2 heaphone inputs into one set of heaphones


Oct 5, 2012
I want to put two audio inputs (3.5mm jack) into one set of headphones, so for example and ipod and a computer into one set of headhphones without running it through the computer.

Is there a cable for this, or is it more complicated?

Thanks in advance
for what reason?

if you want to play audio through your headphones on both devices without unplugging any cables then technically a 3.5mm splitter would work in reverse but a better solution would be a 3.5mm switch which allows you to choose the source.

if you want to play music with your ipod through the headphones but still get in game sounds or similar effect a better option would be to have your ipod plugged in to the pc and play music via itunes or other media player which requires one single cable.