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  1. S

    Question Help getting former Lifeline phone working, take 2

    My previous post, here, was locked even though I was asking for genuine help and was not breaking rules of any kind, and neither reply addressed my actual problem. Ultimately, I am not asking how to hack this phone. I am asking how/why none of the update functions work, and if there's a way to...
  2. lejan

    Solved! My Windows 10 Computer/Laptop has a blank screen, what to do?

    I let the Windows 11 update install on my Windows 10 while I was sleeping, and when I woke up the screen was just blank. The charger light is on, and 1 of the 2 lights on the side turn on. The light for power turns on but the one (three circles on top of each other) for computer hardware(?)...
  3. Boris_yo

    Solved! Apps That Auto-Backups Apps Before Update?

    Hi, Looking for an app that automatically backs up apps every time before I update them to allow downgrades to earlier versions in case updated app is not good. Preferably should auto-backup to cloud services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc. Thanks
  4. P

    Solved! Which updated graphics driver should I install from intel's website?

    I just downloaded a program that won't run because my GPU driver is outdated. I can install an updated graphics driver from intel's website (https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/80939/Graphics-Drivers) but don't want to install the wrong one. My specs are: Device- Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500...
  5. stefjohn2k17

    Black screen after windows 10 logo (after gpu drivers update)

    Hello guys. I recently got this weird response from my lenovo thinkpad l440. I updated the gpu drivers and after the restart I got a black screen right after the windows 10 logo. If I connect a monitor to the laptop it works just fine (if I put the laptop to sleep by pressing the power button...
  6. Panays

    Bios update only available for windows 8 + 8.1

    Hi forum, I am using a Lenovo G510 laptop and I recently decided to upgrade from win 7 to win 10. But i would also like to update the bios because I was getting getting some freezes while gaming and many had the same problem but the bios update solved the issue. My issue is that in the Lenovo...
  7. theguyisback23

    is RSS FEED On non RSS sites possible?

    Is it possible to make a custom url that pops up or shows something like facebook notifications whenever something new or updated takes place? I litterally wanna know a site and if it does update due to a personal harassment and would like to know if an inactive Url updates in a matter of...
  8. Vox

    Low / no GSM signal after update

    Hi there, I have updated my phone through "Wireless Update" found in the System menu and since it's been updated I have either low signal or no signal at all (depending on location). For example, at my workplace there isn't much signal strength by originally but my phone was available at 3/5...
  9. T

    windows 10 update failed Reverting changes????

    I have been searching around the internet on how to fix this but i couldn't find a working answer. it reverts back in 20 min. When every I turn on the PC it fails all the time and keeps me waiting for a while before I can use the laptop. Every time this failure shows
  10. C

    Samsung update takes forever

    hey guys! i have a pretty big problem. ive just bought a new samsung uhd tv (ue55ju7500) and for the first time this patch takes forever. smart hub functions wont even work. it's like i've done the first 5 steps and then it has started updating. what might be the problem? im totally lost :/...
  11. I

    Compuer won't stop updating can't boot in safe mode

    I have a brand new Lenovo desktop and it's saying "We couldn't complete the updates Undoing changes Don't turn off your computer". well it's been saying that since last night. I have tried everything to restart the computer in safe mode but it won't work. The only thing I have gotten to is F12...
  12. D

    When you develop a new app you make both versions: Free and Paid?

    Interested in some kind of app monetisation. You have developed new application and you make both versions, the full one for 2.99$ for example and the free one with the ads and some restrictions. Is that a right way or you prefer to make a demo version and then provide a paid one in full function?
  13. N

    Laptop Nvidia GPU not found after bios update

    Hello everyone, I updated the BIOS from my Lenovo Ideapad Z710-00183 from 7FCN35WW to 7FCN96WW because the f4 key was always being registered as alt(or fn)-f4. After the update was done my resolution was stuck on a low resolution, so I updated my Intel graphic driver. The resolution went back...
  14. MrJak

    Windows 8.1 Update Keeps PC from booting.

    Recently my mother's laptop, a fujitsu, has quit booting. It displays the error, "A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed." The first time it happened, we were able to do a system restore, and determined it to be due to an update, but instead of restoring it again, I tried to fix...
  15. F

    Samsung Magician 4.4 Update causes BSOD SamsungRapidDiskFltr.sys

    Yes, I was naive and pressed "Yes" when the update notification for Samsung Magician 4.4 appeared yesterday. Update procedure went fine and then, while I was working, I had a BSOD where SamsungRapidDiskFltr.sys was mentioned. In total I had 3 BSOD in 6 hours after updating to 4.4 and then I...
  16. R

    How do I jailbreak my PS3 Slim?

    Hi guys, so I want to jailbreak my 2/3 year old PS3 Slim. So I know that you need to downgrade your current software version (In my case 4.55) to 3.55 and then update to 4.55 again but then with a jailbroken version of 4.55 or something else. But I heard you need E3 Flasher to downgrade your...
  17. T

    Cant update my ATI mobility Radeon HD 5470.... Stuck in 13-4 update

    I am trying to update my video driver.... after clean uninstalling the previous driver... I manually downloaded "14-4-mobility-win7-win8-win8.1-64-dd-ccc-whql" for Mobility HD which is the latest driver update for my device, but the package wont install and just skip installing the graphic...
  18. hottsauce

    Moto G Kitkat

    I just received the Kitkat update 4.4.2 on my Moto G. It's fine and all, but is there any way I can make my phone look like the Nexus 5? My phone looks like a mix of Jellybean with KitKat, but I want it to look fully like the Nexus 5. Is there anything I can do? Thanks in advance