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  1. MounirS

    nexus 4 vs moto g 2nd gen (2014)

    what should i buy ? this one or this one ??? thnx
  2. R

    help Motorola razer

    What if I don't want to pay my phone off could I just keep it?
  3. R

    needing help with Motorola reazer help

    How do I stop my Verizon plan and keep my phone and use straight talk?
  4. F

    Hi, have a MotoX, locked for AT&T and has been imposible to unlock, any suggestions??

    Summary: Have a locked AT&T MotoX (which works fine), but cant unlock it (on the web) to use with different carriers. Full story: Bought MotoX December 2013, At&T locked, (I live in Argentina) brought it home, inmediately went online, unlocked it and used it perfectly. Last August, suddenly...
  5. Mark Spoonauer

    Droid Turbo Battery Tested: Above Average, Not the Best

    The Droid Turbo's 3,900 mAh battery delivers very good endurance, but it's not the longest lasting phone. Droid Turbo Battery Tested: Above Average, Not the Best : Read more
  6. valentinalucia

    Motorola Droid Turbo Specs vs iPhone 6, Galaxy S5, Nexus 6

    Motorola finally released the Droid Turbo for Verizon, boasting a 48-hour battery life and a 21MP camera - but how do its specs stack up? Motorola Droid Turbo Specs vs iPhone 6, Galaxy S5, Nexus 6 : Read more
  7. valentinalucia

    Moto X Review (2014) Review

    The updated Moto X is an Android phone with a gorgeous display, chic design, solid performance and efficient voice comments, all at an accessible price. Moto X Review (2014) Review : Read more
  8. C

    Nexus 6 Appears in FCC (Report)

    Reports have shown that a Motorola device with a six inch display appeared in the FCC data Nexus 6 Appears in FCC (Report) : Read more
  9. T

    How can I make an old altell phone a Verizon phone

    I have an old Motorola vc3 from altell and I'd like my son to use it but it's not compatable with Verizon ,is there a way to make this phone work on the verizon network?
  10. SLShermon

    Music Won't Copy to SD Card Android?

    I have a motorola defyxt through republic wireless (I know its old but I cant afford anything better at the moment). Its running android gingerbread. I bought a 32gb micro sd card and it works great for putting apps on and everything. But not music. When I go to copy music to it it copies...
  11. alannm37

    Cracked Screen Help - Looking For Replacement

    Hi There, I cracked my screen on my Motorola Moto G about a month ago, reason why I'm not fixing it until now is because I can still use it fine but I am tired of looking at the bottom of my screen being all cracked. So I'm looking for a screen replacement on Amazon/Ebay and am very unsure of...
  12. K

    How can I get data off a DROID RAZR MAXX that has a broken screen?

    I currently have DROID RAZR MAXX that has a cracked screen, meaning no display or touch capabilities. However, there are photos and other data I would like to retrieve from the phone before I get a new one. I tried connecting the phone to the computer, but all that did was install MotoCast...
  13. G

    Moto 360 Smartwatch Specs and Price Leak via Best Buy

    The first round-faced Android Wear smartwatch is likely to cost $250, according to a product listing on Best Buy. Moto 360 Smartwatch Specs and Price Leak via Best Buy : Read more
  14. E

    how to reset sim card

    For a Motorola 4g lte
  15. F

    Download photos from Motorola MotoG to Windows 8

    Hi, I downloaded pictures from my Motorola MotoG to my laptop before but I don't remember how and instructions I found on the Internet don't work because my phone doesn't seem to be the same as in the instructions! How can I get my photos in my laptop?
  16. P

    how to fix a Motorola droid x2 that won't charge or turn on?

    It won't charge when it's plugged in. And it doesn't show any sign of charging. And it won't turn on after I left it on charge for a little bit. And I don't know what else to do.
  17. X

    Buying New Smartphone

    I am about to buy a brand new customized moto x from This is my smartphone and I am planning on using T-mobile. I know that different carriers have different requirements. So I was wondering if a brand new moto x would work perfectly fine with T-mobile network? How does that all work?
  18. J

    Moto X or Moto G? Tell me how to CHOOSE!

    The Design – Moto X and Moto G are similar The Screens – Same resolution Moto X panel, different tech Camera - The Moto X camera is much better BUT!!! The Price - $299 vs $199 I don't play games on a phone, but like take photos, my father dosen't allow me to buy expensive things. Upseeeet:( So...
  19. K

    Moto E getting Android L?

    I am looking for a low-end Android smartphone, and I feel the Moto E is the best in its category. However, one thing which I'm confused about is whether or not it'll get Android L. I know that the G and X are confirmed to be getting Android L. An obvious suggestion would be to get the Moto G...
  20. R

    cant connect to wpa push button modem

    How do you get a pasword if you set up a Motorola modem with push button wpa? Now I want to connect a tablet that does not support push button. How do i get a password?
  21. R

    motorola sbg6580 surfboard modem question

    Iset this up with wpa push button , now I need to add a tablet but it wont use push button. Ity wants a password, but I never had one? ! what can I do to get a tablet connected?
  22. A

    how can i fix my phone that wont shut off

    I tried a hard re-boot but my Motorola Android Razr won't shut off. What else can I do?
  23. K

    Is the Nexus 5 worth it now?

    Rumors of the Nexus 6 (Or the new Nexus phone) are surfacing it seems, and that has got me wondering whether the Nexus 5 is still worth it. My current phone is absolute crap so whichever phone I buy, it will be a massive upgrade. My budget doesn't really allow the Nexus 5 (I can barely stretch...
  24. J

    How to transfer pics and other data from my Motorola cell to my Galaxy S4?

    I have an old Motorola cell phone that has been de-activated, I'd like to transfer the photos to my Galaxy S4, complicated or?
  25. Msgamingelite

    Is there any benefit from a 1080p display on a smartphone?

    Hi all, I'm just wondering whether I would benefit from a 1080p display on a smartphone. I was considering getting the Google Nexus 5 but I also saw the Motorola Moto G for just under half the price. The key difference is that the Nexus 5 has a 1080p display compared to the Moto G's 720p...
  26. R

    The death of Physical Keyboards, and what I should do about it.

    So the time has come for an upgrade. I'll be trading in my trusty Motorola Droid 4 for a new phone... Trouble is, I've always vowed that I'll never give up the physical keyboard. There are just so many benefits to having a physical keyboard that it makes my head spin. It's not just about ease...
  27. R

    Need advice on buying new smartphone.

    Hello all, So my upgrade date is approaching and I'm hankering for a new phone. I'm coming from a Motorola Droid 4. I've tried sticking with that line of phones, but apparently Motorola is ending the original Droid line and so I cannot continue with it. I am however very fond of Motorola...
  28. A

    how to fix my motorola smart phone

    my phone wouldn't turn on since i updated it a month ago the notification light works but it wont turn on:fou:
  29. A

    Cheapest place to buy a Motorola Moto G

    I have been shopping around for a Motorola Moto G, preferably unlocked, but unlock codes are dirt cheap. I can't find anywhere that would sell one for under £130. Anyone know of anywhere in England that they would be cheaper?
  30. J

    What to buy...

    Which of these phones should I buy?: 1. Motorola MOTO G 2. Samsung Galaxy Core 3. Nokia Lumia 720 4. LG Optimus L7 II 5. Sony Xperia M
  31. G

    Motorola May Reveal Moto E on May 13

    A teaser from Motorola's new Indian Twitter feed suggests that the reveal of the Moto E smartphone may happen on a May 13 event. Motorola May Reveal Moto E on May 13 : Read more
  32. Who95

    A good cheap smartphone?

    Hi! I've never had a smartphone and, with the decrease of prices, I was thinking about getting a cheap one (and with cheap I mean one that doesn't cost much more than 160 dollars). I'd just like to use Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail, Youtube, some simple apps and browsing on the web without lags...
  33. C

    Samsung Galaxy S3 or Motorola Moto G

    Hello everyone, I am going to buy a new phone soon, and after a lot of search i am stuck between those two great phones, the S3 (1GB RAM) and the Moto G. BUDGET is not a problem because i am going to buy them with a mobile company deal, so practically they cost the same. I am interested in...
  34. G

    I have a Motorola Android 4.1. I use Straight talk. I also have a Verizon IPhone 4s. I would like to use my IPhone again. Is t

    Is there any plan like Straight talk in the universe I can use with my Verizon IPhone 4s??:??:
  35. S

    Moto X screen protector?

    Should I buy a screen protector for my moto x?? It comes with gorilla glass 3 but does the screen stay scratch free ?
  36. awesome opossum

    moto x has line across lcd

    hello my new moto x has a line going across its screen, not a black line but a whole row of verticle pixels are slighty pink its most noticable when viewing something white. Its doesnt bother me a whole lot but is it going to get worse? should i just get a replacement phone from moto?
  37. E

    How to Get Moto G with $30 plan

    I want to get the Moto G and Use it with a $30 or $35 plan but it seems that I can. Do I have to dig around to find a plan that works with it?
  38. A

    Problem with Moto G

    hi.A Few days ago i bought motorola moto g.I upgraded it in Kit Kat but a problem appeared.When i charged the phone(60% battery)yesterday,suddenly the phone shut down and the battery was 1%.How i can fix it?May i replace the phone?Why this happened?
  39. S

    motorola a956 unlock code

    I don't expect anyone to help out but trying to unlock Motorola a956. Yes I know I can try the carrier Verizon and no they were of no help. There are paid options but know do not want to support those blood suckers. Thanks all
  40. X

    What is the difference between rooting a phone, unlocking, and Jail Breaking?

    I was just wondering because I wanted to try something on my old Atrix 2 that isn't on a contract anymore.
  41. T

    i need help

    I purchased a Motorola from a friend and he forgot the password and I did to many pattern attempts and now it says it can be unlocked with a gmail account that he doesn't know, how can I take the password off the phone for my use?
  42. L

    accidentally deleted my gallery. how can I recover them? Motorola electrify m

    I accidentally deleted an app and my gallery is deleted. How can I recover them?
  43. D

    Damaged Display. Can I Reset the Phone?

    Well, I just crushed my phone (Motorola Razr Maxx) this morning in the reclining chair and the screen is totally inoperable; just green pixels and bright white dots. The phone itself is still functional as I can hear it receiving messages and I have access to all of my files by connecting it...
  44. S

    Motorola moto g Or Note 2 ?

    Hi i can get both phones for 11.99 a month which shall i get ? quick responce please
  45. R

    how do I unlock my verizon motorola? Its an old phone and I tried many patterns and it locked me out and ask for my google acc

    Its an old phone and I tried many patterns and it locked me out and ask for my google account but it was like 2-3 years ago and I dont remember my old google account. Please help
  46. T

    Moto G or Nexus 4?

    This is going to be my first smartphone ever, I want one that won't start to stutter only in a year or two. I also want a stock android experience, and since I'm in India contract phones are out of the question. Another thing I'd like is to have timely android updates. Hence the choices are...
  47. L

    I just brought the new Motorola droid from boost, my phone was charging untill it went from 11% to 1% ,it cut of, now it's com

    I just brought the new Motorola droid from boost, my phone was charging untill it went from 11% to 1% ,it cut of, now it's com
  48. Z

    what to do if my motorola droid wont turn on

    My motorolla android wont turn on at all and I have tryed everything I could but nothing I need help
  49. H

    my motorola phone wont turn on

    I pluged it in it glowed blue but won't turn on please help
  50. L

    retrieve deleted photos from Motorola android phone

    Accidentally deleted file of photos from gallery on Motorola android cell phone.
  51. D

    Moto G charger ?

    Hello, I bought a Moto G last month and everything is fine, i 'am happy with the device. I have just one concern about charging the Moto G. The phone didn't come with a charger and Motorola said that is to keep the price low. When i charge the phone it will easily take 2/2.5 hours to be fully...
  52. hottsauce

    Moto G Kitkat

    I just received the Kitkat update 4.4.2 on my Moto G. It's fine and all, but is there any way I can make my phone look like the Nexus 5? My phone looks like a mix of Jellybean with KitKat, but I want it to look fully like the Nexus 5. Is there anything I can do? Thanks in advance
  53. B

    Best 2 smartphones under $200? (off-contract, factory unlocked)

    2 of my siblings are moving to the US and are going to buy a cellphone each. I have the S4 and recommended samsung, nokia, sony and maybe LG. One of them has always been fond of apple but I told him that iphones weren't worth the money and besides, the iphone he would find under 200 dollars...
  54. G

    My Motorola Droid 2 Will Not turn on.

    So my dad gave me his old phone. And it has been working fine the past few days. But recently i was using the phone then a black screen came up and i wasn't able to do anything. The phone then automatically turned off for some reason. But now when i try to turn it on the droid symbol goes up...