1/8 legacy audio jack and speakers malfunctioning RealTek hardware.


Sep 16, 2014
Hi my 1/8 audio jack has my apple earbuds plugged in and all my sound comes out of my speakers my earbuds are not broken and they worked perfectly fine until today and when i have my earbuds plugged in it doesn't appear as a playback device only my speakers appear and when i plug in something into my USB for audio it works fine

i know my 1/8 audio/recording plug is not broken.

my computer stats
Intel i3 2350M Quad Core @ 2.30GHz 4.00GB Ram with a 32 Bit processing unit
My computer is a Thinkpad Lenovo L520.

Thanks Zach. B

Problem Fixed computer needed a complete Reboot All Problems solved... for now.