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  1. BruP

    Question Wi-Fi USB Tethering stopped working. Other phones tested, works on othe computers.

    Hello! I've got a computer with wi-fi but it's in the corner on the house so the signal isn't great. BUT, in my phone the signal is strong and I get full speeds. So, when I want to download something or stream I usually connect my phone and turn on USB tethering as it is much faster. Today it...
  2. R

    Solved! Wi-fi Tethering can not be used on my laptop

    So as the title said, I can not use Wi-Fi tethering on my phone to my laptop, another smartphone can use my phone wi-fi, so the problem lies on my laptop. I use 2 phone, LG X Power and Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1, both can't connect its wifi to my laptop, it's shown connected to my phone wifi, but...
  3. Y

    Solved! My Lenovo a670t is not get tethering & hotspot why?

    Am trying to find solutions to my phone problem
  4. L

    USB tethering grayed out

    I have been using USB tethering from my Android phone to my windows 10 laptop around 3 months ago, but now the option is not available. I have tried some changes under "Developer options" on my Android as suggested in different posts on the internet. I can't get it to work. (Maybe those posts...
  5. M

    my micromax mobile model Q491 from the setting menu the USB tethering is not to be opening

    my micromax mobile model Q491 from the setting menu the USB tethering is not to be opening, please solve to this
  6. F

    Friend CAN'T connect to Hotspot?!

    I have a Galaxy S9 Plus and my hotspot seems to work perfectly fine. She has a LG Stylo 3 and has always been able to connect until recently. My Amazon Firestick connects perfectly fine but my hotspot won't even show up on her list of available connections. We've made sure both of our softwares...
  7. R

    Tethering Android phone won't detect on PC and won't even charge

    When I connect my phone to the pc, it would charge in data transfer mode or charging mode, but when I switch to tethering, it won't charge, and no there us no internet connection too. Some photos would charge (notification light) for few seconds and then go off. When I switch to tether, it would...
  8. M

    Usb tethering option on my phone

    I used to have an option to usb tether on my phone when i connected by usb to my computer but the option is gone now? How do i get the option back on my phone? It is included in my plan and I have used it before but it just vanished!! PLEASE HELP! THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO DO MY ONLINE COLLEGE...
  9. M

    How to enable USB tethering on SamsungJ2

    My USB tethering is disabled.
  10. B

    How to make my Pc Wifi receiver my phone using only charging cable..

    connect to my wifi:connected. (sgs7 edge) plug in usb cable:developer settings:usb options. How do I allow my pc to use my phone as hardware so My PC has access to internet within windows. So far, Im screen mirroring, using pc more or less as a monitor, with ball and chain available. But I...
  11. K

    Solved! Android Phone Stops Charging When Tethered

    Hey guys, I have satellite internet at my house which makes it difficult to play games like Fortnite. I used to tether my phone via USB just fine, which let me play games at 100 ping or less. I go to tether my phone today and all of a sudden for some reason my phone will charge when connected...
  12. mojimax

    any free apps to enable USB tethering with VPN ON?

    hi i share my phone internet with my PC via usb tethering but when i turn my vpn app ON i lose my connection , is there any way or app to fix this? thanks in advance
  13. B

    Sharing androids , internet data sm-6550t android 6.0.1 with pc

    Tethering or hotspot? Pc is thinkcentre all in one windows 10
  14. K

    My tablet does not recognize my phone for tethering.

    I have installed easy tether tablet and easy tether on my phone. When I plugged the phone into the tablet via USB cord nothing happens. I've gone and changed debug settings to work. Help
  15. C

    Solved! Want to use WiFi instead of the data USB tethering system

    Want to use my cell phones WiFi instead of USB tethering system to hook up to my personal computer to my cell phone
  16. G

    Usb tethering consume all my data

    Hi Whenever i connect my pc to usb tethering it just consume all my data even though i am not even browsing
  17. J

    my oppo a51w

    Hi, My phone is not recongnising mobile. "USB tethering" option is diabled from my phone. I am not able to tick the checkbox "USB tethering" from mobile.
  18. C

    Not able to connect USB TETHERING

    I am having Samsung j7 max.unable to connect USB Tethering and having USB tethered option.
  19. C

    Lg5 tethering help to my desk top

    I am unable to get my pc which has no internet to tether to my lg5 android Thanks
  20. T

    what is tethering

    what is tethering
  21. K

    Solved! How to get tethering hotspots on my ZTE Z717VL Citrine LTE downloaded or enabled or app?

    I have a citrine phone and it does not have a tethering and hotspots choice under networks and sharing. Under anywhere as far as i can tell i cant find a way to allow tethering. Ive tried downloads apps for thw very thing but no way to Access the phones tethering and hotspots. Ao im stuck. Also...
  22. M

    What is a good cellular telephone for tethering?

    What is a good cellular telephone for tethering, or allowing internet access to other devices? Preferably it would be a Samsung phone.
  23. Virginia_9

    How to create a mobile hotspot in my Android kitkat zte quest

    How to create a mobile hotspot in my Android kitkat zte quest that it does not have the features of tethering and hotspot in Settings . "Wireless & networks," More > Tethering & portable hotspot. Is there any App or Software to create a mobile hotspot in my phone. I have Installed many tethering...
  24. N

    Smartphone direct to Ethernet without Data Plan?

    So I want to connect a smartphone (ie iphone or android) to the internet without any plan (call or data plan) or registration with any of carriers. Kind of like using the smartphone at home use only. I was thinking maybe phone --> usb --> pc? Don't know if that works or phone --> cable modem...
  25. R

    USB Tethering to PC consume all my data

    I connected my phone to my PC so that I can use the data, however, within less than 30min, 2GB of my data was gone, is there a way for me to check which app or software cause this problem? This is the 1st time I encounter this problem, I had use my data for the past few months and this never...
  26. S

    Usb tethering without mobile data?

    I am trying to get cardboard to work on my computer, and I need to enable usb tethering... I do not have a Sim card at the moment.. is there a way to tether my phone to my pc without mobile data? I try just clicking the usb tethering but it says "please connect to a mobile Internet to access the...
  27. A

    USB tethering option disabled...not able to connect to laptop

    Hello, I am using samsung grand2. Some days before whenever I connect USB between phone and laptop. It is working fine. But suddenly it stopped working. Can you please solve this issue?
  28. M

    Tether wifi from phone to Ipod without root or data

    At school, Many individual devices were blocked from the wifi due to state testing. (The password remains unchanged, and when input it, its says there's an issue). My Ipod touch 5th gen is one of these blocked devices. My andriod phone was not blocked and can still access the wifi. It also has...
  29. C

    Need help with usb tethering

    I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S6, and have been trying to find where the option to tether it is, I've looked it up multiple times and it should be under "settings" then "Mobile hotspot / usb tethering" but on my phone that option isn't there and instead is replaced with "Mobile Networks"...
  30. B

    I cant use my PC's Internet on my Smartphone using USB Tethering.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy E7 Smartphone. It has ?USB Tethering feature that enables me to access my pc internet into my smartphone. My PC internet is much faster than my mobile sim internet. my pc puts my smartphone into the unspeciefied device category. How to perfectly tether my smartphone to...
  31. S

    connect pc to internet via smartphones wifi connection possible?

    Hello i am new here & hoping someone could help me I am wondering if it is possible to connect my pc to the internet using my android smartphones wifi connection i know how to tether my phone through my pc so i can surf the internet using my data but i am out of monthly data at moment and my...
  32. P

    how do i download from my LG phone when tethering my laptop?

    I am tethering my laptop through my LG phone. I can't find my phone in a port to download photos.
  33. A

    Use tablet WiFi instead of 4G for tethering.

    The situation: A PC without WiFi needs internet. I don't have access to a mobile network. I have a tablet with WiFi I share the neighbors internet bill but the landlord won't let us drill a hole to run a wire. Every tethering solution I found only works with cellular data. The goal...
  34. L

    Tethering sounds scarey ? why do I need it if my smartphone and pc pick up wifi

    I am buying a small laptop that says to have LAN wireless and I have wifi connection already. Under what circumstances would I need to tether?
  35. Boutchoo

    Transfer Phone's Wifi (not 4G) to PC using USB?

    Hi everyone, I am back and I was asking myself if there was an option to tethered (mobile hotspot) using a Local Wifi (Not 3g/4g/LTE) with a USB cable to my PC. Why I want to do this is that my Montly Data is 1GB on my phone so I can't use it for Tethering (too low). Secondly, my Home PC is...
  36. A

    No sign of Wi-Fi

    Hey, I have a Toshiba Satellite C655-S5048, running Windows 7 Home Premium. I wanted to create a hotspot so I could access the internet via my Android. But, this is the second time this is happening. I use Virtual Router Plus for making the Hotspot and now there is no sign of the Wi-Fi nor the...
  37. A

    Bluetooth Tethering FoxFi from Moto X on 4.4.2

    I have a Verizon Moto X on 4.4.2 that I am trying to Bluetooth tether to a Nexus 7 (2013) WiFi only via FoxFi as I do not have tethering as part of my plan. When my Moto X was on 4.2.2 I could WiFi tether so I never tried Bluetooth tethering. I know that USB tethering does work because I am able...
  38. N

    Remote Tethering for Canon EOS T3

    The title pretty much says it all. I'm looking for a remote tether for a Canon EOS Rebel T3 camera. I've looked at pretty much every option out there, from the outrageously expensive WFT system to the more affordable CamRanger, but I can't find anything that will work with my camera. Has anyone...
  39. C

    Tethering my phone to PC for internet - I don't want to use my data

    So I'm trying to tether my phone (Samsung galaxy note 3) to my PC and that is working great, but it seems like my phone is using data when I really want it to be using the in-home WiFi. So this is what is happening: Cell data >>> Phone >>> PC This is what I want happening: In-home WiFi >>>...
  40. Y

    tethering via usb

    how to use internet of my computer on Samsung gaaxy star
  41. J

    USB Tethering not working

    Sorry I'm not sure whether this should be posted here, but since it might involve phone drivers atleast ill post here. I have a samsung galaxy fit and I cannot tether via USB only on my pc, I am writing this via tethered internet on my laptop, so it doesnt seem to be a problem with the phone or...
  42. J

    Tethered, connected but won't go to webpages

    I have been tethering to my Win7 laptop for a couple of years now. Never had a problem before. But lately, since last week, when I tether it shows that I'm connected but it won't do anything. Any ideas out there?
  43. S

    Wired tethering problem

    Hello, wired tethering to pc with samsung galaxy pocket does not work, displaying a message of "Acquiring network address" for ever. what to do?
  44. A

    How ??

    Hello, how can we user acer laptop as a tethering device
  45. J

    Black berry metropcs tethering to laptop

    Hello, friends I need some body help me, I have a BB 8530 from MetroPCS, a few days ago I buy the program to use my BB as modem in the site of tether.com, after several days of use without problems has stopped working, the information is sent but the download is very slow which in practice means...
  46. G

    Google May Have Killed Tethering in Android 2.3.6

    Google is rolling out is Android 2.3.6 update for its Nexus S, but you may want to think twice about applying it. According to user reports, the tethering capability has been killed. Google May Have Killed Tethering in Android 2.3.6 : Read more
  47. exfileme

    Verizon Finally Blocking Unauthorized Tethering Apps

    Although Verizon already put its foot down on subscribers using unauthorized tethering apps, the Big Red is now blocking hotspot apps used on jailbroken devices. Verizon Finally Blocking Unauthorized Tethering Apps : Read more
  48. H

    Wi fi tethering

    Hello,I have a Huawei Acsend M860 phone w/internet and metropc wifi. Can I tether to my laptop for the wifi connection?
  49. exfileme

    FCC Complaint Filed Against Verizon's Tethering Ban

    The consumer group Free Press has filed a complaint with the FCC saying that Verizon is violating open access provisions by banning third-party tethering apps. FCC Complaint Filed Against Verizon's Tethering Ban : Read more
  50. Marcus Yam

    AT&T Stitching Up Jailbroken iPhone Tethering

    Loophole closed? AT&T Stitching Up Jailbroken iPhone Tethering : Read more
  51. B

    Tethering: How they detect it.

    The question is simple; how can a cell provider distinguish a web request from a tethered device or the phone itself? If the phone is acting as a NAT, how do they distinguish which packets come from which device? My plan has unlimited data and when I signed up the provider didn't even have a...
  52. JMcEntegart

    T-Mobile Has a $10 Android; New Tethering Plan

    T-Mobile has announced that it will soon launch a budget Froyo phone along with a $15 unlimited tethering plan for customers already on the network's unlimited data plan. T-Mobile Has a $10 Android; New Tethering Plan : Read more
  53. exfileme

    Sorry, No Tethering for Windows Phone 7

    No tethering support for Windows Phone 7 launch devices. Sorry, No Tethering for Windows Phone 7 : Read more
  54. M

    Can metropcs tell if I am tethering

    Hello, Just want to know if metro can tell if I tethering and if so can I get in trouble?
  55. exfileme

    Verizon Nuked Froyo's Hotspot, Built-In Tethering

    Apparently Verizon has removed Mobile HotSpot and Internet Tethering from Froyo. Verizon Nuked Froyo's Hotspot, Built-In Tethering : Read more
  56. exfileme

    Froyo Update: Carriers Control Who Has Tethering

    Google may have been working with carriers to crack down on free tethering by inserting "native support" in Android 2.2. Froyo Update: Carriers Control Who Has Tethering : Read more
  57. Marcus Yam

    iPhone Tethering Finally Coming to AT&T With 4.0?

    Could it be only a year late? iPhone Tethering Finally Coming to AT&T With 4.0? : Read more
  58. exfileme

    Android 2.2 Does USB Tethering, Wi-Fi Hot Spot

    Froyo promises to bring native USB tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities to Android devices. Android 2.2 Does USB Tethering, Wi-Fi Hot Spot : Read more
  59. exfileme

    iPhone Tethering Stalled Over Traffic Woes

    AT&T has apparently stalled on supporting iPhone tethering. Is it any surprise? iPhone Tethering Stalled Over Traffic Woes : Read more
  60. exfileme

    Jobs: No Tethering Between iPad and iPhone

    The iPad won't have tethering capabilities. Jobs: No Tethering Between iPad and iPhone : Read more