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    Laptop not working good even after resetting only a little bit better

    I just reserved my laptop beacuse it was filed with errors virus etc after resetting it was still not working (only a little bit better).
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    Virus has computer locked

    I've run into an issue with my Windows 10 Laptop. My girlfriend tried pirating some software (some design app she says) and she said the issues started about 1 minute after trying to install. So she shut it off immediately. It installed a bunch of games / etc / crap, so I went into app control...
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    Have you heard of this "DJHARTLEY" hacker group virus?

    Our network has been compromised multiple times. Some of the information gleaned from a computer forensic person was that this name keeps coming up in some of the data. (I am not a big tech person, apologies) We get a new pc, it works fine, then it goes downhill. We have not installed anything...
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    there is an fbi virus on my zte how can i remove it?

    so, I was listening to music (no harm can be done) when all of a sudden, an FBI virus locked my phone completely. i couldn't exit the screen or try to unlock my phone. i restarted my device and set it to "safe mode" however, whenever i type in my normal pin, it kept saying that it was the wrong...
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    Laptop make a loud beeping sound whenever i turn it off and mouse+Keyboard problem

    So recently i downloaded this vpn (ExpressVPN free version ) and i think it might've ruined my laptop first problem is my touchpad moves for a second and stops for good till i press something on the keyboard and it stops again keyboard keys( Laptop) response really slow tho when i plug a...
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    Spyware from hell.

    Hello guys i have aserious question to ask. Im having trouble removing one virus from my computer , smartphones and lenovo smartpad. I cant say when i got this virus and how.What i can say that it is real and the owner of it really want to piss me off , he moves around my mouse when i play some...
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    Frozen with virus

    Android tablet locked up with virus. It said to download some bogus cure. I didn't and now my tablet is useless. It says us cannibalization Help! Please.
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    I click on link by accident

    Yeah i know im dumb. I werent concentrating and clicked on a link but i quickly went off it before anything loaded in. Whats the chance of me having a virus and im doing a antivirus scan. How can i make sure i am safe? thank you Henry.
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    corrupted memory card

    I bought 64 GB Samsung memory card from eBay which is corrupted and having a virus in it. I had raised claim but they rejected my claim. my problem is I have tried all methods to format card but all methods fail to fromat it. like: cmd method changing label method used esus partition manager...
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    Video.UI.exe and Microsoft.Photos.exe not signed and 1 virus found in VirusTotal

    Hi, I'm using Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and Process Explorer with "verify image signatures" and "check virustotal" options. I can see two processes with 1 alert of virus and not signed: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\Microsoft.ZuneVideo_10.17122.15711.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe\Video.UI.exe C:\Program...
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    The mssecsvc.exe virus, a windows crash and possibly more...

    Dear friends. I've had Avira free popping up every couple of hours warning me about a certain mssecsvc.exe /WannaCry trojan in my windows directory for the previous month or so (can't recall perfectly). It says that the file has been moved to a quarantine, however, the fact that it pops up so...
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    Keyboard Talked To Me

    I was on my computer after playing a game with my brand new keyboard and fairly new mouse (only a couple months old). While on eBay, with Steam open in the background, my mouse started highlighting stuff at random, as if I was clicking when I wasn't. On a whim I opened up a new tab and typed in...