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    Solved! Can I connect a mini DLP projector to a wireless speaker , like a JBL link 10?

    I am trying to wirelessly connect a mini DLP projector to a JBL link 10 speaker. Is it possible? Or what can I do to make this possible?
  2. M

    Solved! What's the best way to wirelessly stream audio from my Roku to my projector to my amp's bluetooth receiver?

    I have an Optoma HD143x projector and a Peachtree Nova 150 integrated amp with a Peachtree BT1 bluetooth receiver. My plan is to stream video from a Roku into the projector's HDMI port; connect a bluetooth transmitter (TBD) to the projector's audio out jack; and stream audio to the receiver...
  3. A

    I'm following the procedure but i cant find "manage wireless connections" in mine

    I'm following the procedure for dixing my laptop's refusal to connect/detect wi-fi but i cant find "manage wireless connections" in mine.
  4. S

    Why my Samsung NP530U4B-A01US laptop is unable to connect to the internet via wireless mode?

    No wireless connection in a Samsung NP530U4B-A01US laptop.
  5. A

    Setting up a PC-based Home Theatre with Zone 2

    Hello good people, and thank you in advance for your patience. this is not a short post... After many years of watching movies and TV on a 15" laptop, I decided to save up and invest a little in a home theatre. I've been searching for the perfect setup that will last for many years (I'm not...
  6. N

    Slow WiFi but only on Laptop, perfect on other devices

    Hello, I bought new WiFi adapter- TP- Link AC 1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Archer C7. Internet speed is going really slow on my HP laptop but fast on other devices like phones other laptops and TV. I check it here: http://www.speedtest.net/ I tried literally everything.. My router...
  7. S

    Solved! Wiring for my Smart Home

    Would appreciate some help! I am in the middle of a refurb for my 6 bed home in London (4 floors) I am looking to integrate Alexa/google Home into my house alongside smart TV, climate control (for under floor heating) August lock and door bell etc. Sonos speakers. I guess i have 3 questions...
  8. M

    No connections are available

    Dell XPS M1730, Windows 7 Pro, Dell wireless 1505 Draft 80211n and generic USB 802,11ac. High end Linksys router with numerous devices connected. Recently tested 3 old laptops (running XP, 7, 10) with no wireless issues. Can connect ethernet. Can enable both wireless devices. Always get...
  9. W

    3 Sources to 1 TOSLINK Input?

    I want to have my computer, phone, and Echo Dot all play wirelessly through my soundbar's TOSLINK (digital-optical) IN port simultaneously (without having to switch between them, but to be able to hear all 3 at the same times). How can I set this up?
  10. K

    How to set up router settings to use cameras on smartphone

    Hello, I had a camera guy come to my house and install a camera system. The camera system is wired to an asus router that acts as an bridge. It bridges wirelessly to a different router, TP link. The TP link router is the main router that provides wifi and is connected to the modem. Anyways...
  11. H

    getting modified ssid names for same wireless connections even after deleting old networks once from system

    I still get modified names of wireless connections even after deleting once used wireless connection name. For instance, if i choose abc as ssid as my wireless connection name in my router settings, the next time i select same ssid i get modified name in the system for same wireless connection...
  12. K

    Playing music simultaneously to several stereo wireless headphones?

    Hi, how can I play mp3 files simultaneously and to up to 14 wireless stereo head phones/ear plugs? Could you recommend any existing affordable brands/models? Thank you.
  13. jkmolddesign

    After working for months, my laptop now connects to my router but has no internet access. At least 6 other devices in our hous

    Connects to router but with no internet access
  14. J

    Laptop randomly loses connection to internet

    Hi, I have a problem with my four-year-old laptop. It randomly loses internet connection after like 15 to 30 minutes. It's really strange: I can still connect with a network and succesfully go to Google for example, but after a while (it appears after 5-15 minutes of inactivity, but it also...
  15. R

    manage wirelss connections does not appear in the network and sharing center

    In the network and sharing center the option to manage wireless connections does not appear. Therefor, it is not an option to click on it to view or remove old wireless connections. Is there a way to regain this option?
  16. A

    coverage issues in weeki wachee, fl 34607

    I live in weeki wachee, fl and straight talk seems to be the only phone service that works here other than verizon conbtract. what straight talk compatible phone would optimize the service how would the refurbished iphone 5s work
  17. R

    hi, i want to make wireless connections between 5.1 channel sub woofers and all its other small 5 speakers

    I have a 5.1 channel Sony wired home theater system
  18. R

    Windows 10 laptop won't connect to Wi-Fi

    My ASUS R515MA laptop recently stopped connecting to Wi-Fi and demands I connect to ethernet. I have tried updating drivers but it didn't do anything. Please help.
  19. J

    Solved! Laptop randomly disconnects from wifi, even on different operating systems

    Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 17" 5758 running Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux 16 (came with windows 8). I got it a few years ago, and for the past year or so I've been experiencing issues where it would randomly disconnect from wifi. On windows 10, I would be using my internet connection, then...
  20. J

    Projecting from pc to tv with miracast, what to do.

    So i would like to project movies etc wirelessly from my Pc to my LG 55UH650V TV, but my motherboard asus maximus viii hero doesn't support miracast it seems, and i was thinking about ordering this "dongle"...
  21. K

    no netwrok adapter on ASUS Q504UA 2 in 1

    I just bought ASUS Q504UA 2 in 1, started it, loaded the "new windows", no wireless connection... Went to device manager, but there's no Network Adapter section under it. The best I can get is "Other Devices" and "Network Controller" under it which gives me nothing. Any suggestions?
  22. Y

    Internet connected but unavailable

    I have had my LG Rebel for about 4 months now. It was working perfectly fine until about a day ago when it randomly stopped connecting. I reconnected and it worked. Then I went to the Messenger app and it said it was trying to fine a network, even though I was clearly connected. I went to every...
  23. R

    internet connection needed

    My laptop does not show the available wireless connections. it shows a red X on internet icon. Help
  24. R

    Toshiba laptop won't boot sometimes after win 10 upgrade...

    First of all it is my friend's laptop which I am talking about. He owns an around five years old Toshiba laptop, which he upgraded from win 7 to win 10 three weeks ago. Since then the laptop occasionally starts up with "no bootable device found"-message. He resets it and it starts up just fine...
  25. I

    My Dell Venue 10 won't connect to the internet.

    My Dell Venue 10 went funky after the lastest update. It won't connect to the internet. The Network adapter has this message: "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43). Also, half of my apps don't appear in the apps list or as icons on the screen now, but the...
  26. A

    Connect speakers wirelessly to Sony amp

    Hi all, would appreciate your advice. I recently purchased and setup a Sony STR-DN1050 amp along with a set of mission speakers. We were having some work done on our house and the speakers were all wired above the ceiling. It works really well. The amp has a 2nd output and I'd love to...
  27. C

    Driver Power State Failure

    So I bought a Lenovo Thinkpad for college, it's a pretty great laptop so far, but I've been having issues a few issues. 1.) Randomly my connection to wireless will just drop, and when I troubleshoot, it simply says to reset the router. This doesn't work because I can't reset my school's...
  28. D

    Can I connect bluetooth wireless keyboard to smart tv? If so how?

    I have a 40inch smart tv and would like to use wireless keyboard. Can I do that, and if so, how do I go about it? Thanks!
  29. S

    3 Signs of a Failing Hard Drive? or Is it?

    Hi Tom's Hardware Community, Was wondering if you can please help me tell what the problem and solution might be here, as I am not the most tech savvy. I have encountered the following issues before, which went away for some time after restoring computer to factory settings but they have...
  30. D

    Laptop Direct Plug In Connection Failed After Thunderstorm

    hello, after a thunderstorm my laptop (Toshiba Satellite L25) can't connect to internet via direct plug in but works fine via wireless connection. Can it be fixed? Thanks!
  31. GetOwnedGaming

    Can I get a remote for these speakers?

    Hey all! I have THESE speakers, and I want to know if there is a way to get a remote for them? If I can't get a remote, maybe there is a box that I can get that goes in between the tv and the speakers that has its own remote that controls volume? Thanks! If you need any more information, just ask.
  32. C

    Samsung Smart TV (UN46ES6100) can't connect to wireless network anymore

    I've had this TV for 2 years connected to my home network (Cisco router) using WEP security protocol. This week I have upgraded to WPA2 Personnal (AES) protocol. All of my home hardware (PC's, iPad,s, iPhones...) have switched over without any problem but the TV just won't connect. After...
  33. shubhamcr7

    cannot authenticate to my sony Xperia L?

    my nokia pc suite cannot authenticate to my sony Xperia L i have nokia pc suit version and xperia l which cannot connect to my phone pls help or i should use other connector suggest me
  34. O

    No wireless connection

    MY technician from verizon worked 2 hours to get a wireless connection, i have wired connection. i cannot configure for wireless. someone suggested my acer may not be compatible with verizon modem. :bounce:
  35. R

    My toshiba satellite l505 s6946, F8 (wireless switch button) will not turn on. I

    my toshiba satellite l505 s6946, F8 (wireless switch button) will not turn on. It is not picking up any wireless connections. Please Help!
  36. A

    Slow internet speeds on Netbook..

    I'm having some difficulty with wireless connections on my Virgin Media super hub. Firstly, I'm running Windows 7 on my desktop using ethernet - 30mb down, 5ms ping etc everything is dandy. My girlfriends netbook however (Windows 7 Starter) and my ThinkPad (Xubuntu 11.04) are running...
  37. G

    Scientists Envision Powerful Antennas in Your Clothes

    Future antenna designs may be much more efficient and provide much greater range of wireless connections. Scientists Envision Powerful Antennas in Your Clothes : Read more
  38. K

    The best everyday laptop brand

    Hello, i want to buy a laptop, but i dont know what brand and model is proper for me. I want to use it mainly for entertainment and some university stuff like presentations and wireless connections. What i want is a display between 15-16 inches. Thanks in advance
  39. G

    Steel inference with wireless?

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Speaking of wireless connections, does anyone know if steel will disrupt a wireless connection? I have a wireless connection in a older building that has steel beams in the walls instead of wood 2X4's. Thanks