5.1 home theater options with multiple inputs or workable with receiver?


May 15, 2017
tl;dr: Would any home theater setup be able to support both a Chromecast Audio (3.5mm jack) and a turntable (I presume w/ RCA?)?


So... my dad has a TV, CD player, DVD player... and, yes, a turntable. Right now, he has it all hooked up to a very old receiver, which in turn connects to a bunch of huge, old speakers.

Here's what he'd like... for under $700
- Something that'd let him watch TV, play DVDs, listen to his CDs, and play his albums.
- Newer smaller speakers, ideally with the rear ones wireless
- And either with SmartCast/GoogleCast or the ability to connect a Chromecast Audio (3.5mm)


So I thought... hey, Vizio 5.1 soundbar system!

But from reading stuff in this forum and elsewhere, it seems that a soundbar...
- is essentially already a receiver, so it's not gonna play nice with an existing receiver
- usually won't support multiple inputs :\.

It does have a few inputs [image]; Maybe bypass the receiver and directly hook up the turntable via the RCA inputs and the Chromecast audio via the 3.5mm input? But then I'm not sure what'd happen with the DVD player; connect it directly to the TV?

(I don't know what outputs my dad's receiver has)


Then I thought, hmm, maybe the Samsung HT-J5500W theatre in a box? [see image of inputs]
- The included blu-ray player would replace both my dad's DVD and CD players
- He could connect the turntable via RCA jacks, right?

But -- D'OH! -- I don't see how'd he'd also be able to connect a Chromecast Audio :\.


So I'm stumped! Thanks in advance for any advice!

You have a few options.
1. Connect video sources to TV directly. Connect the TT and Chromecast audio to his old receiver. That receiver likely has a record output that you can connect to the aux input on any HTS. HTS also connects to the TV via HDMI ARC or optical audio for sound on those sources.
2. Get an AV receiver with phono input and replace his old one with it.
Connect all your sources to the receiver and it to the TV. HDMI ARC will get picture to the TV and sound from the TV into the receiver for ova or smart apps. Add speakers and you are done. Fewest boxes
3. You could get an outboard phone preamp and an audio input selector to add to any HTS with an aux input.
Most HTS systems are not very good on music so the AV receiver and his choice of speakers will most likely give him the best sound quality.


May 15, 2017
Americanaudiophile, thanks much for the quick, detailed, and helpful reply!

I'm visiting my dad later this week; I'll verify the inputs/outputs of his current stuff and suggest one of the three options you've noted.

Thanks again!
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