5.1 surround from one 3.5mm jack ? MS 6015

Dzenan Aljukic

Aug 13, 2015
I just got a 5.1 MS 6015 system, and it has only one jack (green), and when I choose 5.1 I can just low the sound of all speakers. Anyone has any solutions ? I though about buying 3 audio cables (black and red rca to 3.5mm) to connect in the rear PINK,GREEN and BLUE input but im not sure if that will work ?

So That means that I can only adjust all speakers volume, not seperately. Because the computer recognizes them all as front speakers.
All speakers are working
No errors
On the back are 6 ports for rca cables (Rear left & right, Front left & right and subwoofer), and the cable I got with the speakers is going out to one 3.5mm cable (green one)
So my question is can I buy 3 standard audio cables 2xRCA to 3.5mm and connect to the PC.
2xRCA to the front left and right speaker
2xRCA to the rear left and right speaker
2xRCA to the subwoofer and center speaker
So I will get 3 separate 3.5mm cables that I can connect to rear sound panel. Would that seperate all speakers? So I can adjust the volume on the rear ones more than the front ones because my front ones are closer to me and I can't hear the rear ones it's like I don't have them, so I want to volume down the front ones and leave the rear on 100% so I can hear both. I will add some pictures to be more cleary


You are correct, You need 3 cables with stereo mini plugs at the PC end and 2 RCA plugs at the speaker end. That will give you surround sound when you set the PC to 5.1 output. Since the sub and center are on the same cable it is easy to get them mixed up. Check this when you set level. You can balance the output of each speaker from your audio control panel. When you play the pink noise test sound through each speaker it should be the same volume at your chair. The subwoofer can't be set correctly with pink noise so adjust to taste. A sound level meter or app can be used to simplify this.