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    Question Star Wars Plug/Play Almost Working

    So, my plug and play from 2005 is plugged in correctly, has fresh batteries, and I cleaned the battery terminals properly. However, when I turn it on, it glitches after 15 seconds or just doesn't stay on. Please help, thank you
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    Solved! getting old SSD working on new laptop

    I want to pull my ssd out of my old laptop and just plug and play into the new laptop. Both are dell but when I plug it in it says “media could not be found” why can’t it find the new ssd?
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    Solved! I have one of the first plug and play games and I have smart night def tv and don’t know how to plug it in to play everythin

    Plug and play game my email is [don't post your email address on the forum]
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    Namco to tv

    I have an old 2003 Sony tv.. What do I do to hook up a Namco plug and play??
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    Solved! Which is the best internet provider for the fire stick?

    All I have is a flat screen tv
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    Is this SSD plug-and-play?

    Hello, I want to upgrade my laptop from an hdd wd blue 5400rpm to a Crucial MX500 256gb for basic word and some other applications thats it. I wanted to make sure that once I get it I will only plug it and start it with no issues. So is it all good? Here are the pics...
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    Solved! smart plug control

    Hi Everybody I am an MBA student looking to accomplish a project My project is to find a smart plug with remote control what I want to be able to do is control my lamp at home from my work office for instance turn it on and off with my smartphone and data connection Also I would like a plug...
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    Solved! Laptop Power Issue

    So basically im a little skeptical posting on this site because every time I do no one answers me but here goes nothing i just bought a HP pavillion laptop and I was playing GTAV on it while it was plugged in. Basically i got a notification on it saying my battery was almost dead which didnt...
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    Old plug and play to tv

    So i found my old ms pacman and i tried to set it up to my tv, but the tv doenst have a white rca plug in. Only a yellow one. The plug and play game has a white and yellow rca. At the back of my tv there are 4 inputs: blue yellow green and black. I tried to switch up with each of them but it...
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    Best amp to go with Paradigm Atom V2 speakers

    So i bought a pair of used paradigm atom v2 speakers however i have no experience or much knowledge dealing with any speakers other than the plug and play. I have been looking for an amp and one that i have seen a lot is the Lepai 2020A which is for 32$ CAD (24 USD) on amazon and amazon prime is...
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    Some questions about my future computer speaker setup

    Disclaimer: I barely know anything about home audio and have been using plug-and-play "computer speakers" made by Cyber Acoustics and Logitech. This will be my first time using decent speakers. I plan on pairing these together: *Lepai LP-268A amplifier $9.02 RIP Nov 2016 - Aug 2017. I replaced...
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    My TV doesn't have that plug and play can't find it

    I have a Samsung smart tvun32eh5300 and it occasionally keeps turning itself on and off while I'm watching a show
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    Best Mic Setup for £30

    What the title is really. I'm looking for a FULL mic setup for around the cost of £30. I would prefer a USB mic, as they are much easier to use - just plug and play. Also, a condenser mic is already around £20-30, not including the phantom power that is needed to supply enough voltage (another...
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    Laptop shutsdown while playing games while plugged

    It does not shutdown with battery life. It only does when plugged in. Lenovo G5070-20351 Specs Intel Core i5 4210U @ 1.70Ghz 2.40Ghz 4GB of ram 64bit windows 8.1(Previously) windows 10(Now) AMD Radeon HD 8500M Now for what i think and have done. No error messages when I open it again. Tried...
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    Help finding right pair of headphones?

    So I will be gaming with these so plug and play is the probably the most important thing. This will be my first pair of "real" headphones. I've been really interested in the AKG K77 Precision. I like the K99 too but it's just a little to expensive. Will the K77 Precision be good? I also looked...
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    Lowest price for laptops that runs 90% of the games with 60fps !

    Hello everyone, I am asking you to give me the price of a laptop that runs at least most of the games with ( 55-60 fps ) with low settings ! I don't care if its the lowest settings, but it must run most of the new games specially with 60 fps ! * I dont have a budget ! ( not higher than 1,500$ )...
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    Headset microphone not working, even with adapter.

    Hello guys! So, I've bought a plantronics headset with two jacks. To my dismay, my Asus laptop only has one audio/mic plug. I've then bought an adapter (2x3,5 female to 3,5 male). It has 3 rings on the male plug so it should be the right kind of adapter. However when i plug it in, my laptop...
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    Can I "plug and play" a hard drive?

    Hi guys, I bought a refurbished laptop last year but it's broken beyond repair now. Is it possible to put the hard drive into a new laptop so I can keep all the files? Thanks.
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    Asus screen upgrade

    can Asus G74SX screen resolution 1600/900 be upgraded to 1920/1080 without making any changes to the laptop,can this be just plug and play? What is the better screen,Glossy or Matte?
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    New 7.1 Surround sound heaset configuration

    I recently bought a Plantronics Gamecom Commander which supports 7.1 Dolby surround sound with a plug-and-play usb soundcard. I plugged it in, and enabled it under playback devices, and it seems to be working. I was only wondering because under speaker configuration it only lists stereo. Also...
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    Gaming headset sound not working right

    I have had this headset for almost a year now and the sound has been 100%. It works via USB and is plug and play. I was busy watching a movie when all of a sudden the voices of people talking went all soft. Other sounds are playing fine and on both sides. If I go into control panel to sounds and...
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    How to take apart a gateway nv73

    Having trouble with the Dvd player. It came up plug and play problem.
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    Windows 7 webcam

    Hello, I just bought a generic plug and play webcam. My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate. How do I install? Do I need to download any webcam software?
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    Plug and play manager error

    How can I fix this problem?
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    Steampunk Device Designed to Plug and Play

    This marvel of the Industrial Revolution easily plugs in to solve your concerns. Steampunk Device Designed to Plug and Play : Read more
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    It has worked before

    Using Windows 7 32 bit i cannot get the error 43 message to go away with my H.K. Soundsticks. I know they are for mac but they are plug and play and they have worked on this exact system a week ago. Until i moved my computer and had to unplug everything. This is my audio system for the moment...
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    Acer G24 - Driver?

    Can anyone tell me if theres an actual driver for the Acer G24 Monitor or does it just simply register as plug and play? If there is one, I obviously have a missing disk or something, which sucks.
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    USB Sound Cards

    I've seen advertised external plug and play USB sound cards. I know they are not high performance but are they, - 1) equal too/between, a low to medium performance PCI sound card? 2) better than current onboard sound cards? Thanks,
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    plug and play question

    I installed a U.S. Robotics "v" series modem in my new box.This is one of those modems that uses a dosbox which creates a comm5 port.The intitial installation went fine.I then decided to change the location of the card to a different slot.I had a heck of a time getting it to work.I finally had...
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    Anyone ever have the problem of being stuck during bios bootup right after the 'Award Plug and play... ' whatever? I just put a new system together with an A7N233-E mobo with an Athlon XP 1600+, and 256mb of ddr dram from crucial. The system had problems powering on, but I fixed that cos it...
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    Stuck in Bios

    Anyone ever have the problem of being stuck during bios bootup right after the 'Award Plug and play... ' whatever? I just put a new system together with an A7N233-E mobo with an Athlon XP 1600+, and 256mb of ddr dram from crucial. The system had problems powering on, but I fixed that cos it...