5.1 Speakers turning off randomly

Clueless Guy

Feb 25, 2016
I recently bought a new 5.1 set of speakers for my PC, a Creative A550. I know the model is not recent but I can't affort expensive rigs at the moment so I opted for a "reliable" manufacturer.
Over the course of 15 years I have changed speakers 5 times, and not once I have had the privilege to enjoy a working product; this time the problem presented itself the day I installed them.

The power goes off randomly whenever the pot decides to (I am blaming the pot but it might be anything really). So far I have tryed keeping the volume at certain levels but neither high volume or low are solving the problem.
The power switch is part of the potentiometer's wheel, I turn the wheel a bit and it makes contact than the rest of the turn is to regulate the volume; this means that while the volume is high for instance, and the connection is active the power goes off.
I am no expert when it comes to electronics (quite the opposite in fact) but this looks like it is hardware related and has not much to do with what I am doing with the PC, however if it might help solve the problem, I can also say that the speakers managed to keep themselves powered up while I watched a movie (2 hours) and listened to some music (for roughly 20 minutes), but instead fall offline while I play games or browse the internet. This might also be just a coincidence since I only had this piece of hardware for 3 days.
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