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  1. P

    Solved! How much is my laptop worth if I want to sell it?

    I have a 2008 HP EliteBook 8770w Here are the specs -Screen Size:17.3 Inches Screen Type: 1920x1080 -Windows 10 Pro - Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3840QM CPU @ 2.80GHz, 2801 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) -32 GB DDR3 RAM -750 GB HDD -256 GB SSD -Nvidia Quadro K4000m 4GB -It has a DVD RW drive...
  2. ryand18

    Question How much is this used laptop worth

    I'm planning on selling my Gaming laptop to buy a desktop but i'm not exactly sure how much it is worth and a friend told me to ask here It is an Acer Predator Helios 300. Model number: ph317-51-73E7 Specs are: 17.3 inch screen Gtx 1050ti Intel I7-7700HQ @ 2.8ghz 16gb ram 1128 GB storage (HDD)...
  3. S

    Want to sell a 2015 MSI GT70 Dominator

    I would like to sell my MSI GT702QD (GTX970). It has 2x128 SSDs, i would say condition is fair, no surface or keyboard scratches but some visible wear. The battery is weak (1-2 hours of light use, 40 mins of gaming). Would buying a new battery be cost effective for selling? Charger/adapter is in...
  4. D

    Another Help Selling Laptop Thread

    hey all. sorry for another thread about this, but wanted advice selling my old gaming laptop. i had it up for auction on ebay (first time seller), but ended up cancelling it after getting fraudulent messages. i asked the forums about it there, and they all said BAIL. apparently they prey on...
  5. J

    How much is this laptop worth?

    Asus VivoBook X555DG AMD® Carrizo APU A10-8700P up to 3.2 GHz 8GB RAM DDR3 AMD RADEON R6 M340DX 2GB DDR3 1 TB HDD
  6. Tomitsa

    Selling Office 365 licences

    I have a theoretical question about selling Office copies online. If you work in a company and a company gives 5 Office Proplus licences to every worker, is it illegal to sell the remaining 4 online? People contact me and I go to their house or connect via Teamviewer and install it for them for...
  7. V

    Laptop Selling Dilemma

    I currently have a Alienware 13r2 and a Asus Gl702vm. I do not NEED two laptops and found a buyer for the Asus. However, I am having some "buyers remorse" because the Asus's large screen is so nice to work and type on. Both I bought for $1,200 almost a year ago. The Asus is being sold for $650...
  8. S

    Questions about selling an old laptop

    I have an old laptop I've been wanting to sell. This being the type of laptop: Of course mine isn't refurbished though. So my questions are, 1. How should I go about selling it? (eBay, Pawn Shop,etc.)...
  9. O

    How much could i get from my laptop? (V15 Nitro)

    So, I'm thinking of building a gaming pc as i don't need the mobility of a laptop anymore and would be interested in funding the build mostly by the money from the laptop (not all ofc). So, details about the actual machine: Acer Aspire V15 Nitro VN7-571G I5 4210U, 8GB DDR3, GTX850M 4gb, 15.6...
  10. K

    Looking for advice in selling 4.5 yr old Alienware Aurora Alx

    Hello all, Just to start off I don't have much experience with PCs, computer hardware, etc. I plan on doing a lot of research before I make any final decisions about my desktop but my plan is to sell it and look for a laptop. I appreciate all advice. I have an Alienware Aurora Alx desktop...
  11. G

    How Much Should I Sell My Laptop for

    Im looking to sell my HP Envy TS 15 Notebook PC but im not sure how much i should put it up for or where exactly I should sell it. I was leaning more towards Ebay. The Specs are as follows: -Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4702MQ CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.20GHz -16 GB intalled RAM -64-bit OS with Windows 10 -1TB...
  12. BlueFireZ

    Best photo selling site?

    Hey guys! , i'm looking to sell some shots I have taken on my 70D and i'm wondering where is the best place sell. All answers appreciated.
  13. J

    Need help estimating the current value of my gaming laptop!

    I have an old unused gaming laptop that i am looking to sell but i'm not sure how much it would be worth now or where the best place to sell it would be. The only problem with the laptop is a faulty DC Jack that i have been told is a fairly cheap repair. Laptop details are below. Medion...
  14. William Crane

    Need Help Finding Price of Laptop

    Hello, I'm planning on selling my laptop to invest into a desktop, but i don't know how much it is worth. It is a Lenovo Y560P 500GB. It would be awesome if the community could help me find this price. Thanks.
  15. L

    Is the Windows 8 reset option enough to make sure my deleted files are unrecoverable?

    Hello, I am selling my laptop which runs Windows 8.1. I want to be sure that my files can't be recovered by the future user. I just started the Windows 8 Refresh as described on the microsoft website (, and chose the "Fully...
  16. n00b82

    Looking to sell and then buy a new laptop

    Hello all, I have a laptop that I used to use before I built my custom gaming desktop. I was thinking about trying to sell it on ebay or something to try and buy another laptop. The only use for a laptop for me, really, is when i go over to game at one of my friends' houses. So the laptop...
  17. J

    How much can I sell this laptop for?

    It's a Sony Vaio laptop made in 2007 with a few items that are either stuck or not working properly. Specs: Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit Operating System Intel Pentium Duel Core T4200 2Ghz 3GB ram 288GB HDD Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family Extra Information: 4 USB ports (One...
  18. M

    How much will I get for my ASUS N55SF?

    Just wondering what I would likely be able to get for my laptop if I was to sell it It is an ASUS N55SF with a core i7 processor 640GB HDD 6GB RAM 2GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 555M graphics card Built in webcam Blu-Ray player Windows 7 Home Premium Bang and Olufsen ICEpower audio (includes a small...
  19. F

    How much are my old laptops worth?

    I have two old laptops that I will be selling, both in near perfect condition. One of them is an HP G60-508US, the other an HP Pavillion DV7-6163cl I'm hoping to sell these two laptops to get money towards a new one, as my friend from class wishes to buy my old G60. Thanks