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  1. F

    Choosing the laptop

    Hello there! Now I'm lookig for laptop, general purpose - a lot of programming (C++ and Matlab mainly, but most of the programms really large) and some gaming (Starcraft 2 and other RTS mainly), and I can't choose PC, cause sometimes I'll need to take computer with me. So, for now, I stopped on...
  2. A

    SOLVED: Low FPS, Nvidia GPU underutilized. CPU overutilized

    Hi as per above, My gaming laptop has no problems playing starcraft2 at max settings as well as world of warships. However now when I set world of warship to lowest setting, I get average of 40 fps instead of 60 fps. Starcraft2 there is some noticeable stuttering. I just bought a new Logitech...
  3. K

    The best gaming laptop under 700 bucks also the best brand

    Looking to play Starcraft 2 and tropico on ultra settings 1080 p with no problems under 700 . I play for long hours like everyday 5+ so if it's not possible under 700 please let me know what should I choose . And also say if a Starcraft 3 was to drop I would want it to play it on ultra as well...
  4. L

    Which is better for Starcraft 2 HOTS Max Settings? Desktop CPU in laptop vs 2 980m SLI in laptop?

    The two laptops that fit the title are the Sager NP9772-S with an Intel i7-4790K and a MSI GT80 TITAN with Nvidia GTX 980m SLI. The sager is like $1000 cheaper than the MSI laptop and I personally only have the budget for the sager but if you guys recommend me for the MSI then I will save up for...
  5. L

    Which CPU should I choose for Starcraft 2 HOTS max settings?

    I created a thread for this already, but the people did not answer my question. I know that these two cpus can play Starcraft 2 HOTS at max settings, but I need to know which one is better at doing so. i7-4710HQ i7-4790K
  6. L

    Which is for Starcraft 2 HOTS Max Settings? MSI GT72 Dominator Pro-211 or Sager NP9772-S?

    I am planning on replacing my Alienware 14 laptop so I can play Starcraft 2 better. I am deciding on these two and I need help doing so. Here are the specs for both laptops. DO NOT TELL ME TO GET A DESKTOP I TRAVEL A LOT!!! MSI GT72 Dominator Pro-211: i7-4710HQ Nvidia GTX 980m 8gb gddr5 with...
  7. L

    looking for a Starcraft 2 HOTS Max settings over 60+ FPS gaming laptop

    1. What is your budget? If i sell my old Alienware 14 for about $1200 then I do not want to pay over $1000 but if i do not then limit is $1000 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 17 or 18 inch screen 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1920x1080 4. Do you need a...
  8. L

    is my refurbished nvidia gt 750m degrading or getting worse?

    I have a Alienware 14 and i play Starcraft 2 HOTS at max settings at 57fps. But recently, it got so much worse that i can only play at 19fps at LOWEST SETTINGS. Is my refurbished gt 750m degrading? Please help. Thanks
  9. L

    970m vs 980m vs 970m sli vs 980m sli

    Which laptop gpu configuration is best to run starcraft 2 on ultra settings at over 100fps? And how much dedicated ram is enough? thanks
  10. L

    laptop with nvidia gtx 980m sli vs single 980m which should i get?

    I am a minecraft and Starcraft 2 HOTS player, and I currently have an Alienware 14 with a nvidia gt 750m. I would like to run those games at the highest quality, but it is slow and the lowest quality is below 30 fps. I am looking forward to these brand laptops that have either 980m sli or just...
  11. A

    High Graphics settings for starcraft 2

    Kindly support me Which types can work starcraft 2 (High Graphics) ? _____________________________________ 1st Intel Core i5 4210U CPU Speed 1.7GHz Cache Memory 3MB Turbo Boost 2.7GHz Installed RAM 6GB - 1600Mhz Hard Drive Capacity 1 TB -- 8 GB - 5400 rpm Nvidia - GeForce GT 820M - Dedicated...
  12. A

    Starcraft 2 high graphics

    Greetings, Kindly inform me if these specifications will be enough to run starcraft 2 in high graphics: Intel® CoreTM i7-4710HQ Processor 2.5 GHz Windows 8.1 8GB DDR3 RAM 1TB HDD 15.6” FHD Display NVIDIA GEForce GTX 850M 4GB Thank You Waiting for reply
  13. R

    Need a good 32 inch cheap t.v

    I am a starving student .And I need a cheap 32 inch flat screen TV for gaming
  14. K

    Laptop to play starcraft ~450$

    I am looking for a laptop to play starcraft 2 at as high of settings as possible. My budget is about 450$.what is the best i can expect? Thabk you all for your time
  15. K

    Went from a $700 Satellite p7200-200 to a $1200 Lenovo y50 Best Buy config

    Was this a good upgrade my budget is $1200 and I play Starcraft 2 mainly with FF 15. Should I return it? I was going to get an Asus something that was $1000 with a 840m but the clerk talked me into the 860m. Also should I get geek squad? My Toshiba messed up because the plastic wrap near the...
  16. M

    Sound and FPS problem on a high end laptop

    Alright so I just got myself a brand new high end laptop and I downloaded four games; Tera Rising, Starcraft 2, Dota 2 and League of Legends. With my specs I should EASILY be able to play them all with at LEAST the graphics set to high very smoothly, but it is not the case. They all run smoothly...
  17. J

    will starcraft 2 work on my laptop

    will starcraft 2 work on my laptop? Toshiba satellite C55t series windows 8.1
  18. R

    laptop help uk

    Hey I am looking for a laptop which will let me play diablo 3, StarCraft 2, league of legends, counterstrike and also be able to handle newer games to some degree if necessary. I previously had a MSI with a 5870 GPU and an i5 pro. I no longer have this and need something to take its place. The...
  19. S

    What is the best £750 notebook for music production and some mild gaming?

    As I said the budget is £750 and the main games that will be played will be SimCity, DayZ, League of Legends and Starcraft 2. Thanks in advance. :)
  20. N

    PLEASE HELP with budget gaming laptop CANT DECIDE

    So basically ive got about $500 to spend, maybe 600, but I'd really like to stay at 500. Its mainly for playing movies but I'd like to play starcraft 2 and if able Battlefield 4 but im not expecting that. If I can play starcraft 2 good and watch movies and hook it up to the tv id be happy. But...
  21. C

    What is the better laptop for gaming?

    What is the better laptop out of these two? i will be using it mainly for college work like AutoCAD and microsoft office but i would also like to be able to play games like starcraft 2 andRome Total war 2...
  22. eagles4585

    Ultrabook to run SC2 on Medium 60FPS

    I love the battery life and portability of an Ultrabook. I also want to play StarCraft 2 on Medium 60FPS with processor stuff (physics, effects) on High. My current i5 2430m can do the High processor stuff but graphics stuff on Low. Will a 3rd or 4th gen i5 accomplish this?
  23. Dr Orgo

    work/gaming laptop for grad school ~$1500

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to replace my aging laptop. Haven't been in the market for a laptop in over 5 years, so I'm looking for some advice. Any help is appreciated. I'll describe my situation in case you feel like reading more. I'm a graduate student in chemistry. I need to use a...
  24. B

    Starcraft Budget Laptop

    Hey guys I am looking for a laptop that can run StarCraft 2 on medium to low settings. Price range is $600 max. I have looked at laptops but graphics weren't strong enough. Any suggestions?
  25. NelsonAnaya

    looking for a gaming laptop for 950$

    anyone got any recommendation? i want to be able to play starcraft 2 heart of the swarm on a nice frame rate. thank you for your help i found these. tell me what you think...
  26. T

    my laptop wouldn't charge while playing a game

    i have samsung series 7 chronos laptop. But when i play games like starcraft2 and league of legend, even though i plug in the charger, it wouldn't charge. should i change the battery or charger? help!!!!!!!
  27. C

    A good gaming laptop under $680

    I want a gaming laptop that can play the following games: BioShock Infinite Starcraft 2 Tomb Raider Crysis 3 Far Cry 3 Assassins Creed 3 Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Medal of Honor: Warfighter Borderlands 2 Counter Strike: GO Sleeping Dogs Darksiders II Ghost Recon Future Soldier Max Payne 3 Diablo...
  28. D

    I3-2367M + GT640 vs i3-3110M + HD 7670M

    Which combination is better to run Starcraft 2?
  29. P

    Can an Ivy bridge laptop

    Play Starcraft 2 on medium settings?
  30. H

    Top laptop for starcraft 2 around $600

    Hello, Im looking for a laptop around $600 to play starcraft 2. Im looking for the laptop that is around $600 and can play starcraft 2 the best/ highest graphics settings. im currently looking at this hp one: Hp g6-2067ca. Manufacturer: Any doesnt matter Screen Size: 15.6 Ram: anything more...
  31. F

    Is this Laptop acceptable for starcraft 2 and diablo 3?

    I plan on playing Star Craft 2 and Diablo 3 on at least medium graphic settings. I came across this laptop at walmart for $478.00 and i was wondering if it would be efficient enough for these games.
  32. K

    Laptop search help!

    My budget is between £400-£500, need the laptop to play Starcraft 2 and Warcraft 3 reasonably. I dont mind having the settings on the very lowest as long as i can run the games smoothly. Requirments for SC2, (WC3 should be a breeze if i have these settings, no?) •Windows Vista®/Windows® 7...
  33. bjsm

    Starcraft 2 on a netbook ?

    Hello all, I am posting this just to tell anyone who's wondering if Starcraft 2 can be played on a netbook that I tested it. I haven't seen a lot of info about this on the net so here I am, kindhearted letting you guys know ! :o The answer is yes, my toshiba T210D-007 can run Starcraft 2...
  34. T

    Solved! Best gaming laptop under 800 dollars?

    Hi, I am about to enter my freshman year of college and am looking for a laptop that can play starcraft 2 on high/ultra settings. I was thinking about this one but if anyone has any better suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them...
  35. F

    Solved! Laptop for Starcraft 2 and other

    Looking for a decent 15" laptop that will run Starcraft 2 on at least medium. Main uses will be starcraft 2 and school stuff. I assume gaming will be the driving factor for the system. Price range is < $800. No specific brand in mind, but I need it sooner than later so cannot wait a long time...
  36. R

    Starcraft 2 laptop

    1. What is your budget? 300-600 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? not too important (14"+ fine) 3. What screen resolution do you want? not too important 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? desktop replacement 5. How much battery life do you...
  37. J

    Solved! Will this run starcraft 2?

    Hi, I was wondering if these specs on the Dell Inspiron 14R will run starcraft 2 on lowest settings ? VIDEO CARD Intel® HD Graphics PROCESSOR Intel®Core™ i3-380M (2.53GHz, 4Threads, 3M cache) MEMORY & HARD DRIVE 3GB DDR3 Shared Dual Channel Memory + 320GB 5400RPM HDD DISPLAY 14.0" High...
  38. S

    I need a Starcraft2 notebook

    Hey there, iam here first time and i need a gaming notebook for a starcraft 2 1. What is your budget? 1000-1500 +\- 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? - 15-16 not really important, but it cant be very small. 3. What screen resolution do you want? - Big enough for...
  39. A

    Solved! Which is the best for Starcraft 2?

    Ive been looking for a good laptop for sc2 and ive narrowed it down to a few selections. Could someone please tell me which of these would run sc2 the best? Of course any other suggestions and input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...
  40. A

    New Budget Laptop

    Hi. I'm looking to buy a new laptop and was hoping for input from this community. I want it to be able to play Starcraft 2 on medium if possible. Screen size, HDD size, and brand aren't really important. I am trying to spend less than $750. I found this on newegg ...
  41. A

    Labtop for StarCraft2 $600-$1000 Someone in internet have recommended this labtop for gaming which is about $800. But those ppl who gave -one out of five stars- for this, which is not recommending, said that this labtop has some bad issues. i thought it wouldnt be...
  42. C

    On screen Recording

    Basically, heres the dilemnia, I wanna practice shoutcasting my Starcraft 2 matches and Heroes of Newerth games with some of my friends as a group project for fun. However, everytime I use these on screen recording programs, I'm having problems with the video playback. It's not as...
  43. F

    Solved! ASPIRE 5734Z-4836 Graphics card

    I am looking for a ASPIRE 5734Z-4836 graphics card that would be good enough to play something like starcraft 2. What would you recommend, and how would i know if it is capatable with my laptop?
  44. R

    Solved! Will the TOSHIBA Satellite L655-S5111 cut it?

    If i want to play some games like starcraft 2 is the TOSHIBA Satellite L655-S5111 going to cut it? Im liking the price i found this for seeing i dont have too much money. So any advice would be great because im not the best on knowing stuff about computers.
  45. A

    Solved! ASUS G Series G73JH-X1

    Hey All I am a web designer, and network admin. I play wow and starcraft 2. I would like to play both at ultra. I have read some bad things about the ASUS G Series G73JH-X1 but it looks sweet. Does anyone have this laptop? How does it run? Can it run everything I am looking to run...
  46. C

    Solved! Laptop for starcraft 2 and school

    I'm looking for a laptop that can play starcraft 2 on ultra settings. It is mainly going to just play starcraft 2 and help me on school work. I would around $1300 for it but if you can lower the price than good. I could spend a litte more but try to keep it low. Please dont tell to make my own...
  47. P

    Gt425 vs HD 5650???

    hi, I'm looking for a moderate 700-1000 dollar priced rig, and I noticed that a great deal of the laptops offered either the 5650 or gt 425 my question is, which is better? :( sorry I'm a noob, and by the way, I'll mostly be playing Starcraft 2 I'm looking at this...
  48. zniff

    My microphone is to low

    i have had this problem for a while that my microphone is not giving high enoug volume, i turned up the sensitivity and i dont think its the problem ppl cant hear me properly on ts, vt, and starcraft 2 so i guess the problem is in windows. i bought a new audio card asus xonar D2X, and im...
  49. I

    Solved! I3 or i5 intel core for starcraft 2

    Hi guys, I am looking to buy a new laptop that can run starcraft 2 at least on medium settings with no lag. I'm not sure wat resolution its going to be in. But I am getting for a 15'6 inch laptop so whatever that resolution is? Not sure what resolution means. And I am hoping for a graphics card...
  50. D

    Can 5650 run Starcraft 2 at 1600x900?

    ok so i wanted to know if 5650 can run starcraft 2 at 1600x900.... if any one has run it/tried, please give ur feedback.. im mainly looking at the following laptops...
  51. T

    Solved! Laptop for Starcraft 2

    I'm looking for a laptop that will run SC2 on medium at 1366x768. I was looking at this one "Toshiba Satellite A665D-S6051" and I don't know if the graphics would be enough to run it smooth. ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 Graphics AMD Phenom II Quad Core Mobile P920 Processor 4GB DDR3 ram...
  52. F

    Solved! Will Starcraft 2 work on this laptop?

    Hello, This is the laptop I am looking to buy:;+Core%26%23153;+i5+Processor+/+14%22+Display+/+4GB+Memory+/+500GB+Hard+Drive+-+Slate/1006408.p?id=1218207311895&skuId=1006408 Same as...
  53. G

    Starcraft 2 laptop needed. HELP!

    I've spent the past few days trawling the web and still haven't really got anywhere. I'm based in the UK and it seems everyone looking for laptops is buying in dollars and just gets referred to I haven't got that luxury and I really need some help. I want a laptop that I can take to...
  54. E

    Student wanting to play starcraft 2 on a laptop

    Really wanna play Starcarft 2 on a laptop. Also wanna use it for school. I am looking at the N61 for $1000. I wanna use an external monitor at 1600*900...
  55. G

    Solved! Will starcraft 2 work with amd turion 64 X2

    I've got an HP pavilion entertainment PC with Nvidia 6150 Graphics chip running with the AMD Turion 64 X2 wondering if that will support Starcraft 2 if I go buy it.
  56. S

    Budget laptop for starcraft 2 and practical use.

    Sorry to bother with yet another one of these lol, but was hoping to get an oppinion on 3 laptops for starcraft 2 gaming, movies and general tasks. I'm not expecting everything to be ultra ofcourse but curious if any of these would manage to run the game in high settings reasonably. Acer...
  57. G

    Report: Full Copies of Starcraft 2 in the Wild

    A video showing someone apparently opening up the Collector's Edition of Starcraft 2 and attempting to run the game has surfaced online. Report: Full Copies of Starcraft 2 in the Wild : Read more
  58. H

    Laptop for starcraft 2

    I'm planning to buy a laptop; priority is to run starcraft2 fluently on medium details (for more than just 2 players, what means a lot of units). graphic must be gf9xxx or better, 2gb ram or better, and processor qualitatively similar to other parts (if you have your own experiences with...
  59. C

    Solved! Starcraft 2, recommended laptop GPU

    Hey, was wondering what sort of mobile gpu would be roughly equivalent to the recommended graphics cards for starcraft 2 which are: 512 MB NVIDIA® GeForce® 8800 GTX or ATI Radeon® HD 3870 or better thanks!
  60. I

    Solved! Is the MacBook Pro Core i7 capable of running Starcraft 2?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums, but have been reading them for a while now. My question is this. I recently bought a new MacBook Pro Core i7, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD @ 7200 rpm with the 512 MB GPU - and I love it. Being a long time Windows user, my switch to Mac was well worth it. All praising...