Get Moto G with $30 plan

    I want to get the Moto G and Use it with a $30 or $35 plan but it seems that I can. Do I have to dig around to find a plan that works with it?
  38. A

    Problem with Moto G

    hi.A Few days ago i bought motorola moto g.I upgraded it in Kit Kat but a problem appeared.When i charged the phone(60% battery)yesterday,suddenly the phone shut down and the battery was 1%.How i can fix it?May i replace the phone?Why this happened?
  39. S

    motorola a956 unlock code

    I don't expect anyone to help out but trying to unlock Motorola a956. Yes I know I can try the carrier Verizon and no they were of no help. There are paid options but know do not want to support those blood suckers. Thanks all
  40. X

    What is the difference between rooting a phone, unlocking, and Jail Breaking?

    I was just wondering because I wanted to try something on my old Atrix 2 that isn't on a contract anymore.
  41. T

    i need help

    I purchased a Motorola from a friend and he forgot the password and I did to many pattern attempts and now it says it can be unlocked with a gmail account that he doesn't know, how can I take the password off the phone for my use?
  42. L

    accidentally deleted my gallery. how can I recover them? Motorola electrify m

    I accidentally deleted an app and my gallery is deleted. How can I recover them?
  43. D

    Damaged Display. Can I Reset the Phone?

    Well, I just crushed my phone (Motorola Razr Maxx) this morning in the reclining chair and the screen is totally inoperable; just green pixels and bright white dots. The phone itself is still functional as I can hear it receiving messages and I have access to all of my files by connecting it...
  44. S

    Motorola moto g Or Note 2 ?

    Hi i can get both phones for 11.99 a month which shall i get ? quick responce please
  45. R

    how do I unlock my verizon motorola? Its an old phone and I tried many patterns and it locked me out and ask for my google acc

    Its an old phone and I tried many patterns and it locked me out and ask for my google account but it was like 2-3 years ago and I dont remember my old google account. Please help
  46. T

    Moto G or Nexus 4?

    This is going to be my first smartphone ever, I want one that won't start to stutter only in a year or two. I also want a stock android experience, and since I'm in India contract phones are out of the question. Another thing I'd like is to have timely android updates. Hence the choices are...
  47. L

    I just brought the new Motorola droid from boost, my phone was charging untill it went from 11% to 1% ,it cut of, now it's com

    I just brought the new Motorola droid from boost, my phone was charging untill it went from 11% to 1% ,it cut of, now it's com
  48. Z

    what to do if my motorola droid wont turn on

    My motorolla android wont turn on at all and I have tryed everything I could but nothing I need help
  49. H

    my motorola phone wont turn on

    I pluged it in it glowed blue but won't turn on please help
  50. L

    retrieve deleted photos from Motorola android phone

    Accidentally deleted file of photos from gallery on Motorola android cell phone.
  51. D

    Moto G charger ?

    Hello, I bought a Moto G last month and everything is fine, i 'am happy with the device. I have just one concern about charging the Moto G. The phone didn't come with a charger and Motorola said that is to keep the price low. When i charge the phone it will easily take 2/2.5 hours to be fully...
  52. hottsauce

    Moto G Kitkat

    I just received the Kitkat update 4.4.2 on my Moto G. It's fine and all, but is there any way I can make my phone look like the Nexus 5? My phone looks like a mix of Jellybean with KitKat, but I want it to look fully like the Nexus 5. Is there anything I can do? Thanks in advance
  53. B

    Best 2 smartphones under $200? (off-contract, factory unlocked)

    2 of my siblings are moving to the US and are going to buy a cellphone each. I have the S4 and recommended samsung, nokia, sony and maybe LG. One of them has always been fond of apple but I told him that iphones weren't worth the money and besides, the iphone he would find under 200 dollars...
  54. G

    My Motorola Droid 2 Will Not turn on.

    So my dad gave me his old phone. And it has been working fine the past few days. But recently i was using the phone then a black screen came up and i wasn't able to do anything. The phone then automatically turned off for some reason. But now when i try to turn it on the droid symbol goes up...
  55. B

    Looking for RAM expansion of my ATRIX2- Android

    Hi, I am from India. I am using Motorola ATRIX 2 with 4.0.4 ver android. I want to root my mobile since my RAM is getting fully utilized by the applications and so the phone becomes slow often. Please anyone can suggest which is the best software to root my phone and to increase my RAM using...