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  1. flexxmi

    Kenwood KA-94 worth fixing?

    I have a Kenwood KA-94 that blows the fuse as soon as it is powered up. From what I've read these are nice little amps and this one has a phono input on it so I'd like to save it if it's salvageable. I have opened the unit and don't see anything outwardly apparent that is wrong - no bulging...
  2. A

    Solved! Interfacing drawing tablet to MS Word

    I study chemistry at university, and I take notes using my computer. I occasionally need to draw chemical formulas, and don't have time to draw them on ChemSketch during the lesson. I was thinking that a drawing tablet could solve my problem. I use MS Word to take notes (latest version). I know...
  3. martinamy0224

    Where can i find the schematics of the motherboard for a Nextbook 10?

    Nextbook 10.1 Model: NXW10QC32G I am wanting to know what the ram looks like and where it's located inside the motherboard.
  4. A

    Asus Laptop K52F

    My asus laptop blinking on off. Not on or display.....plz send me schematic diagram...i want to repair my laptop.
  5. M

    Vintage 4-pin microphone female to 1/4 mono

    How to configure a vintage 4-pin wiring schematic to 1/4 mono With a replacement microphone cord Am radio - workman MIL 10 Has 5 tiny wires plus ground/shield Red, Black, White, Blue, White Need help. Thank you. I've been watching YouTube videos to try and figure it out myself. Thanks.
  6. NeleRS

    Fujitsu-Siemens Board Schematic needed...

    Hello guys, I need board schematics (also boardview if available) for Fujitsu-Siemens (Celsius Mobile Edition H700) Thanks.
  7. N

    D820 Electrical schematic

    In need for the electrical schematic of Dell's D820. Can anyone help?
  8. M

    Looking for schematic laptop sony vaio PCG-61312W

    i am repairing a sony vaio PCG-61312W, but i dont have the schematic, please, who do you have to send for me! <email address removed by moderator> Thanks! <Do not post personal information, such as email addresses, in an open forum>
  9. A

    Laptop charges battery only after reboot

    Hello :), My laptop (Lenovo Z510) does not charge the battery when the AC is connected. Even worse, with the AC connected, the battery discharges just as using it without being plugged. If I do a windows reboot, everything seems to work fine. But, when I unplug and plug back the AC cord, the...
  10. I

    Looking for Thunder THC-2002 USB schematic/service manual.

    The front board is faulty somewhere, it made the mains transformer burn out. I found a new one, and the primary problem that caused the damage appeared. Few resistors start to smoke when power comes on, that's why I need to have the electrical scheme to find out where's the problem. Can someone...
  11. L

    I'm looking for ASUS K52F Service Manual or Block Diagram

    Guys, do you have an ASUS K52F Service Manual or Block Diagram? Please send it to me.
  12. K

    where to find hp laptop schematics

    where can I find hp laptop schematic for a 15-n210dx laptop?
  13. T

    hi . ineed diagram schematic for compaq cq58

    hi . ineed diagram schematic for compaq cq58
  14. X

    How can I get a schematic for a Behringer Vintager V110, or parts for this amp

    I have a Behringer VIntager V110 and wish to make some repairs but can't find a schematic for it. I cannot find any parts for it either.
  15. R

    Sony Vaio PCG-71911M VPCEH2N1E schematic

    I have changed the power jack and laptop don't want to start no more. No leds power in no nothing. I need a schematic to find fuzes so i measure them to be shure it is OK. I measure power with multimeter and i have power on motherboard at power jack connector. Laptop worked ... When i tried to...
  16. N

    PATA Laptop HDD Pin Broke

    Hello, I tried to remove my PATA HDD (fujitsu mhv2060ah) from my laptop and one of the pins broke off. According to this schematic: Pin number 44 broke off. I turned on my laptop and everything went fine, slow as usual. Was this pin important? Will it change anything. Thanks in advance.
  17. A

    Software to draw a simple schematic.

    I'm working on a DIY project. One of the steps requires cutting out a 13cmx13cm plate of 1/4inch aluminium and then drilling 4 holes in the plate. The placement of the holes and dimensions of the square have to fairly exact. So I decided to use MS Paint to draw a box with crosses to mark the...
  18. A

    Adcom 5800 Power Amplifier

    Hello Every One: Please, I do need the Adcom 5800`s power supply Schematic Diagram. Thanks for your attention
  19. C

    Schematic drawings C855DS5320 Toshiba satellite

    Been trying to remove/bypass/reset registered supervisor password on the C855DS5320 satellite laptop as my system? crashed after attempting to restore to OOB status and I inadvertently shut off laptop before the entire recovery had been completed. Next time turned it on, got error message after...
  20. J

    Soundcraft ghost schematic

    Hello, Anyone out there have a soundcraft ghost schematic ??
  21. F

    Solar Speakers?

    Hey guys, I am building some solar powered speakers for my home outside of course :)! But I have run into a problem. My solar panels are rated at 1.5W each(2) and 24V peak. If I need 12V, would it be cheaper to buy an converter, or should I just return the solar panels and get 12V ones...
  22. A


    Hello, anybody can give me the schematic of acer aspire 4783Z? please help me.
  23. G

    Laptop schematic

    Hello, My HP Pavilion dv5000 (dv5000eu) is dead; no power light just the battery blue LED blinking. I need a schenatic diagram to fix it. Where can I buy it in Europe. Thanks a lot, Sully
  24. B

    Schematic for hp dv9700 hp laptop

    Hello, Looking for the power inverter that goes to the hp dv9700 display on my notebook. Looking for the part number.
  25. W

    I need help repairing an electrostatic speaker...

    Hello, I have a Janszen 130 4 element electrostatic speaker and one of the power supplies has died. Is there anywhere you know where I can get a schematic? I think these old speakers used a selenium rectifier that would often that correct??? Lee
  26. U

    HELP find this resistor in my receiver

    I have a RT2770 board with a blown resistor, R205, but the rings are burned off. If anyone has a RT2870 from RCA could you please open it up and tell me the colors on it. or if someone has a schematic that would be great.
  27. T

    Asp8 schematic

    Can anyone E-Mail me a Service Manual for the Event ASP8 Precision Studio Monitor? thnx in advance
  28. J

    Realistic turntable schematic

    how do I replace the belt on a Realistic LAB 89 turntable?
  29. exfileme

    PalmPad Details Leaked, Schematic

    Three PalmPad models are expected to be showcased at CES 2011 next month. PalmPad Details Leaked, Schematic : Read more
  30. G


    hello. Looking for a schematic, or power supply board for PSU-CDR775-1 Thanks, Larry
  31. A

    Collection schemetic laptop Acer

    - Schemetic laptop acer aspire 5105: Download - Schemetic laptop acer aspire 4930: Download - Schemetic Laptop Acer Travelmate 2420: Download - Schemetic laptop acer aspire 5738: Download - Schemetic laptop travelmate 2450 & aspire 3650: Download - Schemetic laptop acer ferrari 5000...
  32. T

    Hafler 9290 power amp blew line fuse

    I have a Hafler 9290 power amplifier that blew the 10A line fuse. Replaced with a new fuse, turned on the power, and it blew again. Can anyone help? I have schematic diagram on hand to help identify components.
  33. CQuixote

    Windows vista sound hookup schematic

    I have no sound windows vista, dell inspiron 531. computer literate since 1983 (DOS) and have myself so confused now, I'm not sure I have all the wires pluged in correctly. I've tried downloading drivers (waste of money, I think) I've checked into replacing sound card but been told they...
  34. G

    neumann n61 schematic

    Hello, I just hand wired a cmv 563 with a two cap circuit on Oliver's Mod and his 551 optimized tranny with a Thiersche M7 PVC(-M49 style capsule voltage..). This Mic is the most linear '47' you've ever heard! However, it is stuck in 'Native Omni'. What type of switch to electrically...
  35. K

    Schematics for SOUND WORKSHOP Series 40 Console

    Hello! At our studio there was console Sound Workshop Series 40. Unfortunately all schematics and documentation are lost. Somebody can help to find documentation (schematic) of this console. It is necessary to customise it! I will be grateful!
  36. G

    Marantz cdr 630 schematic

    need cd-r 630 marantz mauel
  37. M


    Hello, I need the schematic diagram, anybody has it please?
  38. S

    Pye compressor/limiter schematics manual

    Hello, Does anyone have access to a manual and or schematic documents for a Pye limiter? A Professional Studio Electronics Compressor Limiter. Made in England by PYE TVT LIMITED. Any leads or info would be helpful. Thanks in advance, Doug Email:
  39. 2

    Event ASP8 Monitors NEED SCHEMATIC

    Anyone can E-Mail me a Schematic for my now dead EVENT ASP8 Studio Precision Monitors ? Thnx !
  40. R

    Toshiba p10 laptop schematic

    Hello all, I really need the motherboard schematic for Toshiba Satellite p10 or P15. My laptop doesnt power on only when he wants. I have checked the power button----its OK. When i plug the AC power jack the green power light comes on but only this, if i push the power button nothing happens...
  41. K

    Laptop Schematic Diagram / Wiring Diagram

    May I know what websites you would recommend to visit for the above mentioned item? I only wanted to check out the “switch” in the motherboard if it can be overclocked safely the FSB from 400 Mhz into 533 MHz. My laptop motherboard model is A6R with an ATI chipset. Has anyone of you guys that...
  42. J

    Meridian 501 repair

    Would like to repair my Meridian 501 Preamplifier. Need schematic and/or service manual. Anyone know where this could be obtained?
  43. V

    Logitech Z-5300e speakers wiring schematic

    Logitech Z-5300e speakers wiring schematic Please for the subwoofer
  44. B

    Ibm 600 cmos battery jack broke off

    any one with a board schematic on the 600 I am trying to replace the jack that was broken
  45. G

    +4dBu to -10dBV pad schematic?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I've got attenuation calculators and formulas up the wazoo, but does anybody have a quick and easy schematic for a +4dBu to -10dbV pad using stock resistor values? TIA -- Greg Glazier Sound Editor
  46. T

    schematic for power supply of pansat 2500a

    Archived from groups:, (More info?) anybody know where I can get a schematic for the power PCB for a pansat 2500a? EMP from a nearby lightning strike caused a problem. receiver won't power up, I am checking the SMPS PCB, no visible damage, have...
  47. G

    looking for a MX-7308 or MX-7300 otari tape recorder schem..

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hello world. Is there anybody very kind to send to me a copy of the MX-7300 or MX-7308 Otari tape recorder schematic? This is a one inch tape and 8 tracks machine made in 1975. I thank you a lot for your help. éric My mail is : 951357 (@)...
  48. R

    Sonosax SX-s Input Module

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Older unit, working (or about to) on two channels one appears very noisy, schematic isn't very clear on what OP amp # 4 is, anybody know?
  49. G

    Need Service manual for Yamaha MC1602 mixer

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I could use a service manual or schematic for the MC1602. I would rather not have to reverse engineer this thing. TIA
  50. S

    looking for a schematic

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I am looking for a electronic schematic on a Manhattan Digi Plaza Goto X DVB Satellite Receiver. I need to replace bad parts on it.Trying to find out the part no to replace it. Thanks...
  51. G

    schematic and prints for akg 451 pad?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) there seems to be a big shortage of -20db pads for 451's out there. especially now that everyone is jumping on the lollipop bandwagon. i'm suprised the BLUE hasn't started offering pads. i've been searching for a couple of -20db pads for a...
  52. G

    Samson MPL2242 schematic

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I'm considering buing a used Samson MPL 2242 mixer, does anyone have a schematic for it? I'm especially interested in finding out what IC(s) is used for the mic-pre's, since I probably will be wanting to change them for better ones.
  53. G

    NAD 3130 fuses and/or service manual/schematic

    Archived from groups: (More info?) i want to repair my amp, but i don't have enough technical information. 2 fuses blew and i am trying to figure out if the are slow or fast-blow and what arrangement the fuses actually should be in on the board. the fuse attachments are marked...
  54. J

    More useles Tech support: need Toshiba schematic PA750L au..

    Archived from groups: comp.laptops,comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Duh ! Somebody get me a frying pan ! "you dont need a manual to use it sir, you plug it in the cigarette lighter" I need schematic for TOSHIBA: PA750L auto adapter (18 volt 4 pin) its not on the websight Not ONE person at...