~$250 Student Laptop suggestions wanted


Apr 16, 2014
This laptop is for basic school work, skype, other stuff a college student would use. Screen size would be preferable to be around 13-14 inches. Windows 8/8.1 would be preferable, but ChromeOS is fine. The storage drive needs to be at least a 64gb SSD. If its not, then the laptop needs to be able to switch drives easily, and I'll just go purchase a 64gb ssd. Doesn't need an optical drive, but having one would be nice of the odd time that its relevant. Ethernet is a must...
Touch screen does NOT matter. This computer will be traveling a lot, and will be put to a good bit of abuse. Also lots of time without internet access...

Sorry, in a hurry. If you have questions I'll try and answer and thanks in advance!