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    Netflix Error H7353: Fix On Windows 8

    There are several fixes for Error H7353 on Windows 8 systems. The fixes below are for users that watch Netflix from there browser instead of using the Windows Store App. Clear Netflix Cookies The Netflix cookie site lets you fix the error without leaving your web browser. Once you visit the...
  2. L

    Solved! Problem from Windows 8.1 to windows 10.

    I attempted to download Win 10 media creatie tool on mij mobii wintad 800w . To upgrade to windows 10. But Every time I got the message creat 8 GB space on C. However the download was succes ful from the tool. And there is a micro sd card from 32 GB available. I dont know it any more. Can you...
  3. G

    Can't login to windows labtop, keyboard wont work

    I can't login to my windows 8.1. It lets me press the space bar, enter and sometimes it'll let me press random numbers and letters. The space bar works. I have tried taking it on and off the filter keys and shift lock through the easy access thingy. As well as attaching a usb keyboards.. Still...
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    Notebook hangs out but keyboard and mouse can move but nothing can be clicked.

    So, i've been having this issue for around 1 year and i cant fix it...I tryed everything like chkdsk, memtest...I replaced the disk with other but continues to hangs even in safe mode....So what could be the problem here?I've cleaned the cooler and i put thermal paste in the gpu and cpu but...
  5. A

    facebook not working

    Something went wrong. This displays I restored it but same problem
  6. A

    AMD GPU driver is not recognized after installing Windows 8.1 OS

    So, i have a Dell inspiron 5545 with A10 7300 quadcore and a dual Amd graphic integrated R5 and dedicated R7 265m, anyway the main problem is that i installed windows 8.1 and the driver for the video cards its not working correctly. Let me explain. I did a fresh install of the windows (i used...
  7. W

    factory install bad

    I have a SW Media - Satellite C855D and needed to take it back to factory settings so I ordered the following "USB-Satellite C855D-Windows 8 64bit Professional-EN". I installed it as indicated by the supporting documentation that came with the USB drive. Once it was complete the laptop will...
  8. N

    Hp pc not responding

    My laptop name is hp processor intel i3 windows 8.1 ram 2gb but only briefly used for internet always do not respond why can like that?
  9. J

    Toshiba windows 8.1 recovery disk purchase issues

    Hi, I am trying to place an order for recovery disk (bootable CD) for my Toshiba satellite laptop. Initially when I enter the serial number and model , it correctly identifies my laptop as Satellite P70 with windows 8.1 version. On next page, when I enter shipping address and other details...
  10. P

    Solved! Toshiba laptop black screens after boot logo, regardless of how its booting.

    My laptops been failing to boot for days so after spending hours getting specific files off of it and onto a separate computer I am now trying to factory reset it. However after it reached 53% it became "unable to reset computer" and now refuses to boot entirely, Each time the laptop is turned...
  11. Roshen

    Connect PC to Android via WLAN?

    Hi! I've been using Shareit for few months now. And while I'm transferring data to my phone, it goes from 'Connected' to 'Connected, but no internet'. Since the router is in a different room, data transfer isn't that fast either (Haven't reached 1MBps yet). Is there any way I can connect my PC...
  12. M

    How to make my laptop Faster & should i Upgrade to Windows 10 ?

    I’m using Hp Envy m6-1125dx notebook comes with: HP ENVY m6-1125dx Notebook PC CPU: Intel Core i5 3230M @ 2.60GHz with Turbo Boost Technology up to 3.10GHz Memory: 8GB DDR3 SDRAM (2 DIMM) 1600MHz Graphics: Intel HD graphics 4000 with up to 1664MB total graphics memory Operating System: Windows...
  13. S

    Cant remember my password on my hp 2000 windows 8

    I can't remember my password to get into my go 2000 windows 8 laptop
  14. W

    Windows 8.1 on android is so hard to find... Pls help me someone, btw im 15 yrs old

    I need windows 8.1 on android and i need it to be complete and real, someone kind enough to help me out? if its a windows rom for samsung galaxy avant, or just a flat out installation of windows that will help me alot Thanks in advance
  15. F

    Incorrect boot up

    My Asus Notebook Model UX305F Windows 8 gives a series of dots in the password box on boot up, which cannot be deleted. Usually turning off and on a couple of times fixes it, but what is happening, and how do i stop it please?
  16. O

    Gateway laptop won't recognize HD in UEFI

    I have a Gateway NE56r laptop that came with windows 8. I upgraded to windows 10. When I installed the creators update, I started having all kinds of problems. My last resort was to reinstall the original OS. But when I try to install using the UEFI boot mode, it doesn't recognize any of my...
  17. moonfang158

    Do I uninstall Pokki?

    It doesn't appear in my Programs and Features, and I can find it under my files for local but when I click the uninstall application in the folder it says "Uninstalling pokki will uninstall windows start menu". So should I uninstall it or no? It also uses 100% of my disk sometimes.
  18. W

    Wireless connection issues

    My Samsung Smart TV can see my Netgear wireless router, but is unable to see my windows 8.1 PC where all my media files are stored. It worked perfectly until I had a computer problem that forced me to reload my OS windows 8.1. Any ideas on how to get my 2.4 and 5 connections to my PC back?
  19. R

    Hp stream crash

    I have an Up stream notebook that I tried to update to the latest Windows 10 version. Guess I goofed up cause now the notebook starts and goes to the recovery screen and tells me my notebook needs repair. I cant get to the recovery window. I just keep getting error messages. I wanted to do a...
  20. J

    Peculiar Laptop Activity (Keyboard, boot up & shutdown)

    Hi, I have an Acer laptop that's started acting up in various ways recently. Firstly, a few weeks ago I noticed that after shutting down the light indicating it was connected to the charger remained on even when unplugged. Pressing a key (any) and the light would go off. Next, I noticed when...
  21. K

    Black Screen Of Death

    I was doing some work and downloading some files on my 5 year old Windows 8.1 ASUS laptop when i got a blue screen of death due to the Kernel Data Inpage Error. It restarted normally, took me to another screen. Gray and blue colours. You had the options to change the date and time, change the...
  22. H

    How to open cd disc tray on my dell laptop inspiration 8 windows

    How to open my disc cd tray on my dell inspiration windows 8
  23. M

    My Windows 8 Office is missing

    Something happened to my toshiba laptop that has Windows 8.1, and I had to refresh it. Now I am missing my microsoft office files! I really need it asap for school too. I did look in the C drive for program files and there are two different ms office files. One has x86 next to the word...
  24. D

    Usb sata transfer

    Hi all, hope someone can help. My old Asus laptop running windows 8 died with all my files, pics etc. I did some reseach and bought a usb/ sata transfer cable. When i plug into my new Dell with windows 10 it says 'usb can not be recognised' etc. I then tried again with an old Lenovo laptop and...
  25. Lutfij

    How To Create A Bootable USB Installer For Windows 8.1

    As of this writing you will not be able to source Windows 8 from Microsoft’s servers. It has been discontinued in favor of Windows 8.1 which, according to the community, is a better OS than Windows 8. This tutorial will show you how to create a bootable USB installer for Windows 8.1. Please make...
  26. Lutfij

    How To Enable Safe Mode On Windows 8 Laptop

    Safe mode is necessary when you need to diagnose hardware and or software issues. It ensures that you have the basic of drivers for the OS to operate and thus rules out most, if not all, compatibility issues. It also disables a lot of the services that may otherwise be running in the background...
  27. Lutfij

    How To Reset To Factory Settings On Windows 8 Laptop

    When dealing with laptops given to an end user courtesy of their office, it’s imperative that you have all your personal files on a removable storage media. What if you’re too busy to do all that and were hoping to leave all data backup to your last day at the office? With the advent of Windows...
  28. Lutfij

    How To Disable Keyboard Of Windows 8 Laptop

    When gaming on a laptop, there can be instances where a toddler had rushed in and pressed a couple of keys on your onboard laptop keyboard and sent your gaming session to the bin. Times like this where you wished the onboard laptop keyboard wasn’t active. Another instance is where you’re using...
  29. Lutfij

    How To Enable The Delete Confirmation Dialog Box In Windows 8 Laptop

    Contrary to previous versions of Microsoft’s Windows OS environment, when you delete a file from a folder or physical drive on Windows 8, that file is shot straight to your recycle bin without any warning notification. This can be a good thing where people don’t like to be pestered for an...
  30. Lutfij

    How To Sharpen Blurry Text On Windows 8 Laptop

    Sometimes you may think your eyes are playing tricks on you when you see that the icons and text on your laptop are all fuzzy. You might even be tempted to go to the doctors. In essence it could be possible you might need to visit the optician but try out Windows 8’s built in feature to clarify...
  31. Lutfij

    How To Turn On Laptop Touchpad On Windows 8

    Touchpads can be a hindrance to some of us who have toddlers running around the house. Having them tinker with a touchpad and the mouse pointers subsequent motion might interest them further to the point of disassembling the laptop for the sake of science. We may know how to disable the touchpad...
  32. Lutfij

    How To Change Screen Timeout On Windows 8 Laptop

    Convenience for some can be an issue to others. Some may like to have their screen be on at all times due to their nature of work or simply because they like the look of their desktop background while others may be working based on a grueling schedule with sleep cycles being late into the night...
  33. Lutfij

    How To Install Windows 8.1 In DOS Laptops Without Any Issues

    As of this writing you will not be able to source Windows 8 from Microsoft’s servers. It has been discontinued in favor of Windows 8.1 which according to the community is a better OS than Windows 8. This tutorial will show you how to install Windows 8.1 on a DOS laptop. Please keep in mind...
  34. Lutfij

    How To Install Windows 8 In DOS Laptops Without Any Issues

    If you find yourself owning a laptop based on DOS and wish to install Windows 8 on it, this tutorial will show you can move forward. Please keep in mind though that your DOS powered laptop meets the minimum hardware requirements to install the OS. Minimum system requirements: Processor: 1...
  35. Y

    Is my windows 10 only laptop allowed to run Windows 8.1 or Windows 7? I tried with windows 8.1, but it didn't work

    You see, windows 10 is becoming worse and worse. Disabled cortana, she still works in the background Plus, My windows 10 gaming experience is bad for a game, It is a weird game called ROBLOX I was trying it out the other day and this one game "Jailbreak" lags a bit. My specs and model...
  36. A

    I have 2gb ram in my laptop and its windows 8.1. I have only 32mb dedicated video memory how to increase it

    How to can i increase the dedicated video memory of my laptop its intel hd graphics 3000
  37. A

    Solved! I was factory reseting my toshiba but I cancelled it in 1% Reboot and select proper boot device

    All I see is Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media and press a key I was factory reseting my toshiba but I cancelled it in 1% by powering off, I turned on again then I ended up getting this black screen
  38. 5

    Can't get past profile pic log in wanting a 4 digit passcode, which I do not have

    When I start my Dell Laptop Inspiron 3520 it brings me to the login picture for my account. It wants a 4 digit passcode, which I do not have. I have Windows 8. How do I get it to let me start Windows? I cannot get past the screen wanting the code for my account. Is there a way to turn this...
  39. P

    activate windows 8 error

    0x8007232B DNS name does not exist
  40. S

    Microsoft Support Ended - Office 2007

    Hi, Does anyone have a link to download Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 please? I have a valid licence key, but I lost my disc and my PC is in desperate need of a format. Microsoft gave me the following when I tried to re-download it from their site: Error Support for the product you...
  41. K

    Audio being picked up by Mic, Sennheiser Game One Problem

    I've had this set of headphones for a few years, and since I've got them I have used them to play games, listen to music, and talk to friends. The only problem is that if I play music too loud or a loud noise occurs in a game, everyone else I talk to in Discord can hear it too except it is in...
  42. A

    Refreshed Windows 8.1 and now its stuck at 95%

    My laptop was not at his A-Game,so i searched the laptop and found the refresh windows setting..I did what it told,'Confirm' : 'Next' and 'Refresh'..and now its STUCK at 95%..its not even loading..Please help this stupid girl in need..
  43. R

    How to get a Windows 8.1 64 Free Recovery Operating System Software for Toshiba Satellite s55b5289 serial number psprbu004001

    Toshiba stated to me that I must purchase my original recovery software for Satellite S55-B5289-S/N PSPRBU-004001, and pay $39.95 plus shipping and tax • SW Media - USB-Satellite S55-B-Windows 8 64bit Std-SP . Why can't I download FREE from Toshiba Support website, I asked and Toshiba Tech...
  44. M

    Solved! can't see second screen

    I can't get my laptop (Dell Inspiron 15 5555) to recognize my second screen (AOC 2429W). It works under Linux (ubuntu 16.04 LTS) , but not under windows 8.1. I know it's a driver problem, but I can't even get my computer to look for a second screen. I've got the driver installed under...
  45. M

    how to install new hard drive

    hi i have a toshiba sateillite p75-A7200 and one day my boyfriend got mad and hit the laptop and then after we wanted to turn it on it would power on screen looks great ..but it shows up on the screen that there is "no bootable device please restart system " so i bought a new harddrive for my...
  46. A

    I am trying to clean up my HP Stream Notebook with Windows 8.1 to free up storage n memory space. I transferred all my pics n

    Transferring program files to an external source
  47. T

    Lenovo startup repair black screen... HELP

    First off sorry if this is in the wrong section, there are a few elements to this post however it starts with a laptop. Laptop is Lenovo Z70, not 100% sure on specs however I can find out if needed. So it's my mums laptop, which a few days ago didn't boot properly. The screen displays...
  48. V

    my laptop monitoring avast anti virus not Windows Its take OS

    hai im using laptop windows 8.1 my laptop monitoring avast anti virus its take whole system can't access windows 8.1 but OS ar
  49. Z

    game is too slow

    i cant play just cause 3, dragon ball xenoverse and mafia 3 in my laptop i have laptop acer e1 572g 4gbram, i5 processor and 2gb amd graphics
  50. S

    how to fix office 2013 production activation failed .?

    showing production activation failed
  51. P

    nokia 1020 lost

    nokia mobile lost today any idea to find i have imei number also
  52. debwillard4050

    Frozen Cursor Syndrome

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C55 A, and the cursor freezes ALL THE TIME. The F5/FN key thing works some of the time to get it going again. Usually I end up doing a restart. But I need a more permanent solution, as it is impossible to get any work done when you have to interrupt what you're doing...
  53. P

    How to restore xp backup to windows 8 machine?

    Which process use to restore xp backup to windows 8 machine, so that i can simply access my data from .bkf file.
  54. V

    Fresh installed windows 8, 8.1 or 7 keeps getting corrupted.

    Hi. From almost 1 month my sony vaio (s series) i.e. svs15135cnb keeps giving blue screen errors every now and then with majority cases of kernel data inpage error. So finally I ran a scan of RAM and a hard disc scan via HD Tune where RAM appears fine but hard disc gave 3.1 percent bad sectors...
  55. Y

    Solved! Keeps saying insert reboot. Was stuck On blue screen about bios. Nothing worked until I changed setting from windows 8 to 7 no

    Help while online, internet was not responding. I walked away for a few and got blue screen about Bios. Wouldn’t let me really do anything. Every time I tried cake back to same screen. I went to one option to change from windows 8 to 7 and then the ASUS screen came up but then went black and...
  56. B

    My cursor keeps jumping around when typing

    I use a touchpad. Windows 8. kngeeps goi..wing...sho example
  57. A

    How size is windows 10?

    I want inatall windows 10 in my laptop for more features and my work Now i am having a windows 8.1 plus i am a gamer so i need a good os My system info is I3 4405u Intel hd graphics 4400 extreme 4gb of ram 64x bit processer and os and system type And 1tb of hard disk space can i install it...
  58. D

    Laptop not connecting to my wifi

    My internet is working on cell phones but it is not showing the WiFi on my laptop it's windows 8 pls help
  59. A

    Windows 8 OS partition help

    I have a problem with the partition that holds the OS system. I wanted windows 7 so i used a disk to try to install it. During the installation process, it would not accept the partition I selected and said that the partition needed to be formatted. I went to format it and accidentally formatted...
  60. W

    Remove my safe mode on my broken screen windows 8 hp

    Hi I have a broken screen on my laptop hp windows 8 it use to connect to HDMI tv but it dosent work anymore because it’s on safe mode how do I get it working again?