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  1. X

    HELP, my pc is "LOCKED"

    I was downloading something but accidentally downloaded a virus. Most of my files have been turned into .aurora and most of my program aren't accessible (I can't use snipping tools to take a screenshot) So theres a note pad that I can't close and it says ==========================# YOUR PC...
  2. G

    Pc unusable from viruses

    Hi, my pc is completely unusable because of some viruses. When I turn it on, there are like 50 setups running, chrome for some reason has disappeared, and now there are unlimited tabs being opened on Microsoft Edge. They open back if I try to close them, have weird ad-ish addresses, and Edge...
  3. Jeffery414

    Can't remove virus

    I'm not completely sure if this is even a virus or not, but there's an application on my PC named "Bywater.exe". I've tried to do research on it and there are no results. At first random ads/commercials would run in the background (I could only here audio) and sometimes a weird looking white...
  4. B

    Bitdefender keeps picking up Windows/ Microsoft services to be malicious!

    Hello, I have Bitdefender Total Security 2018 and my Advanced Threat Defense keeps blocking malicious attacks from 2 windows services, wscript.exe and rundll32.exe located in System 32 rundll32. I was wondering if anybody would be able to tell me if these files are actually malicious, could they...
  5. M

    Trojan virus help

    Im trying to open the setup of a driver(TP-LINK, so its secure) but every time i try to open the setup a trojan virus gets detected by windows defender and the setup never opens, what can I do??
  6. F

    Solved! Annoying super hidden virus

    I downloaded and installed a game from a torrent. It was safe except the fact that I am just randomly working on my computer and this system message come up "Which application would you like to use to open this kinda file. It lists my browser in the list and if I click any one of these, it takes...
  7. 1

    Virus jumped accounts

    I have had very little help in the past when looking this up online google search. Why does certain viruses seem to jump between a standard user account and an administrator account, and ending up on both. It was of my opinion that separating the two should prevent this; however, that does not...
  8. G

    "SppExtComObj.dll" virus/malware. Pls help.

    About 3 days ago. I installed MS Toolkit on my pc to activate my windows account. Next thing I know, I have viruses and malwares on my computer. Thus, I tried fixing it. I think I got most of them.... well hopefully. But, I still got one problem. Every time I start up my pc, my anti-virus...
  9. C

    Solved! Can't get rid of virus/adware

    Hello, I apologize in advanced for my English. Yesterday I tried to download Winrar on my mom’s laptop (Windows 10) and instead I downloaded adware/virus/malware. There was a map made in a Program Files (x86) called AddSoft. In the map there is a map pic (inside are two pictures for the icone...
  10. S

    New drive appeared

    Hello Everyone! I need some help.. I connected my phone for charging. After that a new drive appeared named "System Reserved (D: )"with 463 MB free of 499 MB and the drive is empty, no folders. I restarted and run window defender. But no virus was detected and and the drive still there. IS IT...
  11. C

    Really tough virus with admin security

    I was stupid and downloaded some sketchy stuff and have a really bad virus. I have made this mistake before but nothing has been so unforgiving as what I am experiencing. I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of it: I tried to just plain delete it, delete using command prompt, take...
  12. W

    Acer laptop won't turn on

    A day after scanning virus i switched it on and it was working well and fast, but after switching it on, it switched its self off. It didn't turn on even the charging light won't light when i plug it.
  13. T

    Is Adaware a virus?

    Last night I notification about Adaware extension popped up. It said it could read data such as passwords. I didn't add the extension. Then today I noticed a program called Lavasoft Adaware was installed today which I never did. I removed it. Anyone know anything about this program and if it...
  14. H

    CMD opens automatically and try to launching a program

    So i have this virus that i couldn't remove with any software (malwarebytes, adwCleaner, and others) and i keep getting this annoying cmd popup saying this : windows cannot find 'C:\Users\yassin\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\avdwucve\eejhsvrf.exe' make sure you typed the name correctly, and...
  15. kaishlothon

    Solved! HELP! Why does keep resetting on me even when I'm actively using it?

    I can be browsing the internet (sometimes just for minutes) and I'll have a bunch of tabs open. Then for no reason closes all my tabs and brings me to my empty room. Shown in the link I included. (For some reason only the http:// part of the link showed up but it works.) http://
  16. A

    Can't activate Virus & threat protection

    Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Security -> Virus & threat protection: "Page not available" Your IT administrator has limited access to some areas of this app, and the item you tried to access is not available. Contact IT helpdesk for more information. When I click ok, everything is...
  17. R

    what to do when the program is open but can not get the virus?

    Having a big problem, I do not know how to handle this virus. What will I do?
  18. N

    Unlocking Bitlocker enabled drive

    My laptop had Windows 10 upgraded from Windows 7. It was hit by a virus named Ransom. By the time I tried defending the Ransom virus, it had encrypted the C: and D: drives. I had reformat the entire hard disk and install Windows 7 as the OS. The external hard disk is bitlocker enabled. Earlier...
  19. W

    After removing virus, cmd popping up still.

    So I got baited by a fishy download link which i stupidly opened the file without thinking it was a fake version of the file i was downloading. Got a virus. I used windows defender and avira anti virus to full scan my pc and I cleared all the virus. However my cmd prompt keeps opening up, which...
  20. R

    Virus won’t let me do anything online

    I have a virus on my hp laptop and need some help. It wont let me run defender (says something about the app being turned off by group policy). When I turn WiFi on I only have a limited amount of time to do anything before this “blue screen of death” comes on asking for some activation key and...
  21. H

    What programing language would it be the easyest to do a dokkabei like "hack" in

    So, I would like to write a code like the one Dokkabei uses in RainbowSixSiege ,but I want to install itself in the background without permission but only I would have to send it to them becouse I don't want to write a virus that could spread on it's own.
  22. B

    Virus in pc

    Please help some virus is attacking my pc, I can't access internet, google chrome keeps crashing and crashing, when i open nod 32 it keeps closing it, I can't start safe mode.. Anything I can do but no reset..?
  23. F

    Solved! Boot Sector Virus Help

    Hi, My flatmate has a Dell laptop and every time she boots it up it gets past the BIOS then loads a fake "Dell System Update" page that beeps. I'm assuming this a fake virus but (while writing this I've realized I haven't actually read what the page says - due to the LOUD beeping). I removed...
  24. B

    Typed youtube and was re-directed to a suspicious website. Is it possible I have a virus?

    So I went to go onto youtube and upon looking up i was greeted with reimageplus com/(lost of extra stuff) I don't really know how there as my history only shows what I did before and not the search for youtube? My best guess it I typed youtibe or some other misspelling and it redirected me...
  25. D

    Solved! Virus keeps me from opening anti-virus

    I got a virus so I installed a malwarebytes but every time I open it I get an error: Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. Now I tried starting as administrator but I still have the error. Did this virus just...
  26. L

    Solved! typing virus problem

    hi guys, i have a pc problem. recently i downloaded an app to help me play a game. the apps name is SWF file player, but it gave me a virus when i installed it and now when i type on my computers keyboard, a blue window pops up and it shuts down my pc.. [i dont mean the blue screen].. can...
  27. J

    Solved! DPFASTANDCOOLEST Solution needed

    So recently, this started popping up in my notifications... Got no idea what to do with it and how to fix it, and most of the times, whenever it pops up, taskbar crashes and then restarts. Similar thing happens to desktop: All of the icons on it dissapear for a brief moment while returning back...
  28. A

    Malware on Google Chrome

    For some reason, every 30 mins or so, a random tab opens up on Google Chrome. It has inappropriate ads, or pictures. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling Chrome, using the Google Chrome clean up utility, resetting Chrome, and running Windows Defender scans, bit it hasn't stopped. Please help, what...
  29. S

    Some bug is up all the time searching URLs on UC browser can anyone help me

    Help needed!!for this unknown bug disturbing me and many others.
  30. P

    cant uninstall miner

    I received a virus report after using miner for a few days from windows defender (so I dont know how reliable that is) but I wanted to uninstall it either wary to be safe but when I tried to do so there was no way for me to do that. No uninstall file, not found in ccleaner as a program...
  31. L

    Virus emulating SDC

    Greetings I have an Astrobe A10. I installed high Security which detected 32 viruses on anSDC. I don't have an SDC installed. I know nothing about operating systems. I don't know the version of android I am running or where to look. I changed my SSID and password with my DSL provider but it...
  32. S

    Solved! virus modified mbr

    A virus on my pc has modified the mbr of my ssd & bitlocked a hidden partition containing modified inf & setup files. Diskpart cleanall says drive is clean. Reinstalling from a dvd reinstalls drivers that lock hdd. Help
  33. B

    Solved! Issues with malware/virus

    I believe I have a malware issue. I have multiple Google accounts and I am trying to delete all but 1. Idk how. Plus I'm connected to my PC at times. Have rebooted system multiple times on both android and laptop. Can't fix the problem
  34. M

    Loud Beeping in Headphones

    Basically what's happening is, say i wanna use an auto clicker, because im pickaxe mining in Rust, and i dont want to sit there for 4 eons pressing left click. I open Razer Synapse and setup my auto clicker to my macro key. It goes for a few minutes, then I start hearing a repeating beeping...
  35. I

    Can't Tell If I Have a Virus or Not

    Last night a random game I own had been launched and I thought maybe I misclicked. Then today, randomly, a User Account Contol popup for a file on my computer came up about an uninstall.exe file for Rivatuner (MSI owns it). Then another one popped up after it for MSI Afterburner with another...
  36. L

    This site is terrible

    I used to love your site, but now it's like a damn virus. I can't turn my computer on without pop ups from Tom's Guide
  37. P

    Windows 10 bootable usb infected?

    I've been trying to clean my pc after a recent infection so i've tried Dbaning my HDDand clean installing windows... yet i keep getting a recurring virus which is taking up my disk % and slowing my pc down. So i'm wondering perhaps if the usb i install windows with is infected and if it is how...
  38. T

    How to make sure trojan is removed?

    Hello guys, I am having some issues cuz i had trojan somehow i dont even know how and now i scanned etc but i am not sure if its gone 100% how do i make sure its gone? and what does this virus do tho and what can i do if it comes back? I would like to hear from someone that could help me out
  39. E

    Solved! Something on my laptop is stopping System Restore from opening

    Hello everyone. A few days ago I got a virus that has control over my browser. It can redirect google searches to Yahoo or Bing and it could shut the browser down when you enter the names or visit the websites of certain anti-virus programs. The latter problem has gone away but the former is...
  40. I

    Annoying Keyboard Virus Messing with my typing Windows 10

    Hi i got a weird virus yesterday. it messes with my keyboard. some keys are not working at all like a, e, y, u, 1, 2 3, 4, 7,8, 0, q w s d h z x c b n. Backspace the others the first time i press it works fine then if i press it again it types it 8 or 9 times. So i cant use my keyboard at...
  41. 3

    Got a Virus...

    I recently got a virus and removed most of it using malwarebytes. When I looked inside of task manager there is a blank cog application with no name but when I check it's properties it is svchost and it takes up lots of my CPU What should I do? It looks like this...
  42. A

    Solved! -URGENT- Taskeng.exe window keeps popping up after virus clean

    I did a virus cleansing with hitman pro after a number of failed attempts with Malwarebytes,Avast, Adwcleaner (all of them appeared to be blocked by the admin -im the admin and i didint do anything of this sort- ) after what appeared to be a successful cleaning, the pop up ads stopped occuring...
  43. C

    mac makes a brief rattle(?) or clicking(?) noise at random times. NO CD ROM! virus??

    About two weeks ago my mac laptop started to mack a low brief rattle (?) noise at random times. It might be associated to the internet and not the laptop interior itself though I could be wrong. It lasts about 5 sec and i can only describe the sound as being a rattle(?) or clicking(?) or dice...
  44. V keeps opening on my Browser. How do I stop it?

    For some reason my Default Browser opens by itself to open a page called How can I stop it? I went to the addons of my browser but I didn't find any malicious addons. Please help it's really annoying
  45. R

    Pc slows down after downloading torrents

    Hello, I was downloading torrents, next day I noticed pc slow down, pages load longer, YouTube video lags etc, all day I were scanning computer with 5 antivirus like Malwarebytes, Avast avg, bit... All deep test but nothing found, pc also started giving me blue screen
  46. R

    Pretty sure this is a virus?

    I was told that if the SChost is not located in the Windows32 folder that it is a disguised virus or Trojan what ever. I know for sure because i recently downloaded something stupid and opened it but deleted it straight away since it seemed odd anyway i have used the windows program unistaller...
  47. V

    Weird virus lost hope to kill it

    Some virus or malware called virtuosos completely hijacked my computer. Can't access directorys explorer.exe don't work can't download anything as it crashed chrome upon opening malware bytes can't find it. Regedit didn't do anything system restore is inaccessible. No hope in sight plz help when...
  48. icynicalb

    Discord's website detected as phishing link by Bitdefender.

    When I go on Discord's own website, my Bitdefender antivirus warns me about a phishing virus. Is it a false positive?
  49. 1

    I need some help :(

    Hello everybody ! I have a problem , i have an Huawei p8 lite , 2 days ago i unnistaled my browser Chrome and i instaled Firefox . I thought is a better browser ...great. I tried to convert a song from youtube to mp3 from an website ....while i press download , 1 <<Edited by moderator.>>...
  50. H

    Display will not work anymore due to virus on pendrive

    Hello there, just recently, my display monitor on my Dell Inspiron 1525 would not work anymore. I was just plugging in my regular USB on it, and opened up the pendrive shortcut (I knew it was a virus, but didn't care less about it at the time) and when I clicked on a file, my display went off...
  51. S

    Solved! Ridding Your PC of uTorrent Virus

    Has anyone ever successfully deleted their PC of the uTorrent Virus? If so, would like to hear back from you as to what you did.
  52. D

    Strange folder appeared in storage drive [URGENT]

    To start, I run Win10 on a Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD, and aside from four random internal HDDs (used for Virtual Machines and such), I have one 4TB Seagate HDD that I put all of my large files and such onto, to preserve space on my boot drive as it is only 256GB. When clicked on, the folders...
  53. M

    Ways to get viruses

    How are they ways people usually get viruses? I always hear people talking about viruses, and yet I never get them. I'v never had one on my desktop. I even used an old laptop running xp at school up until last month. It didn't even have virus protection and I never got a virus. Does the network...
  54. D

    My laptop get unresponsive

    My laptop Sony viao is unresponsive on lock screen I can't swipe up to input my password and my mouse don't appear keyboard al
  55. F

    I accidentally ran a virus exe

    As I said I accidentally ran a virus exe.After that I deleted everything about it with ESET Antivirus then I scanned my pc and no threats.(I am really scared now).after doing these I learned that that virus was a trojan.I checked ESET quarantine I saw an other trojan from my usb stick long time...
  56. H

    My phone is sluggish and I believe it has a virus I like to take the internal storage and transfer it over to my SD card

    sluggish phone and believed to have a virus and I want to reboot my phone and so forth and guaranteed have my contacts and messages in other words to transfer all data 2 I have SD card and rebooting my phone
  57. T

    Best way to clean a slow laptop?

    So my stepmother complained of a slow PC and i always assume it is full of viruses, bloatware, random apps, etc. Since I am going for a CIS degree my brother who is more tech savvy than me told me to fix this since i need to learn. Well idk about you but what I would do to fix her laptop would...
  58. L

    World Machine "Generic Malware", false positive or not?

    Hello. I'm new to Tomsguide, and I'm hoping to receive some helpful tips on my dilemma. :cheese: I've been doing 3D for a while now using different programs like ZBrush and Maya, but as most artists I want more tools to do the time consuming work. In this scenario I've been looking at a...
  59. Q

    My laptop got virus?!

    My laptop battery keep running out real fast, usually i can use it for like 6-7 hours now maybe 3 hours or less, and i need to plug in my charger, if not sometimes i gets error all of the sudden, can somebody help me with this?
  60. R

    I need good antivirus/antimalware protection for my PC...

    So idk but my pc has a lot of issues like being slow and win 7 sometimes tells me that I have a virus in that and that directory and command prompt shows on startup (shows and disappears) and friend of mine told me that I possibly have a pretty bad virus or more than one so I need to know how...