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    F1 Program for text

    Back in 2007 i found a little piece of software that would allow me to hit a "F" key and it would actually write a sentence. It was call "MyFunction Keys" by Regsoft. It will not work on Windows 8 or 10 and i cannot work without it. Any suggestions?
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    My laptop starts but not start up windows just showing Lenovo screen

    My laptop starts but not running up the windows 8.1 please tell me what to do
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    Pointer Will Not Appear

    I have Windows 10 on HP Pavilion laptop which worked fine up until recently, then all of a sudden, the pointer disappeared. Right now, I'm using the touchscreen but I desperately want the pointer to come back. I went to the "Control Panel" to the part where it says, "mouse and touchpad" and...
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    I had install windows 8 in my sony vaio E series VPCEH35EN its not working properly in my laptop ...i want to install

    I had install windows 8 in my sony vaio E series now its not working properly so now i want to install windows 7 for my laptop but i have setup or CD drive how can i install it? Give me some easy ways for it
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    Solved! Asus not finding files on sdhc using usb card reader

    Hi I have an asus t100 with windows 8 and when trying to view photos and files on memory card using a USB card reader I can't find/it's saying no files to view. The files are definitely on the card as they have been able to upload to a Mac laptop. Any ideas?? Much appreciated
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    Stylus Friendly Laptop for Pharmacy School

    Hello Everyone, I need a work friendly laptop for pharmacy school. My budget is around $500. The more affordable the better, but i will be interested in what others suggest as the most suitable laptop. I would like to buy it on amazon Below is the link for the requirements for the laptop...
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    I can't log in to my laptop. My keyboard's something wrong. I've tried the on screen keyboard too. WINDOWS 8 help please

    I can't log in because I can't type in the password. Only a couple of keys work. It was all fine yesterday. I don't know what happened to it. I've tried the on screen keyboard too. I have valuable data in my laptop. I can't reset it. Please help guys
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    No support? No audio?

    Ok, a lot has happened since this all began. Please bear with me. I tried to keep things as straightforward and simple as possible. 1. My stepfather is NOT tech savvy and will often not listen to what I have to say or will do things on his own terms. 2. He has a Gateway MX6438 whose serial...
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    What option do I choose after f1 recovery screen comes push next then continue windows8.1 uses device then troubleshoot comes

    What option do I choose after f1 recovery screen comes push next then continue windows8.1 uses device then troubleshoot comes
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    Help Internet connection

    I can't connect to the Internet with windows 8
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    Toshiba laptop shutdown and keeps restarting

    My laptop Toshiba shuts down and then it keeps restarting, until I perform a hard reset (unplug, take out battery and press power button for 2 minutes), then it works but only for a few minutes, max 2 hours, after that the problem repeats itself, HDD and RAM tested 100% health P.D. It isn’t an...
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    The Syskey scam

    Hey all, Went to help a neighbor out with their Windows 8 machine today and it turns out they fell for a scam. They allowed a stranger to remote in and 'fix' their PC, then it started running poorly. Today I went in, disabled internet access and removed the programs the malicious person...
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    Keyboard not working properly (not a hardware issue)

    Hi, I use windows 8.1 Almost a month ago my friend had used my laptop to download a subtitle from ‘’ and I realized he happened to click on some pop-up links and the system was downloading something. Although I quickly aborted the operation, my browsers were severely affected...
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    Solved! I have a Windows 8 laptop and can't open my disk thing there is no button what do I do I tried searching many thing nothing's

    My windows 8 laptop has no button to put a disk in or out what do I do?