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  1. TechyInAZ

    Solved! Best Thunderbird to Outlook Conversion Tool

    I'm looking for the best (don't care about price) Thunderbird to Outlook email conversion tool on the market. I'd love your feedback, especially if you've used one before.
  2. derridada

    Best email client for Win10? (other than Outlook and Postbox?)

    Hi, I'm currently using Postbox 6 as my email client. Though it's adequate, it's getting a bit too slow for my liking, so I'm looking for a suitable replacement. What I'm looking for: - Unified inbox; which rules out Outlook from the start, unless MS recently implemented it. - Easy moving of...
  3. J

    Restoring Thunderbird Profiles?

    So Thunderbird profiles for Windows 10 are under :\users\(User Name)\App Data\Roaming\Thunderbird\Profiles\ I have backed up the profiles directory many times and performed restores after re-building a pc. Normally everything works fine, it loads all the profiles or email accounts no issue...
  4. moulderhere

    Thunderbird > Imap E-mail Download Can I move it to new POP Account?

    Have rogers yahoo e-mail account with a ton of folders. Can I download everything using IMAP into account "Imap". Yet setup a new account in thunderbird set as "POP" and simply move all e-mail from IMAP account to POP account? This is done all within thunderbird. I'm trying to download...
  5. Tanyac

    Free, Secure, Encrypted email service with smtp/pop features

    I'm using Thunderbird. I'm aware of Enigmail and GNUPG (The latter of which is very resource heavy, running 4 services at all times). By definition, anything that is cloud based is insecure. So I'm looking for an email provider that provides a free, secure, encrypted email experience with...
  6. B

    Transfer specific emails from one gmail account to another.

    Hello, I have a POP work email that I had setup on Thunderbird and I set it up to auto forward to my personal gmail account (as a backup). I created a new gmail account as a way to use my work POP email account within the gmail client (I like the interface the best). Is there a way to transfer...
  7. R

    Thunderbird not Secure ..?

    Hi, Been a long time user of Outlook Express and since upgrading windows and moving to Gmail accounts have been using Thunderbird as I really like its ability to show multiple accounts on one page. Just been reading in a Uk mag, Computer Active, that says I should be uninstalling Thunderbird...
  8. D

    Good free spam filter program....

    I am looking for a good free spam filter mod or app that works well with thunderbird. I have tried Spamfighter, but once the trial runs out it is useless...
  9. M

    MozBackup taking 4 days to backup thunderbird

    If i try to use Mozbackup to backup my thunderbird emails it runs for 3 to 4 days until i get sick of it and end the process , it hasnt frozen as the screen still shows activity at the bottom. anyone got suggestions how to make it work faster ? i am backing up just emails only i backed up...
  10. buzmeg

    Outlook Express to Thunderbird?

    Upgrading from XP to Win-7. I backed up my Outlook Express email from the XP machine. I installed Win-7 on that same machine. If I install Thunderbird (email client) will I be able to import my OE mail and address book to TB?
  11. T

    Outlook vs Thunderbird vs Postbox

    Hi, we have Thunderbird mostly at work, but lately caused some issues and I'm planning to take it off the company. Do you know how Postbox and Outlook 2013 are ? Thank you.
  12. A

    Restoring Profiles to Thunderbird with Mozbackup

    I have used Mozbackup to make a backup of my profile. I found my profile by clicking on Help, Troubleshooting Information. I copied the whole file to my Seagate that I'm using as an external hard-drive. When I tried to restore it using Mozbackup & the stored file to my new laptop, it...
  13. J

    Thunderbird Outbox Use

    Just switched from Windows Live Mail to Thunderbird. One thing I miss is that Send went first to the Outbox, for later actual send. How to make new emails go to the Thunderbird Outbox, for later Send?
  14. R

    How do I set Thunderbird up so I can receive company email?

    Please delete this thread. Sincerely, Retrowire
  15. E

    email signature in outlook 2013

    Hi, I've got a signature with hyperlinks and images. I can see and use it all right in entourage, thunderbird and mail but not on outlook 2013. The links are there. They work if I right click them but not if I just double click it as it should. Can anyone help with this? Thanks
  16. Q

    Iv'e had my phone for less than a week and it won't charge or turn on

    My phone is a Thunderbird i5c. One of the IPhone clones. It was working perfectly fine and once I used it until the battery went dead. I tried charging it but it won't charge or turn on.
  17. T

    Choosing an alternative to Thunderbird

    Hi, at wortk we've got Thunderbird installed and unfortunately we're having problems lately. I want to change it with some other, even if it is paid. I don't know Outlook if it's good enough, but please recommend me some other. Thank you.
  18. dgriffs

    Anyone familiar with outlook?

    I just switched over to outlook for email program from thunderbird because it has iCloud integration. The messages in outlook are listed with author first in bold with the subject below. Is there any way to change it so that the subject line is bolded and the author of the email is below? Not...
  19. J

    Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.7

    I recently switched from XP to Win 7 Pro 32 bit OS on a newer computer. Not interested in XP Virtualization. I'm one of the many people who miss Outlook Express. Thunderbird seems to be the alternative program. Not interested in using a program within a browser. Anyway, I posted this common...
  20. JTD777

    Avast and Thunderbird

    Hello again Toms COmmunity, I am asking you guys about this because I cannot find a thread with updated information that can help me. I am running the most current versions of Avast (8) and Thunderbird (17.0.7) and need help ensuring that avast will be able to scan all my ingoing and outgoing...
  21. P

    Windows Live Mail popup notification upon new mail?

    When I receive new messages in Thunderbird, a popup notification appears in the lower-right corner of the screen. Is there a way to make Windows Live Mail do this?
  22. C

    Web-Based Multi-Account IMAP Client? Like Thunderbird?

    I currently use Thunderbird as I have multiple e-mail accounts and I like to use IMAP instead of POP3 as then I can have folders within each email account and those folders are server based rather than client-machine based. I have a couple Gmail accounts too. Thunderbird is rumored to only...
  23. RealBeast

    Thunderbird 17 very slow to close

    Since updating to Thunderbird 17, I've noticed on all of my computers that run it for their email, the program opens and runs well but is slow to close, taking less than a second to open but 5+ seconds to close. That is the same on every machine. For a comparison, Photoshop CS6 opens in a...
  24. The Stealthinator

    Adding contacts in Thunderbird from Gmail account

    How do I import all my contacts from gmail into thunderbird? Does anyone know? Any help would be appreciated :pt1cable:
  25. B

    Bcm 21553 thunderbird driver

    Hello,from where i can download the samsung bcm21553 thunderbird driver??
  26. G

    Mozilla Cuts Thunderbird Mail Client Development

    Mozilla sacrifices the continued development of its mail client Thunderbird and is shifting focus to other areas, namely its core product, Firefox. Thunderbird isn't dead yet, but it has been put on life support and may disappear as interest fades. Mozilla Cuts Thunderbird Mail Client...
  27. A

    Consolidate email/webmail accounts w/ email client eg. Thunderbird?

    I have numerous webmail accounts from assorted providers eg. Yahoo. I would like to consolidate these through the one source. I would like to do this through a (non-webmail) email client eg. Thunderbird. Could someone kindly inform me of how is this done? My OS is Win 7. Thanks.
  28. S

    Are email clients secure?

    Hello, i'm new here and i would like to ask a question. Are email clients like Thunderbird or IncrediMail more secure for handling you're sent/incoming emails or it's just the same thing as viewing them on the web through you're browser? Note: I know they have vulnerabilities too but i want...
  29. G

    Mozilla Moves Thunderbird to Rapid Release Cycle

    Firefox is now safely integrated into a rapid release cycle, but it will not be the only product that Mozilla is targeting for much faster releases. Mozilla Moves Thunderbird to Rapid Release Cycle : Read more
  30. MauveCloud

    Long urls get wrapped in my incoming email

    For my work, I often get emails with long urls, but Mozilla Thunderbird wraps them at 72 characters, and I haven't found a setting that successfully prevents that. I'm fairly sure it's my email client doing it upon receipt rather than the sender, because I can mark the message as unread and view...
  31. M

    Looking for a way to backup POP3 email which saves remote content

    Hi, I've tried Mozilla Thunderbird, MailStore Home, Opera Mail and Eudora without any success. I'm trying to backup a web based email account with about 500 messages. Thunderbird and MailStore work great but they do not save remote content (namely images). I will be very grateful if someone can...
  32. N

    Migrating to a new laptop, question about thunderbird.

    Howdy guys, mega lurker here. I've got a rather substantial thunderbird data file 2+gb, the main problem is that I have never been able to keep up with the amount of SPAM I get and never got around to cleaning the stuff I should have deleted away. I guess I'm sort of an email "hoarder."...
  33. src1425

    Thunderbird not importing properly

    I'm trying to import my wife's OE account into Thunderbird. When I run the import it says it was successful and will index the messages, but they're nowhere to be found. Any idea where they might be? Thanks!
  34. V

    Thunderbird and hotmail

    Hello, Is there some way to get thunderbird to receive and send mail from a hotmail (actually account? I can log to account and it works, but I want Thunderbird to handle the email.
  35. exfileme

    French Army Joins Mozilla in War Against MSFT

    The French military's customized security extensions have been migrated into the latest Thunderbird client. French Army Joins Mozilla in War Against MSFT : Read more
  36. G

    Mozilla Patches Nine Security Flaws in Thunderbird

    Chicago (IL) - The hype surrounding recently released Firefox 3 web browser has left Mozilla's popular open-source email client Thunderbird without a significant update since early May. Mozilla Patches Nine Security Flaws in Thunderbird : Read more
  37. W

    Thunderbird Won't Connect After Latest Update

    So I start up Thunderbird today and it's working fine, then it tells me I need an update so I apply it and restart, now Thunderbird won't connect, I get an error saying "failed to connect to server". So what's the deal with this update that it would cause thunderbird not to...
  38. G

    Photoshop Elements 3 and Mozilla Thunderbird

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hello, When I want to email photos (reduced) from my PSE 3 Organizer, the only email clients available to me is Outlook, Outlook Express, or Adobe Mail Service. I'd like to use my primary email software Mozilla Thunderbird (so I can view my...
  39. G

    Multiplier locked?

    I am about to buy a thunderbird 1ghz. Is it still possible to unlock the multiplier by connecting certain bridges or did amd quit making those? If they did, is there anywhere I can buy the ones that can be unlocked?
  40. G

    Higher FSB=higher temp?

    I'm going to get a 1ghz thunderbird soon (200 FSB). So i'm going to unlock it and raise the FSB to 133(266) and lower the multiplyer to 7.5. This will give 997mhz. Would it run hotter with 133x7.5 than it would at 100x10? Also, I was thinking to maybe put it at 133x8 to get 1064, so how much...